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From this article you will learn how the modern garden swing gazebo, what are their features. Look at the photo-ideas from around the world, and find out what characteristics to pay attention to when buying them. The article will also help you learn how to choose a gazebo-swing for your garden and garden.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

Arbor-swing for giving

Design features: options

Arbor-swing for garden or garden - This is a combined version combining the functions of two components. Depending on the type of construction and tasks, choose either a swing with a small canopy, or an arbor with a swinging bench or platform.

Swing with a canopy to give

The key element here is a swing, the other parts play a supporting role. The standard construction consists of the following elements:

  1. support columns connected at an angle of 45º;

  2. bolts , on which the suspended bench is mounted;

  3. a small gable or flat roof .

Such a gazebo swing is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Take a little space and perfectly fit into the exterior of the summer courtyard.

As for the modern futuristic design, the solution in the form of three hammocks, fastened to a metal base, will be very interesting. The roof here performs an aesthetic role rather than a protective one.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

This option is quite suitable for a beach by the pool or a patio in the backyard

Swinging arbor

Popular and at the same time, more expensive construction, the center of which is the arbor itself.

Here there are several ways of execution by manufacturers:

First option

Includes a stationary gazebo with swaying sofas, a bed or benches.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

Arbor with swinging couches

As a rule consists of the following elements:

  1. four supporting pillars with a covered portico and crate;

  2. a transverse crossbar on which a sofa swing is suspended.

Some models additionally provide for the installation of a stationary bench and a table for tea ceremonies. This is a classic and the most common type of construction.

The second option

Swings arbor luxury European type. It is distinguished by a special mobile platform. Benches and a table while moving remain horizontal. The device swings at the expense of the floor, not the benches.

Arbor details with a swinging platform are more massive than in the first case. The floor of the structure must withstand a high load of at least 6 people. When choosing a manufacturer, it is important to consider the durability and strength of the material.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

Arbor with a mobile platform
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of "small forms" for private houses - from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

Additional features

The device of garden arbors allows you to install them both stationary and clean for the winter and during the rains.

Block-type constructions are folded and disassembled.

The swinging gazebo is open and semi-open. With lattice walls and without. Many models have interesting functions besides rocking, for example, play the role of pergolas for climbers.

An important characteristic that influences which swing to buy a gazebo for gardening or gardening is the choice of the material from which they are made. Below are considered the pros and cons of various designs.

Wooden models

They have the following advantages that influence their choice:

  • The most eco-friendly in the market,

  • All parts are easy to assemble,

  • Robust and stable structures.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

Wooden arbor swing for giving


  • require regular maintenance (routine treatment with pests) and a choice of high-quality lacquer coating;

  • require an appropriate exterior design (classic, modern, Provence).

A wooden arbor with swings will look good next to a house made of logs, bricks. Some of them serve as pergolas.

Before purchasing, it is necessary to take into account that transportation of massive models, for example, with a movable beam platform, will require special equipment for transportation and professional installation. While a small swing with a gazebo is easy to move by two or three people.

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Metal structures

Swinging arbors of metal profiles have the following advantages:

  • the material is very durable;

  • it is durable and highly durable due to its anti-corrosion coating;

  • withstands any weather and temperature extremes.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

The metal arbor is durable and wear-resistant

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

Material disadvantages - massiveness and coldness

When planning to purchase a metal swing with a canopy, it should be noted that they are much more expensive than wooden counterparts.

In all other respects, such structures are not inferior to wooden. And even surpass them.


Combine the advantages and disadvantages of wood, metal, plastic.

Plastic does not apply when creating a structural support frame, but it perfectly performs decorative functions. He is not afraid of rain and frost, it is often used to create a practical and easy child seat in bright colors.

In the video you can see a gazebo-swing for the dacha:

Aluminum profiles and plastic are mainly used to create a children's gazebo swing. Such structures easily move into the house during bad weather.

interesting ideas for giving, photo, video

Arbor swing for giving

Some models are additionally equipped with removable covers and pillows.

It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about a country house with a terrace .


Despite the abundance of options, in fact, choosing a swing gazebo for the site is not so difficult. The main thing is to find out what designs you like, decide on a budget and find a suitable manufacturer. Now, after reading the article, buy a garden gazebo swing for you will not leave much difficulty. After all, you already know the basic information.

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