Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

Before building a country house or cottage, it is important to determine the type of heating system; There are many options that differ in efficiency, complexity of installation and price. One of the most popular is air heating: for medium-sized premises, compact heat ventilation equipment is used, and a more complex project will be required for the whole building. Compared to water heating, air should be considered as a real climate system, because it combines several functions such as heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification, air cleaning and is economical in operation. We asked specialists of “ATM Climate”, a company that occupies one of the leading positions in the market of climatic equipment, to tell more about such systems.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

General scheme of operation of air heating

Principle of operation and equipment of the system

Equipment for air heating is divided into two type:

  • The first type is with a heat exchanger in the form of a combustion chamber in which the gas directly burns. The air passing through the heat exchanger is heated and fed into the room.

  • The second type - with a water heat exchanger. For such a system, the heat source may be a wood stove, solid fuel, gas or universal boiler. Also in the system it is possible to install an electric heater, but it should be understood that the cost of electricity will be very significant, in addition, this option is not suitable for homes for which there is a small dedicated electrical power.

The most modern option is to install an air-to-air heat pump. An advantageous feature of such a solution is that if an air conditioner is included in the system, then such a system will not require large additional equipment costs, but it allows significant savings on resources during operation.

The use of heat pumps of this type for home heating is a global trend, since heat is obtained without burning fuel and atmospheric pollution associated with it.

The main components of air heating:

  • Fan . The heart of the system, it must be productive and durable.

  • Heat exchanger . It serves to warm the air flow.

  • Air ducts . These elements are used for directional air supply to the room.

  • Filters, moisturizing devices . They are necessary for cleaning and maintaining an optimal microclimate inside the building.

  • Air conditioning . Allows to cool all rooms in the house.

  • Control system . It automatically maintains and controls temperature conditions, turns the climate system on and off.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

Efficient and aesthetic for homes with panoramic windows and a second light
Please note! There are no radiators in the air heating system. After warming up, the air enters the rooms through the grids, the cold masses are forced upward and sent through the air ducts to the heat exchanger. Circulation provides intelligent heating of the premises and contributes to effective ventilation.

Circulation can be natural or forced. In the first case, the flow moves due to the temperature difference, in the second a fan is used. As a rule, systems equipped with such equipment are quite powerful and productive. They are satisfied in homes with an area of ​​up to 400 square meters, if the area of ​​the house is larger, several systems are installed.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

The principle of operation of air heating
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Advantages and disadvantages of air heating

Like any other system, this design has its pros and cons. The advantages include the following qualities:

  • Versatility . Air heating of a private house provides not only heating or cooling , but also ventilation , cleaning and humidifying air , essentially being a climate system for creating an optimal microclimate in a building.

  • Operating convenience . All system management can be fully automated.

  • High energy efficiency (1.5 times more economical than water heating) . Air heating is optimal if the owner is important savings in the process of use.

  • Increased reliability . The system practically does not fail, needs more rare maintenance.Inside, due to the absence of liquid, no air blockage or leakage of the heating medium can form. Such a phenomenon as "defrosting" for such a system does not exist.

  • Durability . The system, with proper installation, is able to work for several decades. In the process, it is only important to regularly replace consumables and check for proper operation.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

In the event of an emergency power outage, the system will not freeze and do not spoil the repair

An important advantage of air heating is the ability to maintain the desired temperature for a long time. It is not affected by weather conditions, you can adjust the mode using the automation on the thermostat or manually using the control panel. With proper design, the elements themselves occupy a minimum of space, they look quite aesthetic, and for more attractiveness, you can, for example, hide air ducts in special decorative boxes.

At the same time, air heating has several disadvantages:

  • The system must be installed in houses even during construction . Since the air ducts occupy a significant place in the house, they must be designed in advance.

  • For smaller houses the air heating system will be somewhat more expensive than traditional heating.

  • Installing a stretch ceiling , if it was planned, becomes more difficult because you have to bypass the air ducts.

  • Installation is advisable to carry out to interior finishing , otherwise it will be impossible to hide the air ducts in the ceiling of the house.

  • The height of the ceiling in the duct locations where the laying in the floor is impossible, decreases by 15-20 cm .

  • Before installation project creation is required, the work itself must also be entrusted to professionals.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

Distribution of air ducts in the hall of the second floor
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How an air system is designed

Creating a project is an important preparatory moment: if it is made with mistakes, the owner will face difficulties in the process of using the heating. So, incorrect calculations lead to a lack / excess of power, improper ventilation, uneven heating of the premises. In order for air heating of the house to function without failures, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Calculation of heat losses is done for each room. They depend on how many doors and windows are in the room, since the heat escapes through these parts more intensively.

  • Calculation of heat loss for ventilation depends on the number of permanently residing people to provide people with fresh air.

  • The arrangement of the main elements in the diagram , the relationship with other engineering communications, structural elements of the house and interior items

  • Determination of the type of fuel and the power of the heat source . When calculating it is important to remember that the heat source is calculated not only for the normalized winter temperature, but also for unexpected negative temperatures.

  • Selection of optional equipment - such as air conditioner, humidifier, bactericidal cleaner.

The project includes the calculation of all system components, the volume and cost of materials and consumables. A competent project can be done only by professionals.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

A competent project allows you to optimally arrange equipment and basic elements
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Installation nuances

Even if the project was completed in full compliance with the requirements of GOST and was developed by professionals, it is undesirable to install the system with your own hands, since this is a very complicated process. However, you should be aware of its features in any case:

  • The duct section can be round, rectangular or square, the choice depends on the characteristics of the room and the project itself.

  • Air ducts most often make of galvanized steel sheet : it has a low mass, does not deform, and is not afraid of corrosion.

  • Fastening air ducts is possible inside walls, in ceilings, under ceiling . If necessary, they are camouflaged with decorative panels: this allows you to create an attractive room design, without fear that the elements of communications will spoil the interior.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

The components of the air heating system do not spoil the interior
Pay attention! In during the circulation of air flow, the system emits noise, and in order to reduce it, the installation of a sound-proof layer is required.The materials used for this often serve as a heat insulator.

When installing a system with forced circulation, the device is connected to a heat source and an electrical network, you can also use an emergency power source in case of a sudden light cut-off.

It is also important to choose filters for heating: they can be mechanical, electrostatic and carbon. The first type is used to delay dust particles and dirt, the second is used for more fine cleaning, the third one is to eliminate unpleasant odors. These elements often require replacement, they usually need to be changed every 2-3 seasons, if the building is used for temporary residence, or at least once every six months with constant use.

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Service: main features

In order to minimize the number of breakdowns during the service life, it is necessary to provide the system with timely service. The frequency of conducting depends on its complexity, intensity of use, and other factors.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

Service is better to be trusted by professionals

Air heating of a country house requires the following regular actions:

  • Visual inspection of equipment, diagnostics of individual components.

  • Cleaning and replacing filters , cleaning and replacing the humidifier cushion, cleaning the heat exchanger.

  • Check of automatic equipment .

Timely maintenance will avoid power loss, equipment breakdowns, and repairs. Some work can be done independently, for example, replacing and cleaning the filter or cleaning the heat exchanger. Other works require qualifications and it is better to provide their performance to the profile companies.

In order for the procedure to be successful and quick, it is recommended to order a regular system check with a trusted company. Many users enter into a service contract in one firm, and specialists perform work every season or with a different fixed frequency.

Air heating of a private country house, calculation, installation, photo

A properly designed and maintained system will last
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Creating an air heating system is an advantageous solution because it is practical, has a high level of comfort, and is economical. It is recommended to carry out the design at the construction stage of the building: this will help to take into account all the nuances of the layout, calculate the efficiency and prevent errors such as the installation of equipment of insufficient power or uneven heating. Since the installation requires special knowledge and experience, the arrangement of air heating is required to instruct the specialists.


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