Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

It’s wonderful to live with your family in a furnished city apartment. The advantages of such housing are obvious: it is easy to get to your favorite work-study, all shopping and entertainment centers are within reach and in the playgrounds in the yard there is always a familiar and friendly contingent. The very same apartment in a high-rise building - a stronghold of comfort and amenities.

Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

House or apartment - everyone decides for himself

The advantages of a private house

But for some reason without In the end, there is a debate about how much a private country house is superior in quality to this very apartment. Let's see what this is with the owners of the cottages, as only dream residents of sleeping areas.

1. Rest on your own site

In principle, you can go to the bath in the city. In the public. Eating barbecue or grilled sausages is also not a problem - there are many restaurants and cozy establishments. You can even invite into the apartment a dozen friends to sing songs with the guitar until the morning, if you agree in advance with the neighbors.

And outside the city, in the area adjacent to the house, there is always a place for a good sauna, a gazebos entwined with decorative vines, and even the grill will have a place to put it. Even if this site is modest in size. Families living in private homes have more opportunities for weekend activities. And a dozen friends will not disturb anyone.

Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

The original bath-barrel from the company "Cedar"

2. Private garden

That's what people living in apartments really can only dream of, it’s about the garden and the flower garden under the window. Dozens of indoor plants on the windowsills can not be compared with the original landscape design and / or lush flower beds. Anyone who relaxes and is distracted by gardening and caring for plants will be more comfortable living in a house on the ground than on the tenth, say, floor.

And the one who does not take a great interest in gardening will definitely not refuse summer tea drinking surrounded by flower beds and gravel paths designed by a landscape designer.

Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

Gardenwood Chinese-style Gazebo

3. Independence from management companies

A city apartment, regardless of who owns it, is not a completely independent object. In addition to regular communication with services that carry out water supply, water disposal, electrification, you have to understand the issues of maintenance and overhaul, elevator work, and cleaning the entrance.

No one says that a private house will go without repairs or cottage owners do not need hot and cold water. But the country house provides much greater independence in solving domestic issues, ranging from the choice of the number of bathrooms and the heating system to the installation of alternative energy sources.

The owner of a country house has more freedom of action. It is impossible to make a real fireplace in the living room or install photocells on the roof. And there is no need for elevator and other attributes of multi-storey buildings, such as the planned shutdown of hot water.

Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

A generator, solar panels, a septic tank, a well, and a gas-holder make a private house completely autonomous

4. Space

Compare the cost of an apartment and a cottage of the same area. Cottage wins by a wide margin. In addition, not many happy owners of spacious multi-room apartments live in megalopolises - at all the declared rates of building houses for modern projects, apartments, "Khrushchev" and the like on the market the vast majority. Infrequently in the planning of the apartment there is at least a closet for temporarily unused things.

In contrast to an apartment, a private house, even the most modest one, requires more space for living and creating. There is a place not only for leisure or work, but also for a hobby. You can easily organize a corner for a bicycle, baby carriage or collection of figurines. Most of the houses in the country are built in two floors and have a practical layout, the most fully used square meters.

Attic rooms instead of dark attics are also popular. And also there is a private territory adjacent to the house, which can be arranged in accordance with the tastes and preferences of the owners. Flat loses on all fronts.

Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

Spacious and bright attic in the Home Forest exhibition house

5. Own playground

Playgrounds in the courtyards of high-rise buildings - public property. Well, if they are new, safe and meet the entertainment needs of children of all ages. But the fact remains - to find a platform that the child will like in all respects, the whole problem. But not for parents living in a country house.

On the plot you can organize not only a playground for the child and his friends, but even put a mini-house in which the child will disappear all summer.This site has two undeniable advantages. First, it is possible to simultaneously look after a child and go about their business. Secondly, strangers will not come here, and no one here will walk their four-legged pets.

What kind of playgrounds are organized in private houses is clearly shown in the video:

House or apartment

The list of things that apartment owners are deprived of can be continued with clean air, the opportunity to have a pet of any breed, or the simplicity of arranging a swimming pool — a clear advantage for all these moments in a private house.

Dreams of apartment owners in high-rise buildings

A private house is better than an apartment

This does not mean that living in an apartment is very bad, but there are many in low-rise buildings positive moments that you enjoy.

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