steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Before proceeding with the construction of the bath, it is necessary to decide on its project, which includes a steam room, a washing room and a dressing room. It is important to understand that the future bath should be fun, its use should be comfortable and convenient. To do this, calculations are made for the size of the steam room in the bath, and the parameters of the remaining rooms are determined. We will understand in this article what the optimal size of the bath, and what calculations are taken into account when designing.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

A small bath with a terrace

What should be considered when designing a bath

The key stage in designing a bath is steam room sizes. This value is based on how many people will use it at the same time. The calculation is recommended to make according to the following standard: for a comfortable passage of bath procedures per visitor you will need from 1 to 2 m 2 . If we take into account all these subtleties, then the implemented project will have the right microclimate - promoting health and improving mood to its guests.

It is worth emphasizing that there are no standard sizes for a bath. Everyone who decided to build it, determines the size based on their own criteria:

  • the average number of visitors and their growth ;

  • individual preferences and needs ;

  • frequency of visits .

For example, with one fairly small bathhouse, where you can clean up after country work. Others erect whole bath complexes, which are designed for hours of hanging out in a circle of good company.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Project of an attic bath with a small terrace

By convention, all baths can be divided into two categories:

  • seasonal - are used to a greater extent in the summer period;

  • year-round - such buildings have a warming contour that allows you to use bath in any period of the year.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the popular projects of two-storeyed baths from construction companies represented at the exhibition of Low-Rise Country houses.

What are the rooms in the bath and their purpose

Proper planning creates comfortable conditions for visiting the bath. The project of the bath depends on the wishes and preferences of the owners, but it has several rooms that create comfort and convenience of taking wellness procedures. The main rooms are a steam room, a waiting room and a washing room.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Individual project of a bath from glued timber bath is steam room . It should be located furnace, which is made of brick or metal. Shelves are being erected in the steam room - they are wooden sun loungers on which the main procedures take place.

Old seasonal bath-type buildings do not have a separate shower room. Such facilities are of modest size, so in order to save space, some washing facilities were not equipped. But this is bad at once for several reasons - from the banal inconvenience to possible negative consequences, because the combination of soap and high temperature can harm a person.

That is why it is recommended to install a separate shower stall, washing complex or font even at the stage of installation of communications, organizing the supply of clean and drainage of used water.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

The design of the washing area in the private bath

In most of the old buildings, the water is heated with a tank (boiler) and the cold there is no water - it is brought in buckets. To do this, in the bath and provided for all sorts of tanks: troughs and basins, which are intended for mixing water. But if you are not a supporter of traditions to the detriment of comfort, you need to equip the water supply system necessarily.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing and installing water supply and sewage. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".


Some bathhouses are equipped with a bathroom and opinions on this are very diverse. If the owner of the bath complex wants to equip a bathroom, he should take into account the free space of the building and the possibility of supplying and insulating communications. In a role of a standard toilet bowl the dry closet can also act.

If the bath has several floors, then on each of them it makes sense to place a separate bathroom with an additional corner washbasin.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Equipped bathroom in a bath from a log house

A waiting room

After determining the size of the sauna room, the second significant design stage is the calculation of the dimensions of the waiting room.

In a classical performance bathhouse, he acts as not only a dressing room, but also a rest room.This is the case when a large amount of free space makes the room more comfortable and gives additional comfort. For example, you can install a fireplace, couch, TV, or even arrange a billiard table.

In most cases, a dressing room has space for storing firewood and furniture for relaxing after a steam room. Regardless of the size and type of the bath, its design is made so that the waiting room is the place from which you can get to the other rooms : the steam room, the washing room, and the washroom.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

A dressing room with a fireplace and benches


If the bath is used all year round, it makes sense to install The vestibule, which during the cold period of time helps to prevent drafts and helps to keep the heat indoors.

Additional facilities are characteristic of large bath complexes: gym, boiler room, dryer for brooms, terrace, swimming pool and others.

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Optimum dimensions of bath rooms

When determining the size of the steam room, the most important parameter is the power of the stove, as it helps to maintain the desired temperature in a constant mode. For gas and wood stoves, this nuance is not so important, as they are able to cope with this task even in large rooms. What can not be said about an electric furnace - if it is not right to pick it up, then only non-small steam rooms can be enough power.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Steam room with a ceiling height of 2.5 m

The following are recommendations that can be used to calculate the optimal size of the steam room:

  • To begin with, you should decide on the height of the ceiling of the room . It all depends on the individual preferences of the owner. For example, if he prefers to bathe in a sitting position, then it is enough to add 100-110 cm to the level of the upper lounger - this height will be enough. For procedures with a broom, you must add at least another 50 cm to create a more comfortable environment. Experts do not advise making the ceiling lower than 210 cm;

  • As regards the shelves, with the extended position, up to two meters of their length is required in full length. If you consider the one-and-a-half options, then you should take into account - you will have to steam, with your legs tucked in;

  • The optimal size of steam rooms in a one-person bath is 85 x 120 cm . The only condition is the compactness of the oven in order to prevent the risk of burns;

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Types of preferred shelves will help plan the size of the steam room
  • If you design a more spacious bath for two people, the size of the steam room should be between 1.5 x 2 m . This size is considered to be the minimum, in which there will be enough free space for two people, giving them the opportunity to pass each other without touching the stove;

  • The standard is considered to be a steam room size 2 x 2 m . The area of ​​such a room can easily accommodate three people.

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Planning of the rest of the premises is based on the following principles:

  1. In order not to beat elbows against the walls, the changing room should have a minimum width of 1 - 1 2 m . It does not make sense to design a large one, since it will be used only at the entrance and exit from the bath.

  2. The shower is designed on the basis of 1.5 m 2 per person . This place is quite enough to wash, without disturbing the others.

  3. The principle is applied to the waiting room - more free space, higher comfort. Naturally, everything is within reason, because an unnecessarily large room will be cool enough. The optimal size is 3 x 3 m.

  4. If we consider the terrace and the veranda, everything is individual here, but we must take into account that the size of the foundation must be calculated for these extensions.

Following all the above recommendations, the optimal bath sizes range from 3 x 3.5 m to 5 x 6 m.

An interesting video about the cedar bath:

The height of the rooms in the bath

The most important condition for the steam room is the presence of a threshold in front of the entrance or the height of its floor should be 10 to 15 cm more than in other rooms. This will keep the steam better indoors. As for the shower, then the level of the floor drops 3 cm, compared with the waiting room.

There is a tradition, which determines the height of the ceiling in the bath. It lies in the fact that it is based on the growth of the highest member of the family and adds a certain margin, taking into account the scope of the broom. The final value is 2.1 - 2.5 meters.

For those people who prefer to bathe on the top tier, the distance from the shelf to the ceiling should be between 1 m and more. If you bathe in the supine position, then 50 cm is enough.

Another important condition for the steam room is the level of the upper shelf - it must be higher than the stones in the furnace. As a rule, the heater is placed at a height of 1 m from the floor, as this is the most favorable atmosphere in the steam room.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Sizes of sun beds in the steam room

There are also recommendations for windows in the bath. For example, the lower part of the window opening should be located at a height of 120 cm from the floor level, and in the washroom this figure is 1.5 m.

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Bath planning

Properly chosen bath sizes do not mean an adequate level of comfort. It is very important to pay attention to the layout of the premises. For example, not every guest will enjoy the presence of a toilet in the shower. The most rational solution would be to abandon the sink, toilet and shower in favor of a wall-mounted shower with poured buckets, and for greater comfort to install a bench.

The owners of the bath often use enclosed shower enclosures. They prevent splashing of water, which adversely affects the service life of finishing materials, in particular wood.

It is recommended to warm the floor in the washing room, make a small bias using a screed for better collection and subsequent drainage of water. As a floor covering, tiles without gloss are used predominantly, which reduces the chance of slipping on the wet floor.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

A small seating area in the waiting room

When designing a waiting room, it is important to arrange the furniture correctly without blocking all the necessary aisles. You can take care of this at the stage of buying tables and sofas. So, a folding table and a small bench with stools will significantly save floor space.

At the design stage of the steam room, special attention is also paid to the furnace design - the chimney should be located near the ridge, for ease of cleaning. For people who like to plunge into a pond or swimming pool after a steam room - the layout is calculated so that the distance from the steam room to the exit from the bath is small.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

The optimal size of the bath for 4 people

Furniture for the bath

When choosing furniture, special attention is paid to the following nuances :

  • Wood . The material should have a low degree of thermal conductivity, density, and also contain a minimum amount of resin. The wood must be resistant to high temperatures and increased humidity. The ideal breeds are linden and aspen.

  • Arrangement of shelves in the steam room . Since they are not intended for the seat, their dimensions are: 1.4 - 2 m - length; 0.4 - 1.5 m - width, and the gap between the steps varies from 40 to 60 cm. The first tier is placed at a level of 20 cm and higher from the floor, and the upper level - no more than 1.2 m to the ceiling.

  • Benches in the steam room . There are three ways to position the shelves: steps (along the wall are placed from two to three steps), l-shaped type (the first and last steps are installed on one wall, and the middle tier is on the side) and compartment (two shelves are placed one above the other, the top of which can be raised).

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Features bath rooms

Summing up, some tricks of the bathing atmosphere should be noted. For example, steam of insufficient humidity can lead to cooling of guests in a double room. So, with a relative decrease of 30%, moisture will evaporate from human skin much faster, which will lead to a cooling down of the body.

It is to control this process in the steam room that two thermometers are hung at once - one is standard, and the second has a tip wrapped in a damp cloth that allows you to show the temperature of the skin of a person who is in the steam room.

steam rooms, calculation for 4 people, width, height, how to choose, photo

Thermometer for use in the bath
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Selection of a steam room project depends on the number of visitors who will simultaneously take bath procedures, efficiency and size of the furnace, as well as your personal preferences. For efficient use of the space of the steam room, the floor area is reduced to the maximum in favor of the space for sun beds and shelves.

Each basic version of the steam room can be adjusted for individual needs and arranged in the same style with the rest of the buildings on the site.


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