Lawns "Canada Green": Peculiarities of the Lawn Canada Green

The article describes the Canada Green lawn, its features and composition. Recommendations are given on how best to prepare the soil and sow the grass. Lists the most popular types of lawns in Canada Green and their prices, which will help in choosing the right coverage.


Lawn "Canada Green"

Peculiarities of Lawn Canada Green

Lawns Canada Green has been known since that time when this kind of decisions only gained popularity. Today, neatly growing grass increasingly displaces vegetable beds from summer cottages.


Such lawns were actively used in America and Canada, and now are widely distributed in Russia

Lawn Canada Green has become so famous because of its own characteristics:

  • it can endure temperatures to -45 ° С;

  • it recovers quickly even after very intensive use;

  • does not allow to grow weeds;

  • provides protection from pests;

  • growing on any soil;

  • it has a decorative look all year.


Canadian lawn can be bought for a small price because it contains grass seeds that are easy to find on sale. These are the so-called amateur varieties.


Canada fennel green, bluegrass and ryegrass, which are very unpretentious

plants, their characteristics are slightly worse than those of selection herbs used for professional coatings, but for home gardens is a good option.

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Preliminary soil preparation

In order for the lawn to be smooth and have an attractive appearance, it is necessary to prepare the ground for planting. Even the most unpretentious grass will reveal all its decorative properties only in the best conditions. Depending on the time of sowing, soil preparation is carried out from spring to late autumn.

It is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • weed removal mechanically or using herbicides;

  • removal of garbage , stones, branches and other foreign objects from the site;

  • soil cultivation to a depth of 20 cm;

  • leveling the surface of the soil, for example, using a rake;

  • watering plenty of water;

  • final alignment .

Light loamy soils with a pH of 5.5 - 7 are considered best for grass. Organics should be contained within 5%. On sandy soils it is worth making peat, and on heavy loamy coarse sand.


Light loamy soils
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Grass Canada Green is sown anytime from April to mid-October. The most optimal are the months of April-May and September-October. During these periods there is no strong heat and a sufficient amount of moisture. If you sow on hot summer days, you will need regular and abundant watering.

The prepared and leveled site should be provided with a fertile soil layer - the lawn grass will better grow and its quality will improve. Seed consumption is 50 g per 1 m², but not less than 30 g per 1 m². For convenience, you can recommend using a mechanical seeder, but seeding is easily done manually. If the technique is not used, then it is necessary to divide the space under the lawn into squares of equal size.


After that, seeds are distributed to each such site

Then the planting is mulched or buried to a depth of 2 cm with a fan-shaped rake. Peat is suitable as mulch. Tamper seeded plot is not required. Then the grass must be watered using the method of sprinkling. Moisture is extremely necessary in the first days of planting, the final result directly depends on it.

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Lawn Types Canada Green and their prices

The Premium Series includes several types of grass with different characteristics:

  • Universal

Shoots appear after a week, maximum two. Hardy, able to withstand weeds, has a high resistance to cold. Suitable for any lawn. Price on average from 299 rubles. for 1 kg.

  • Quick start

Germinates for 5-7 days. It grows well in the shade and under the hot sun. Forms thick sod. Suitable if you need a quick result.The price of such a lawn from 299 rubles. for 1 kg of seeds.

  • Dwarf (ECO)

It has a decorative appearance, it takes about two weeks for grass to germinate. Resistant to frost and drought. Designed for ground lawn.


Seeds can be purchased at a price of 399 rubles. for 1 kg

Several other types of coatings are also popular in the manufacturer's lineup. Grass Canada Green at a price of 349 rubles. for 1 kg for a drought-resistant lawn. Industrial urban Canadian lawn, the price of which ranges from 189 rubles. for 1 kg. Sports coverage will cost 299 rubles. for 1 kg.

In the video you can see the Canada Green lawn:

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Variety of Products Canada Green and its affordable prices allow you to choose a lawn with the required characteristics. Even beginners can grow such a grass, unlike professional coatings. Therefore, the seeds of Canada Green and do not lose popularity among summer residents.

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