the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

How wonderful it is to spend unforgettable summer days in the country. However, sooner or later the question arises of where to place garden tools, put small equipment, store building material. Without the construction of a convenient turnkey barn is not enough.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Depending on the purpose, it is worth considering the size and location of the hopper

Hozblok for giving

Hozblok represents a number of non-residential premises performing various functions. Most often it is used :

  • as workshop ;

  • for convenient storage of tools and small equipment;

  • for arranging the summer shower ;

  • as a fireman ;

  • for keeping birds and small animals;

  • for arranging greenhouses and the winter garden .

Very often, prefabricated building blocks are used to implement these projects. These are pre-fabricated, reliable, durable and inexpensive designs that can be made of various materials. Construction of sheds at the turnkey cottage today in the construction market is engaged in many different companies and organizations. They offer a huge range of different buildings in different price categories. Today, you can easily buy a standard outhouse, and develop an individual project, taking into account the characteristics of the land, the purpose of the premises and the estimated cost of the object.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

In developing an individual project, all the needs of the future owners are taken into account.

From which to build a dwelling unit in the country cheaply and quickly

Before the purchase and construction of the object, you must decide on a number of features :

  • material for making walls, floors, doors;

  • roof form and features of floors;

  • material for roof ;

  • foundation type ;

  • number and location windows ;

  • location communications (if necessary).

A detailed project will allow to make an accurate calculation of the construction, as well as to choose the most suitable option in terms of cost.

Collapsible and solid hozbloki easy to transport assembled and on-site installation is quick. To install such hozblok do not require specialized equipment. Hozblok installed quickly and efficiently.

any type of foundation is perfect for such buildings:

  • columnar;

  • finely recessed belt;

  • piling.

Shed from

blocks Construction of a utility block from turnkey foam blocks, the price of which includes installation of the box and interior decoration of walls with various materials, a rather complicated process and takes some time, most which is spent on the arrangement of the foundation.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Household sheds from the foam block
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular small-form projects from construction companies represented at the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Buildings made from foam blocks have a number of advantages :

  • high wear resistance;

  • fire resistance ;

  • environmental friendliness;

  • excellent thermal insulation;

  • low cost of construction.

To install a shed made of foam blocks, it is safest to build a strip foundation. If necessary, we can insulate the walls. The outer side of the foam blocks are easily decorated with any material.

A shed, made of blocks, is especially relevant for owners of summer cottages who appear there from time to time. Such a design will perfectly withstand any hacks.

Hozblok of bricks

Hozblok of bricks is quite rare in the suburban areas. This is due to the complexity of installation and a long period of construction. In addition, the cost of such an object is far from an expensive option - it is a heavy construction that requires a good foundation.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Brick-built buildings are a rare occurrence in a private yard
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer construction service of small forms. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

The advantages of brick construction :

  • reliability;

  • durability;

  • resistance to weathering;

  • excellent sound insulation;

  • environmental friendliness and safety.

Stone shed

The stone power unit is excellent for placing small animals and birds. Particularly relevant is the construction of such an object on rocky terrain. For the construction of a barn of stone will require the construction of a good foundation.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Stone buildings are reliable, but labor-intensive when building

Metal shed

Metal sheds are a reliable design. The frame is a solid frame, the walls and the floor are most often made of sheet metal with a layer of insulation.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Small metal structures are perfect for the dacha

The advantages of the metal barn :

  • fire resistance;

  • unlimited service life;

  • excellent protection against rodents;

  • resistance to temperature extremes.

Plastic shed

Plastic blocks are easily assembled into a single structure, weigh little and do not require the construction of a strong foundation. Such a construction does not require special care, but does not tolerate temperature drops and severe shocks.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Plastic can even build a mini garage for garden equipment, but the building material requires careful handling
This can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the foundation for the barn.

A shed of timber, logs and sleepers

Wooden sheds, made of timber or logs, are quite often found in summer cottages.

The advantages of wooden sheds :

  • reasonable price;

  • reliable construction;

  • environmental friendliness;

  • low weight.

However, such a construction requires the annual treatment of wooden elements with protective impregnations and antiseptics. As a result of natural shrinkage, many cracks form on the surface of the walls.

Shed from a board

The most inexpensive option is a frame construction made of a wooden frame and sheathed by a board. The roof in such buildings often made of corrugated board. A shed from a board can be bought both assembled and independently assembled at a summer cottage from finished material.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Wood is an inexpensive and sufficiently reliable option for a hopper

Double-glazed windows, a layer of insulation between the frame and the arrangement of heating allow using such construction even in the winter.

Shed of slab

Shed of slab can be found at each summer cottage, because this is one of the most affordable options. Typically, this structure has a shed roof and is often covered with roofing felt. The special beauty and comfort of such a structure is no different.

the price of work in Moscow, buy and build a hozblok cheap

Most often, such a structure is constructed as a temporary

turnkey power blocks: the price in Moscow

worthy decoration of any suburban area. For a little money, you can buy a multifunctional, beautiful hozblok made of quality materials. Many different layouts allow you to choose both compact and spacious hozbloki. Installation of the utility block by various companies provides for the construction of the foundation, internal and external decoration, electrical installation.

The price of works to build a barn at a dacha in Moscow, depends on a number of indicators :

  • size of the economic block;

  • material of manufacture;

  • design complexity.

The table shows the average prices for hozbloki made of various materials in Moscow:

Material of manufacture

Minimum price, thousand rubles.

Maximum price, thousand rubles.







Foam block









The construction of the utility block is clearly shown in video:

The price of the works to build a utility block at the dacha fully pays off by obtaining a rational and capacious change house in which you can place garden tools, gently fold firewood or put the bike. The optimal solution here is to use the turnkey service: the price will not be much higher than other options, but you are guaranteed to save your time.

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Another time saving option is to buy a ready-to-use host unit. For a maximum of one day, a convenient and multifunctional barn will be ready.

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