types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

Due to its high insulating properties and reasonable price, you can buy a soft roof for almost any kind of building. The article discusses the properties and characteristics of soft tile, the advantages and disadvantages of single-layer and two-layer materials, indicated their estimated cost, so that you can more easily navigate when choosing the best option for your home.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

Soft roofs are suitable for any construction

Types of flexible roofs

Shingles, types and prices of which can put a novice in a dead end, is represented in almost every hardware store.

Accordingly, the price directly depends on the type of roof. In total there are 2 basic types:

  • fusing roof;

  • soft tile.

The first type is made on the basis of non-decaying cloth and bitumen components. Often it is black, or covered with basalt dressing of different shades. Surfaced roofing is used in the construction of industrial buildings with a flat roof, it is also a popular material for waterproofing bridges and tunnels. In private construction is used for domestic buildings. The main factor that inclines towards the overlaid soft roof is the price. One roll costs from 700 to 1200 rubles, depending on the manufacturer.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

The weld roof protects the roof of the house from the effects of moisture and subsequent destruction

The second type is soft tile. It is more often used for finishing houses and cottages, since it externally imitates the pattern of ceramic tiles, whose cost is much higher than that of a flexible counterpart. Such tiles are not limited to the rectilinear forms of construction. Due to its flexibility, soft tile is easily and quickly mounted on the roof of any configuration. At the same time the roof remains completely tight. In addition to the appearance, soft tile has many other advantages.

Properties of soft tile

As well as the built-up roof, the tile is made on the basis of bituminous materials and polymeric additives. They make it durable, but flexible. Polymers also adapt bitumen to climate conditions:

  • fluidity is reduced, which makes it possible to use this type of roof in hot climates;

  • brittleness at low temperatures is reduced ;

  • the roof retains its properties with rapid temperature changes.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

Soft roofs successfully endure different weather conditions

In the production of soft tile, oxidized ones are often used instead of polymers bitumen. Oxygen enrichment allows you to achieve the same elasticity and significantly increases the service life of the roofing material. However, oxidized bitumen has a drawback: instability, even to minor temperature differences. This allows the use of tiles based on oxidized bitumen only in a warm climate. Oxidized bitumen is more rigid, therefore it cannot adapt to changes in the truss system and the battens that are observed with a sharp drop in temperature.

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Components that make up a soft roof

Soft tiles are available in individual slabs or shingles that mimic a certain pattern. The length of such a plate is 1 meter, and the width is from 30 to 40 centimeters. The basis of the shingle is fiberglass or polyester, and the top layer of tile is made of basalt or slate crumb. They not only affect the color of the product, but also add extra strength to the material.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

The roof covering is presented for buyers in different variations.

The basalt covering has a small color gamut. However, such coverage will certainly last 2-3 decades. Slate is painted chemically, so the choice of colors here is much wider. But such a tile is more susceptible to fading, so it will fade much faster than the basalt counterpart.

The quality is greatly influenced by the amount of bitumen in the tile. In the market there is a tile with bitumen content up to 800 g / sq. m. It has a low cost, but the quality of this material leaves much to be desired. In accordance with the quality standards adopted at the state level, the amount of bitumen in the tiles should be at least 1300 g / sq. m. Only in this case the tile corresponds to GOST and will serve for several decades without loss of strength and insulating properties.

The basis of soft tile is also fiberglass, which provides protection from stretching the material.The lower part of the shingles is treated with bitumen glue, which allows you to securely fix the material on different surfaces:

  • wood;

  • OSB;

  • lining carpet.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

Regardless of the angle of inclination, soft roof will hold firmly

How is the installation of shingles in the video :

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Characteristics of a soft roof

In order to fully appreciate the properties of a soft roof, it is worth considering in detail some of its characteristics:

  • Weight . The flexible roof has an incredibly low weight - 1 square meter of material weighs about 5 kilograms. This indicator varies slightly depending on the manufacturer. The low weight of the tile has a positive effect on the budget, as it allows saving on some types of work. In particular, on strengthening of rafters or strengthening of the base.

  • Insulation properties . The material provides sound, heat and waterproofing. These properties are achieved due to the composition of the material, as well as the use of additional lining carpet during the installation of the structure. However, some brands have rather high insulating indices, which make it possible not to use an additional substrate while observing the installation technology.

  • Resistance to biological factors . Due to bitumen, one of the main advantages of this type of roof is its absolute watertightness. In addition to waterproofing, which was mentioned earlier, it provides reliable protection against various types of bacteria, fungi and mold.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

The elements of the roof fit snugly against each other, which guarantees protection against the formation of mold
  • Fire resistance . This item often raises questions as bitumen is included in the tile, which has a low ignition temperature. Any kind of soft roof is impregnated with a special compound that ensures refractoriness. This greatly simplifies the installation process. It also makes the whole structure safer - the temperature for igniting the roof of soft tile is 300 degrees Celsius. This temperature was not recorded even in the hottest countries. In addition, the top layer of tile will not allow the source of ignition to directly affect the bitumen.

  • Durability . The material is perfectly preserved under different weather conditions, is not afraid of moisture and is resistant to UV light. Its service life is on average 40-50 years.

  • Price . The cost of a soft roof varies considerably depending on the manufacturer. The price starts from 200 rubles per square meter. In general, soft tile is considered an economy class material. However, some types can cost 1.5-2 thousand rubles per meter, as they have additional lining layers.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

Soft roofing on the roof of a wooden house
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Single-layer and two-layer tiles

One of the features of a soft roof is that the price per square meter of single-layer and two-layer tiles sometimes is almost the same. There is no pattern - "more layers - higher quality - higher price." Double-layer tiles from domestic producers are in the same price category as the imported material with one layer. Also the fact is that the number of layers does not greatly affect the general characteristics of the material.

Basically, the number of layers affects the aesthetic component. An additional layer gives the roof volume. However, there are downsides. Over time, with a strong wind, the upper layers of the tiles begin to bully, which reduces the insulating properties of the material and its service life.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

A multi-layer soft roof has a greater effect on the aesthetic appearance of the roof.

Separately, it is necessary to single out a laminated roof. This type of material combines the aesthetic properties of multi-layered tile and single-layer strength. In the production of this type of technology used sintering two or more layers of fiberglass. The first layer will be rectangular, and the top layers will create volume. Another advantage of this type of roof is ease of installation, since there is no need to reduce the sheets to create a pattern. This will save on installation, although the cost of the material itself is slightly higher than that of a conventional multi-layer roof.

types of soft roof and prices per m2 / sheet - buy in Moscow

Multi-layer laminated roof

About the properties of a soft roof in a video:

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The most important thing to know about a soft roof is that its types and prices differ significantly depending on the purpose of construction. The most simple built-up roof will be suitable for household construction. For more complex projects, especially for cottages and country houses, soft tile is better suited. It allows you to mount the roof of any geometric shape without loss of quality. However, the cost of such material varies from 200 to 2000 rubles per square meter. To choose the material that is ideal for each individual project, it is advisable to consult with a specialist and coordinate all the features of the roof with the contractor.

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