types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Having a small pond on a private site, giving a charming, unusual, sometimes fabulous view, the perfect solution can be to supply a decorative pond with a fountain, a small river or even a waterfall. When deciding to upgrade your pond or create a completely new image of landscape design, the pump will be the heart of the water movement. This article will tell you about the used pumps for fountains, answer questions about which units are used, how to make the right choice when buying, installation and connection steps, prices for popular models.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Without a good pump, even the simplest fountain will have difficulty functioning correctly

Fountain types

When planning the creation of a continuous water flow, to begin with, it is desirable to determine the desired form of water after passing through the pump. From the design of the resulting jet outlet, the flow characteristics will depend on the characteristics of the pump.

  • Geyser - the flow of water is vertical, or at an angle, it is splashed out of the guide pipe. At the end of the water inlet pipe can be installed nozzles dividing the flow into many small streams.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

A vertical fountain can blow one jet, or several
  • Dome - the flow of water, evenly emerging from the head of the supply nozzle, creates a dome shape. Continuous flow and low intensity prevents water from splitting into drops and the dome is maintained as long as the pump for the mini fountain is on.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

The dome fountain forms a beautiful transparent ball
  • Cascade - a species, to some extent a waterfall. The fountain pump pumps water to the top mark, where the flow starts from the top down. With such a slow flow, water can overcome many stages and cavities, creating a fascinating impression.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

A cascade fountain is most likely a mini waterfall

This classification can be broken down into more varieties. However, in conditions of constrained territory, economic considerations for the costs of arranging fountains of city size, the varieties are given are most often used in summer cottages, villas, estates. Of course, no one has canceled the possibility of combining several types.

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General characteristics of the pumps used, types and principle of their operation

As a rule, either a submersible pump or a surface circulation pump is used. The principle of their operation is similar and quite simple. The electric motor drives the shaft on which the rotor with blades is fixed. Rotating, the blades capture the water and move it to the discharge pipe. Below, in the figure, is a diagram of a submersible pump, where 1 is a shaft; 2 - instrument case; 3 - impeller; 4 - mesh; 5 - outlet tube; 6 - tee; 7 - fitting for connecting the waterfall; 8 - performance regulator; 9 - nozzle.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Components of a standard pump

Features of operation of a submersible pump

A submersible pump is used being a supply. Without modifying its design, it cannot work on land. Planning to install such a device in an open pond, it is undesirable to lower it to the very bottom. Sand, silt, possible debris can get into the working chamber of the pump and disrupt its operation. When buying equipment worth paying attention to whether it is equipped with a protective camera. In any case, the device should be placed at some height from the bottom. If the area in which the pump operates is devoid of foreign objects, the unit may be located at the very bottom.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Camera for pump

Periodically, the unit should be lifted onto dry land to determine the effect of possible solid particles on the pump parts. Inspection followed by cleaning the filter, cleaning the impeller. In order to extend the service life, do not pull with the first inspection. If no adverse effects are found, the next ascent can be accomplished in 2-3 terms of the first term of the dive.

In the winter season, the most important thing is to prevent icing of the pump and its auxiliary parts. The best solution before starting to form the first ice is to get the unit out of the water.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

From time to time the pump should be checked for clogging
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If this is not possible, try to pull out the protruding tubes from the water, which inject the nozzle. The freezing of water in a closed space, such as pipes, can lead to irreparable deformation, cracks and destruction.

The advantages of this class are:

  1. Silent work - water absorbs the sound created by the rotation of the blades.

  2. Cost-effective work - this class consumes less energy than surface aggregates with similar characteristics.

  3. Compactness and ease of installation - these pumps have small dimensions, they are invisible and compact, as a rule, the installation does not require additional equipment and specially trained assistants.

  4. Cheapness - low-capacity submersible units are available to any summer resident.

The main disadvantage of a submersible unit is the need to empty the decorative pond to maintain it and lift it for the winter season.

Example of operation of one of the types of pumps in this video:

Features of operation of the surface pump

Structurally, the main difference from the submersible is the need to install a suction line, a hose for water intake. It is installed near the water intake point.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

For connecting the hose, the pump is equipped with a special water inlet / outlet

Its use is most justified when installing multiple fountains at once, achieving greater jet head and performance. Such a unit will cost more and take up more space.

The surface pump for the fountain to the cottage must be protected from overheating, sunlight and precipitation. Anything can serve as protection, the main thing is that in this object there is the possibility of creating holes for hoses and cables. The best solution is to make a pump protection chamber as part of a decorative landscape. Do not start the device without filling it with water.

Removal during the winter period is not required, and care should be taken to ensure that there is no water in the cavities of the pumps and the hoses connected to it.

The advantages of a surface pump are as follows:

  • Simple maintenance - maintenance is possible right on the site of the unit, it is slightly susceptible to contamination by sand, silt and debris ( when taking water from an artificial reservoir).

  • Possibility to connect several fountains .

  • Electrical safety - there is no need for additional moisture protection of conductive elements.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Superficial pump
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  1. The need for additional cover of the pump for weather protection, for additional sound insulation.

  2. Cost is much more submersible.

  3. Dimensions , together with additional protection.

Technical characteristics of the pump when designing a fountain

Having decided on the type of fountain, having familiarized yourself with the pumps in general, you need to know what technical characteristics the pump should have Details are included.

  1. Capacity is the amount of pumped liquid per unit of time.

  2. Head is the lifting height of the liquid column during nominal operation.

  3. Power consumed by the pump.

  4. Cable length .

  5. Dimensions .

From the above list, performance and head will be the most important characteristics. These characteristics are directly proportional, the manufacturers of pumps in the description of the sold units indicate a dependency graph, below is one of these

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

The graph of the pressure and performance

There are tabular data depending on the height of the column on performance for fountains. The data are averaged.

Geyser Cascade Bell
Height, cm Production
capacity, l / h
Height, cm Production
capacity, l / h
Height, cm Production
capacity, l / h
20 2000 60 1000 30 9000
30 3000 100 2000 40 1200
50 4000 150 3000 50 3000
70 5000 200 5000 60 3000
80 7000 250 6000 80 4000
300 8000 90 6000
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It is possible to pick up the pump for falls according to the table below.

The width of the stream or waterfall, see The height of the stream or waterfall, see
100 150 200 200 250 300
30 3500 4000 4300 4800 5500 6000
40 3900 4200 4500 5100 5700 6300
50 4800 5100 5400 6000 6600 7200
60 5700 6000 6300 6900 7500 8100
70 6600 6900 7200 7800 8400 9000
80 7500 7800 8100 8700 9300 9900
90 8400 8700 9000 9600 10200 11000

With a pump, performance can be determined practically. To do this, it is necessary to lower the discharge hose into some container, detect the time of the fluid supply, the ratio of the volume of water to the measured time will be the actual capacity.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

You can measure the performance yourself and

The pump power is directly proportional to the power consumption. Some of the most compact pumps consume no more than 5 W, while the maximum column height will be up to 80 cm with a capacity of 500-600 l / h. Most of the sold submersible pumps have power from 30 to 150 W, there are pumps with power control.

When planning it is important to know which dimensions of the site are reserved for the pump, the distance to the nearest power source. As a rule, the dimensions of the device and the length of the cable are indicated in the online store, in the market on the product boxes. The size of the units produced by one brand, but different in performance models, may be the same, due to the uniform size of the body. Most submersible pumps with a capacity of more than 30 W have approximate dimensions: 300-350 mm long, 200-300 mm wide, up to 200 mm high. The most compact surface pumps for the pond to the cottage will have dimensions not less than the ones described above.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Compact pump for pond

A pleasant bonus may be the presence of several nozzles on the discharge nozzle, for a change in the resulting landscape. It should be noted that there are both pumps already having an injection tube with a nozzle, and with an outlet without any tube. In the latter case, it is worth knowing the output diameter in order to pick up the required nozzle.

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Installation and Connection

The installation of the pump is carried out in a previously drained reservoir. A place is chosen, with the condition of returning the pumped volume of water back to the decorative pond. A pump for a decorative fountain is placed on a pedestal, which can be brick blocks, large stones, plastic boxes, and so on. The cable is laid neatly on the bottom, for sure fixation, it can be sprinkled with sand, or gently press with small pebbles. It is worth noting that some low-powered pumps operate at 12, 24 V and require a separate power supply.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

The arrangement of the pump in the pond and its operation

When using a surface pump, it is better to place the water intake hose at a depth of 20-30 cm, to prevent the entry of small particles floating near the surface.Do not allow air to be drawn in, which may lead to a rapid overheating of the motor and its failure. Using a long hose, pulling it to the top of the waterfall, it is important to make sure that the device is working normally, because possible continuous operation at maximum power can significantly reduce the service life of the unit. The device should be protected from weathering with additional sound insulation.

In addition to proper installation, the pump also needs good care:

Examples of pumps for purchase and price in Moscow

Price The range in Moscow starts from 600 rubles. The most popular brands are:

  • JEBAO (China)

  • MESSNER (Germany)

  • OASE (Germany)

  • AQUA-TECH (Denmark)

  • Sicce (Italy)

  • Pontec (Germany)

  • Pondtech (China)

  • Lifetech (China)

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

Pumps for the fountain come in different types
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The build quality of Chinese pumps is almost equal to Western designs. The cost of the same products JEBAO, Lifetech is much lower than German competitors. If the competitors are almost equal in quality of assembly, then in terms of service life, functionality, the western versions still surpass the Chinese analogues.

Below, in the table, is a set of pumps worth up to 2000 rubles with technical characteristics.

Brand Model Production
capacity, l / h
Head, m Power, W Price, rub
Bison ZNFCH-20-1. 6 1200 1.6 28 1440
Lifetech AP 1000 500 0.8 8 620
Lifetech AP 3300 2500 2.8 48 1900
JEBAO PF 1000 1000 1.8 14 1950
SICCE SYNCRA 0. 5 700 1.2 8 1850

This table shows the price difference between brands.

Comparison of the main characteristics of pumps in the price range from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles in the following table:

Brand Model Performance
Strength , l / h
Head, m Power, W Price, rub
OASE Aquarius Fountain Set 2500 2500 2.2 40 7050
JEBAO PF 5000 5000 3 98 5300
JEBAO JFP 8000 8000 4 125 7550
JEBAO JFP 12000 12000 5 175 9690
JEBAO AMP 6500 6500 3.5 65 7500
–úESSNER System X 2500 2100 2.5 45 8100

German submersible pumps with a capacity of 5,000 l / h cost at least 20,000 rubles, and those working on land, for example, the OASE AQUAMAX DRY 6000 model cost from 34,000 rubles.

types, how to choose, install and connect, buy in Moscow

"Land" pumps will cost more than

In Moscow, a large number of Internet sites are based that sell this type of technology. Approximately, prices can be considered the same, the range may vary. It is also possible to find similar equipment in household hypermarkets, but its cost may be 15-20% more expensive.

An overview of another model of the fountain pump in the video below:

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Choosing a pump to create a landscape highlight of a country house is an easy task. The main thing is to imagine the final image of the future exposure, to estimate the height of the fountain, which power will consume and with what performance your equipment will work. Thanks to the installation and connection of the pump, it is possible to organize any fountain, waterfall or even a complex of several streams that overflow from each other.


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