site selection, foundation material, installation

Polycarbonate greenhouses have long been replaced by glass analogues. They are in demand among buyers due to its strength and lightness, quick installation. After all installation of the greenhouse from polycarbonate can be carried out not only on the base, but also on usual soil.

site selection, foundation material, installation

Polycarbonate greenhouse is strong and light

Pros and cons of the material

Other advantages of polycarbonate: no need to clean the greenhouse for the winter, the period of endurance of polycarbonate is more than 10 years. In addition, it perfectly withstands mechanical loads and even amenable to repair. The material is flexible, does not break, resistant to the effects of temperature and fertilizer. Due to the multi-layered material, it has high thermal insulation.

site selection, foundation material, installation

Polycarbonate is one of the best materials for making greenhouses.

Polycarbonate has the following disadvantages: compulsory ventilation is needed, it has a low transparency. However, in any case, a polycarbonate greenhouse will be cheaper than a glass structure. If the client decided to choose this greenhouse, then you need to contact the installation specialists.

Correct installation of a polycarbonate greenhouse

What you need to know and how to install a polycarbonate greenhouse:

  • Usually the greenhouse is located on a flat and sunny plot. If there is no such place, then the choice will have to be made in favor of the illuminance of the site in the first half of the day, and when the soil is tilted, a foundation is needed.
  • A cushion of gravel and sand is created, then fertile soil is laid on top. In this case, the installation of the greenhouse will be carried out correctly. On the clay construction can not be put.
  • Checks how deep groundwater flows. They must be at a depth of at least 1.3 meters, otherwise the water in the greenhouse will be constant during watering and rain. If the groundwater is close, drainage ditches will be made.
  • Protect the greenhouse from drafts. To this end, the frame is placed tightly in relation to the ground or the structure is protected by buildings, trees. Also rescued sheet metal profile, as long as it does not fall from the shadow.

site selection, foundation material, installation

The place for the future greenhouse should be level and well lit

So, finding out How to install a polycarbonate greenhouse, proceed to the actual installation.

Foundation for a polycarbonate greenhouse: selection and installation

First of all, select the type of foundation. There are several options for what to install a polycarbonate greenhouse:

  1. Spot.
  2. Tape.
  3. Lumber.
  4. Block.
  5. Concrete.

Each of them can be used in this case for the greenhouse, just one of the options is temporary, for one season, the other is permanent.

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site selection, foundation material, installation

Tape foundations for the greenhouse

To choose a polycarbonate greenhouse foundation, which one would be better in your case depends on many factors: the structure of the site, deposits of groundwater, natural factors. That is why the first year is recommended to establish a greenhouse temporarily, and then, choosing the best option for placement, simply transfer it.

Design features and materials

If the greenhouse is to be transported across the site and its location is temporary, then you can choose a point foundation, which is made of hemp wood. The greenhouse with the foundation is joined by metal corners.

site selection, foundation material, installation

The dot foundation for the greenhouse

The strip foundation is very simple, and serves for many years. Block is also a good option, especially for areas with swampy soil. The timber version is short-lived, as the tree in the soil quickly begins to rot and requires replacement. What exactly choose the foundation, the customer's case.

How to install a polycarbonate greenhouse on a concrete foundation

Consider one of the options for a greenhouse on a concrete foundation. Concrete is the most durable material, so if a place for the greenhouse is chosen, you can make the foundation for permanent use.

  1. A trench is created and a cushion of gravel and sand is made at a distance of 15 cm from the soil.
  2. Formwork is erected at a distance of 20 cm from the top level of the soil.
  3. The reinforcement is laid over the sand.
  4. Solution is poured into the box.
  5. A frame installation is carried out in 24 hours.

site selection, foundation material, installation

Greenhouse on a concrete foundation

When choosing a brick, the technology is almost the same, the greenhouse is fixed by hinges. It is quite easy to establish a point foundation. The wells are simply dug, filled with concrete, and the legs of the greenhouse are installed inside.However, this method is not very practical, so it is better to entrust the installation of the foundation and greenhouses to specialists who will do it efficiently and quickly.

It is up to the site owner to decide on which material to choose for the foundation and whether it is needed at all. As a rule, the greenhouse will not go anywhere without it, but the presence of the foundation can reduce the penetration of insects and plants.

Greenhouse construction: preparatory work

Of course, some details are specified before installation, and the soil is prepared. Most often for the greenhouse pick up the place most sunny on the site. In addition, it should be located away from buildings and large trees so that they do not cast a shadow.

Do not forget that the greenhouse should be installed in a place where there are no drafts, or it should stand butt towards the winds. For example, a good location could be a landmark from east to west. After the place is chosen, the sizes of the greenhouse are selected, and installation is made.

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Assembling a greenhouse from polycarbonate

So, how to install a greenhouse from a polycarbonate correctly on the site, it was found out earlier, therefore it remains to assemble the structure. Fasteners come with polycarbonate, so the assembly starts from the side ends.

The order of the work:

  1. Arcs and struts are attached to the door frame.
  2. The end posts are attached to the struts.
  3. Intermediate struts are fixed.
  4. Arcs and studs are attached to the longitudinal struts.
  5. The finished end is attached to the foundation; a second end is made from its pattern.
  6. The arcs are connected to the second end, they are fixed on the longitudinal struts.
  7. All arcs are fixed with longitudinal spacers and checked with a gas key for fastener strength.
  8. The frame is covered with polycarbonate sheets. The protective layer is located outside. Channels for fluid removal should be strictly vertical. The edges of the sheets are sealed with a special film.
  9. The diameter of the screws must be slightly smaller than the holes in the polycarbonate so that the sheet does not deform. In addition, special plastic fittings are used.
  10. Polycarbonate sheet edges are sprinkled with a layer of at least 5 cm.

site selection, foundation material, installation

It is better to entrust the assembly of the greenhouse to professionals

The experts will do all the work quickly and efficiently, therefore, trusting them, you can get an excellent greenhouse of any size.

Installing a polycarbonate greenhouse on a foundation

After the frame is assembled, the details of the trim are bolted together and the legs are attached to it. Those parts that go under the ground, processed by bitumen. The assembled structure is moved to the foundation and secured with the help of welded hinges. In addition, the base of the frame is tied to fix the object. Either the legs of the greenhouse, just fall into the concrete base of the finished foundation and are attached additionally.

So, we learned how to properly install a polycarbonate greenhouse, now you can plant it with seedlings.

You can learn more about how polycarbonate greenhouses are installed by professionals in the video:

Interesting by garden and garden

Typically, polycarbonate greenhouses are selected in 3x6 or 4x8 sizes. It all depends on the area of ​​the site and the desire of the owner. However, with a large footage of the structure, some difficulties may arise. Therefore, in some cases it is better to prefer two small greenhouses in order to divide crops, than to make one design, but a larger one.

Gardeners most often think that installing a greenhouse made of polycarbonate without a foundation is also not the worst option inexpensive, and the usual holes in the soil with concrete, where the tails of the frame of the assembled greenhouse are placed, will completely disappear as a support. However, it is better to fix the construction thoroughly, because the greenhouse can simply be stolen, pulled out of the ground. That is why the creation of the foundation and installation of the greenhouse by specialists will not only make the greenhouse durable and warm, but also prevent its abduction from the site.

site selection, foundation material, installation

Greenhouse securing option

When mounted on uneven soil relief, building a foundation is simply necessary, otherwise the structure will change shape over time and collapse .

Do not forget to have a greenhouse away from shrubs and trees, since large plants will take water and nutrients from the soil.

The installation time of the polycarbonate greenhouse is early spring with a positive temperature, but better late autumn, after harvesting.

site selection, foundation material, installation

The trench around the greenhouse will protect plants from pests

To prevent weeds from getting inside the greenhouse, you can dig a trench around the perimeter that is laid down slate or roofing material.

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The organization of ventilation in this case is an important task, therefore with a polycarbonate greenhouse it is necessary to foresee this first. When organizing an automatic ventilation system, you can connect and water the plants.


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