characteristics, types and technology of installation

TechnoNIKOL Corporation, which is today the leader among Russian manufacturers of soft roofs, offers a unique material for facing facades. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the Technonikol facade, from which it is made, what characteristics it has, its advantages and disadvantages compared to other facade materials. Be sure to talk about the technology of installing a new material on the outer walls of buildings and structures.

characteristics, types and technology of installation

House, lined with facade panels from the corporation "TechnoNIKOL"

What is the facade cladding from the company "TechnoNIKOL"

The TechnoNIKOL facade panel for exterior home decoration is a multi-layered material like shingles that the corporation produces in large quantities. It consists of several materials laid in a certain sequence on each other.

  1. Fiberglass , performing the foundation of the facade cladding. It is he who determines the strength and reliability of the material.

  2. Bitumen , with which fiberglass is impregnated. His task is to create a waterproofing layer. When the operating temperature rises, bitumen performs additional functions as an antiseptic.

  3. Basalt granulate . These are small pebbles that give decorative material a decoration. It is applied to the front surface of the product. In this case, the granulate closes the outer surface, protecting it from the negative effects of sunlight. That is, facade cladding from TechnoNIKOL does not lose its original, presentable appearance for many years of service.

  4. The sandy layer , which covers the back side of the facade panels. This layer has its own functions: to increase the adhesive qualities of the skin and to increase the fire resistance of the material.

characteristics, types and technology of installation

TechnoNicol front panel

Technical characteristics

In principle, by to all characteristics, the front panels from TechnoNIKOL are standard soft tiles. Therefore, it has the same dimensions:

  • length is 1 m;

  • width is 25 cm;

  • thickness 3 mm.

The same applies to other technical characteristics:

  • temperature range from -50С to + 110С;

  • the number of freezing cycles is 100;

  • weight of 1 m² - 12.4 kg;

  • operation period is 30 years.

The manufacturer packs the panels in packs containing 2 m² of material, these are 20 panels.

Advantages and disadvantages

Soft roof for the facade of "Technonicol" has the following advantages, which have not been mentioned above:

  • easy installation on the facades of houses ;

  • high versatility, which allows you to install the panels not only on flat surfaces, but also on curved planes, they can close the joints of the walls and their parts, creating a sealed plane;

  • is a flexible material, which is already good;

  • it is easy to cut it without using complex tools or equipment;

  • one hundred percent germe the identity of the walls of the facade of the house;

  • you can dream up and create decorative panels using panels of different colors;

  • acceptable price, even with the installation service;

  • the ability to carry out installation at low temperatures.

characteristics, types and technology of installation

Easy installation of the TechnoNIKOL facade
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Unfortunately, there were no drawbacks:

  • the main one - the bitumen material does not tolerate the chemical effect, under the action of which it just melts;

  • sudden changes in temperature also adversely affect the quality of the panels;

  • if the air temperature is below -50 ° C, the installation is performed using special equipment with which the facade material is heated.

We add that the panel "TechnoNIKOL" for the decoration of facades are not used for all houses. They can be installed only on:

  • wooden surfaces of timber houses;

  • frame houses;

  • frame-shield;

  • built of foam and gas blocks.

This material revets fences and other types of protective structures. As for brick, stone or concrete structures, including houses, they can also be lined with this material only under one condition - to assemble a solid crate of moisture-resistant plywood, OSP-3 plates (also moisture-resistant) or boards on the facade. The thickness of the wooden flooring should not be less than 9 mm.

characteristics, types and technology of installation

Fence lined with facade bitumen tiles
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What TechnoNIKOL Corporation offers

Facing the TechnoNIKOL house from the manufacturer are seven models that differ from each other mainly in design.

  1. Burnt brick.

  2. Beige brick.

  3. Marble brick.

  4. Antique brick.

  5. Sandy.

  6. Terracotta.

  7. Clinker.

Please note that the facade panel differs from shingles in their strict brick form. There are no other models with other forms.

characteristics, types and technology of installation

Beige facing material
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Rules for installation of decorative panels "TechnoNIKOL"

The exterior of the house should be trimmed with TechnoNiCol front panels from the corner of the building, retreating from the edge of the wall 5-6 mm. If the length of the wall exceeds 6 m, the manufacturer recommends starting the lining from the middle of the wall. Installation lead from the bottom up.

The first row is the so-called starting tile. In fact, this is an ordinary panel, in which the petals are cut off. They are laid parallel to the basement of the foundation and fastened to the wall with galvanized nails 30 mm long. Eleven nails are used on one panel, three of them are driven into the upper edge, eight into the lower one.

Then the installation of row panels is carried out. They are laid so that they completely cover the starting panels with petals. That is, the laying is carried out on the basement. Starting elements by themselves close the gaps between the petals. This is their main purpose. Ordinary front panels are attached with eight nails, two for each petal.

All subsequent rows of facing material are laid with respect to each lower row with an offset of half the width of the petal. Thus the adhesive strips are located, located on the main plane of the facade panels.

More specifically, an indication of the nuances of the installation process can be found in the proposed video:

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Conclusion on the topic

Presentable appearance, excellent waterproofing qualities gradually make the facade tiles from the corporation "TechnoNIKOL" popular. In addition to these qualities low price and ease of installation. We recommend to pay attention to this finishing material for those involved in the improvement of suburban real estate.

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