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Houses of stone were built at all times. They were valued for their strength and durability, creating a sense of security. A century ago, such houses were built of natural stone or brick. Today a house is called stone, if not only natural, but also artificial stone was used for its construction. Projects of stone houses make it possible to turn into reality the main dream of many owners - a comfortable, reliable and beautiful housing for their families.

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The masters of a stone house are practical and well-founded

What makes stone constructions good

Many residents of the middle lane prefer stone houses. Such popularity is associated with the qualities of the material:

  • Durability. Stone buildings have no life limitation; with proper care, they are able to serve several generations of a family without losing strength and comfort.

  • Reliability . Due to the hardness of the stone, the house easily endures seasonal weather changes, withstands rain, frost and wind.

  • Unpretentiousness. The stone does not need regular treatment (like wood).

  • Fire safety. The stone does not burn.

  • Physical characteristics. Reliable noise insulation and heat protection.

  • Design and finish options. Limited only by the imagination of the architect and designer.

Types of materials for stone houses

For the construction of country houses use:

  • Natural (natural) stone. Sandstone, tuff, limestone, marble, granite.

  • Brick. 2 types of bricks are widespread - ceramic (from baked clay, red-brown) and silicate (pressure-treated mixture of sand and lime, white).

  • Blocks. Ceramic, foam concrete, gas silicate (large-format products with a porous structure).

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Photo of a stone house using sandstone in the construction of the facade

О Turnkey projects

stone houses projects Construction companies offer a variety of ready-made stone house projects, which, if desired, can be amended or supplemented. Many developers work directly with proven manufacturers and suppliers of building stone, which allows you to supply material without markups. Thanks to this approach, the cost of capital construction may turn out to be lower than the market average.

When ordering a full range of construction services, companies provide a free project of the house (with any number of floors). You are free to choose the layout of the rooms, the option you like exterior trim and interior decoration. Architects and designers rework the project, taking into account the wishes of the future owner, without disturbing the functional and aesthetic qualities of the building.

Having decided to build from stone, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the features of natural and artificial materials. This will help you make an informed choice and book a suitable accommodation for permanent residence, cheap. The price of a house from a turnkey brick in this case may be lower than those that exist even in the secondary market.

Houses made of natural stone

It is unlikely that there is another, the same durable and reliable building material, like natural stone. The walls of the house of natural stone have a large margin of safety and do not need any serious repair for decades.

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The slate facade gives the house of natural stone a stylish look and impresses guests

The most popular in construction The rocks are limestone, slate, granite, sandstone, shell rock and marble. The main advantages of such houses (besides strength) are:

  • Thermal insulation. Stone walls reliably protect the inhabitants of the house from the winter cold and summer heat.

  • Sustainability. The stone does not emit substances that could harm a person.

  • Aesthetic qualities. The unlimited variety of colors and textures create an individual home charm.

The main disadvantages are:

  • Price. Building a house made of natural material will cost a considerable amount. The cost is influenced by both the price of the stone and the cost of transporting and laying such a heavy material.

  • Heat Preservation. The ability of a natural stone to retain heat is not at the highest level (lower than that of building blocks), therefore such a house needs additional warming.

In modern construction, natural stone is used extremely rarely for wall construction. It is successfully used for finishing and facing works; natural facade protects the surface underneath and enhances the insulating properties of the walls, reducing the cost and weight.

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Hyper-pressed brick in the facade and window opening

On our site you can find the most popular projects of stone houses from construction companies presented at the exhibition of houses "Low-Rise Country".

Stone houses of brick

Brick is used in private construction on a larger scale than natural stone. This popular technology is based on many years of experience and perfected construction techniques. Brick buildings are famous for their durability (construction companies provide 50 years of warranty on materials) and impeccable appearance. The features of brick buildings include:

  • Subtleties of construction. To build a high-quality home, professional skills and experience are required.

  • Specifications. Brick does not absorb moisture well, resists freezing well and retains heat.

  • Price. A relatively expensive building material, more practical than natural stone, but more expensive than wall blocks.

  • Finishing. The outer walls of brick are beautiful without additional (decorative) coating.

Stone houses from blocks

Projects of stone houses and cottages from similar materials are called prefabricated stone houses. The construction industry has several varieties of building blocks with common advantages:

  • Construction. It is conducted quickly due to the large size and low weight of the products. The walls of the blocks do not need such a solid foundation as brick.

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Modern design of a house from gas silicate blocks

  • Specifications. They have similar parameters (incombustible; can be used in all climatic conditions if used correctly); the difference lies in the appearance of the surface of products and weight. All blocks have good thermal insulation properties (better than a brick), but they absorb moisture differently.

  • Price. Cheap construction material.

  • Finishing. The unaesthetic appearance of the blocks is their main drawback, which can be easily fixed with the help of finishing, covering the external walls with plaster or arranging a ventilated facade. The inner walls are lined with frame finishing materials or plastered.

When choosing a material, it is useful to consult a specialist. Each type of blocks has features that can play a crucial role for the project:

About which material to choose for building a house on video:

On our website you can find the contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Ceramic block

Ceramic block (ceramic stone, warm or porous creamic) compared with silicate wall materials:

  • is more durable and less water-absorbing (the thermal resistance of the walls does not decrease when wet);

  • you can start finishing work right after the house is built;

  • does not form condensate (moisture and vapor permeability)

  • not frost-resistant (external walls are protected with facade finish - plaster or facing brick);

  • costs more (produced only on upnyh enterprises).

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Eco-friendly option - a house made of building ceramics (ceramic blocks)

Silicate wall materials (foam concrete, gas silicate, claydite-concrete blocks)

Artificial porous stones are widely used in private construction. Building a house of wall blocks is comparable in speed to wooden houses; blocks are used for both exterior and interior walls. For the houses of their light concretes do not need a complex foundation. Foam and claydite walls are not afraid of dampness due to their structure (internal pores are tight); gas silicate walls need isolation from moisture, as they tend to absorb it.

Features of the construction of stone houses

The construction company assumes the preparation of the project, including calculations of the construction and duration of the work. Estimates are also being prepared, quality materials are being purchased. Professional builders build reliable buildings thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of modern building technologies.

About what is better - a gas block or brick for a stone house in the video:

Cheap stone houses

In the issue of building a stone house, finance is often the main limiting factor. Consultants of the company offer houses in a different price category, among which a considerable part is occupied by block designs.Modern technologies allow the construction of capital buildings of wall blocks with excellent performance characteristics:

  • The house is much cheaper than a brick or stone.

  • Construction is much faster (blocks are large and weigh less).

  • With the observance of technology, the house turns out to be warm and waterproof.

To inexpensively build a house for permanent living out of turnkey bricks, some simplifications of technology are used. Facing with brick or natural stone is replaced with a facade finish (plaster or tile), load-bearing walls are made thinner and warmed, reinforced concrete floors are replaced with wooden ones. At a cost, such a brick house can approach the construction of blocks, while remaining more practical (more durable).

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The facing brick layer makes the block structure stronger and more beautiful

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What determines the cost of projects made of stone

Stone buildings have always been a sought-after type of housing. Despite the fact that building a house out of stone means spending more money, many consider this option as a profitable investment. The price of the house will more than pay off its reliability and comfort; construction costs include several items:

  • Project. The size and configuration of the project directly affect the final price. It matters whether the house will have one or two floors, whether it is designed for permanent or temporary residence, what is its area.

  • Technical characteristics of the project (to be determined after consultation with the customer). This includes the thickness of the supporting walls, the presence of the basement and attic, the type of roof and other parameters.

  • Materials (purchase and delivery).

  • Construction work. Take up a significant portion of the budget. For stone buildings, a deep foundation and reinforced concrete floors are required; as a rule, a basement is made, a garage and a veranda are attached.

  • Finishing work. Finishing with brick or natural stone increases the durability of the block construction and the cost of construction (price of facing material and work, increasing the width of the foundation).

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The cost of a stone house is determined by several factors

Average prices for stone houses (Moscow region):

Houses up to 100 m 2 .

Brick - 2.5-3.1 million rubles. , from foam concrete - 1.9-2.4 million rubles.

Houses up to 150 m 2 .

Brick - 4.8-5.7 million rubles. , from foam concrete - 3.1-3.4 million rubles.

Houses up to 200 m 2 .

Brick - 6.9-7.4 million rubles. , from foam concrete - 4.2-4.6 million rubles.

About low prices for stone houses

Some construction companies attract customers with a common marketing ploy - low prices for their services, explaining their cheapness by the absence of intermediaries, their own production and car fleet. Upon closer examination it turns out:

  • Option 1. The cost of the work is indicated, the customer purchases the materials himself.

  • Option 2. The cost of not all works is indicated (there may be no cost for anything — foundation, insulation, interior partitions or waterproofing). Execution of missed works is offered for an additional fee.

  • Option 3. The calculations use the most simplified design - a rectangular house with no architectural excesses, no basement, and with the cheapest finishing materials.

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The low cost of a stone house is always a little suspicious.

To avoid unplanned (and therefore doubly unpleasant) overpayments, you must carefully analyze the information coming from the company. Pay special attention to:

  • list of works and materials;

  • material prices (can be compared with prices of trading companies);

  • volumes of materials declared in the estimate.

Responsible construction organizations propose to build a stone house, providing detailed estimates and a phased schedule of work. After the contract is signed, the cost of work and materials does not change.

About facing the facade with a brick on video:

Stages of building a turnkey stone house

The construction of a stone house goes through several stages:

  • Development of project documentation.

  • Earthworks. A territory is being prepared, a foundation is being arranged, a drainage is being arranged.

  • Construction of the carrier box. At the same time walls, interfloor overlappings and a roof are being erected.

projects, prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Facing with stone is suitable for both classical and modern architectural styles of houses made of natural stone

  • Building insulation is performed, rough finishing is performed.

  • Distribution of engineering communications. When building a turnkey house, heating and sewage are arranged, water, gas and electricity are connected.

  • H the most advanced stage. Windows and doors are installed, and a clean exterior and interior finish is carried out.

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There are many arguments in favor of the construction of a stone private house that has become a classic of country house-building. Future owners often choose a house from a turnkey stone, remembering its durability and reliability. Ordering a stone house from a construction company with extensive experience, you can get a capital structure, designed for many years of year-round operation.


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