Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

The disadvantage of wood facades is the need for regular processing with antiseptics and fire retardants. Modern technologies allow replacing natural wood with more practical finishing materials. From the article you will learn how, using metal siding under the beam, get the aesthetics of natural beauty. Armed with the necessary information, you can easily buy a quality profile in Moscow for an original home decoration.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

Quality profile for original home decoration

What can be finished with metal siding

The answer is simple: any building structure and purpose (residential or technical), built from all types of materials and on various technologies, both new and operated for many years. When using a metal block house under a tree, manufacturers give a guarantee on the following:

  • the facade will retain its appearance and at a temperature of -50 ° C and at +80 ° C;

  • the coating will last at least 15-20 years;

  • the panels will not become unusable due to aggressive influence external environment or mechanical damage;

  • the house will always look well-kept , metal siding can be cleaned with solutions containing alkalis and acids;

  • in the trimming insects will not start, it will not rot from exposure water;

  • the incombustibility of metal panels will create additional fire protection.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

Metal siding for the facade

The lamella weight is considered an obstacle to facing, the high price of a metal house block. The total cost may increase if additional building insulation is required. An additional advantage is that the company in Moscow offers a complete installation kit that includes the following elements :

  • metal siding ;

  • corner strips for finishing the outer and inner corners;

  • connecting strips;

  • initial and final elements .

The color of the mounting kit is chosen under the main color scheme of the siding.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

Installation kit for siding (all kinds)
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Features of metal siding

Metal siding for a log is a multi-layer cake with a base made of galvanized steel. Metal sheets are obtained during cold rolling, on which protective and decorative compounds are applied.

High functionality is provided by the polymer coating of the metal for protection against corrosion damage. The manufacturer indicates its appearance in the marking:

  • PE - polyester . Provides smooth surface and color stability;

  • PEMA ( PE matt ) - matt polyester . Withstands increased climatic loads;

  • PURAL - pural . Inferring to other coatings in weather resistance;

  • PVDF - Teflon with acrylic . This connection has the best performance. It is not exposed to salt water, alkalis, acids;

  • PVC - plastisol . The coating has a decorative embossing and good corrosion resistance. But it has a lower operating temperature at 40 ° C compared to other polymers and does not keep color well.

The maximum service life of the coating ranges from 20 years for polyester to 50 years or more for PVDF.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

Features of the composition of metal siding

The structure of the metal siding lamella also includes primer, chrome plating, decorative and base coat.

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Panel types

Release siding under the tree two types :

  1. Single-row or single log simulation . The joints between the panels look natural. Stable under wind load.

  2. A double-row looks like two connected logs and is quickly mounted. Disadvantages: significant joint and sail of individual models.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

Single-row and double-row panel types

Both types of profile are equipped with a thorn-groove fastening system ( lock-latch) and have different overall and mounting width, which is important to consider when calculating the required number of siding. Overall size is larger by 25-30 mm than that obtained after fastening.Separately, panels with perforated one edge are offered for mounting by self-tapping screws directly to the wall

Size range

When choosing siding, it is necessary to take into account that it will create an additional load on the foundation. The weight of one lamella depends on its length, width and thickness, such as a protective and decorative coating.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

The size range of siding

Standard block sizes are as follows:

  • width from 18 cm for one log to 35 cm for two fractures;

  • the depth of the wave ranges from 17 to 37 mm;

  • length minimum 0.5 m, maximum 6 m.

4 m panels are considered economically viable They provide the least amount of waste during installation and are suitable for houses of any projects.

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Colors of a metal block house

The siding collections of the house block under the log are presented in two directions :

  • monocolour with RAL color from signal white to signal black. A house with such a facade will look like a simply painted log house when choosing traditional colors (ivory, red-brown, terracotta, chocolate). But it is possible to realize the original design idea, using the panels of orange, zinc-yellow, ultramarine, signal blue. The price is an average of 400 rubles per m²;

  • wood texture . The collection presents an imitation of the structure of most types of wood: golden oak, bleached, stained and antique, cedar, pine, maple, larch, cherry, walnut, mountain ash. The combination of the relief of a rounded log with a structured surface makes the metal house siding block house is indistinguishable from the analog. Technical indicators of artificial material exceed the natural.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

Siding block with textured wood structure

The mounting capabilities of metal lamellae allow you to combine monochrome in one project matte elements with color. It is necessary to acquire only panels with the same polymer base and type of attachment.

Polymer coating Printech

A new word in the production of metal siding said South Korean digging "Dongbu Steel". - this is the application of the image by the "offset" or coating Printech. It is made on the basis of polyester and polyvinyldene fluoride (PVDF). Additionally, the panels have three layers: primer, directly drawing, transparent protection. Manufacturers achieve a clear pattern with a palette of natural shades by combining 4 primary colors.

Metal siding under the log: 2 types of panels

The Printech polymer coating with additional primer layers

The choice of metal siding with Printech coating will allow you to get a house that is absolutely indistinguishable from a natural log house tree. In Moscow, the price of such panels starts from 600 rubles per m².

Visually about metal siding under a tree, look in the video

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The price of a siding block house is made up of all the listed indicators and starts from 400 rubles per m². In the catalogs of enterprises in Moscow, you can find an offer that will make the house a safe, eco-friendly and unique design.

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