technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Where the land is rich in forests, since ancient times, the construction of housing from logs has been practiced. Wooden architecture was especially developed in Finland, Sweden and Russia, where everyone could afford (regardless of the high consumption of wood) log house. In the modern world, wooden houses made of otsilindrovannogo logs are felt alive connection with the ancestors, a reminder of the centuries-old traditions of wooden housing. The classic Russian log house, without losing its merits, thanks to modern technologies, acquired new qualities and took a worthy place among other types of wooden houses.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

The natural energy of wood has attracted people since time immemorial

Production technology

A log is called a log, from which mechanical way removed the top layer of wood. As a result of processing the product is obtained having a constant diameter; Some types of logs are supplied with a profile. To achieve the desired properties, the workpiece goes through several stages:

  • Sorting . At the initial stage, sawlogs (spruce and pine logs) are selected by diameter.

  • Initial processing . The log is machined in an otsilindrovochny machine, where the top layer is cut off and the diameter is leveled (the spread should not reach 4 mm). The remaining interior has a more dense structure, less deformed and allows in the future to abandon the decoration of the walls.

  • Drying . After the second sorting, the blanks are sent for natural or forced (accelerated) drying. Aligned along the length and diameter of the workpiece are dried uniformly; this reduces internal stresses and minimizes the risk of distortion.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Cylinder at work
  • Propyl of the compensation groove . A groove (longitudinal groove) is sawn at the location of shrinkage cracks. This preventive measure makes the house shrink evenly and reduces the number and depth of surface cracks. The groove is done, as a rule, at the request of the customer.

  • Cutting . Logs of standard length are usually made. If domokomplekt ordered, logs are cut to the size specified in the project, and then marked. Also on the logs are cut seats (bowls), which can be transverse or diagonal. Preparation of bowls is a significant advantage of the house set - they make the docking quality and fast.

  • Slot preparation . The longitudinal grooves are cut along the junction of the logs and are designed for laying insulation.

  • Facing (leveling) . The ends of the logs, as the most vulnerable places, need alignment, the purpose of which is to reduce the number of cracks during shrinkage.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Storage with natural ventilation
  • Wood protection . The log is treated with a water-based antiseptic. The tool allows you to protect the material from rot without clogging the pores and allowing it to dry.

  • Usage . The manufacturer is often engaged in packaging, transportation and unloading of logs. During the construction period, which takes 4-6 months, it is necessary to properly store the material, protecting it from moisture.

There are no standards and pricing

There are no uniform regulatory documents governing the production of rounded log, but there are GOST standards defining the parameters of products. Self-respecting companies usually have their own quality, size and tolerance standards. On average, a first-class product has the following characteristics:

  • Wood species . Pine and spruce are used, more rarely more expensive fir, cedar and larch.

  • Length . The range is from 3 to 6.5 m, with a gradation of 0.5 m.

  • Deviation from the length of . From 3 to 10 cm.

  • Diameter . From 14 to 24 cm.

  • The height of the boughs . Not more than 2 cm.

  • Rot and wormhole is not allowed.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Quality raw materials waiting for processing

The price of a rounded log for a house depends on the size and grade of the product,

wood used and processing. In addition, the price of the housing set is formed by other factors:

  • Technological processing . At the request of the customer, holes are drilled for Nogal, milling of grooves for installation of window and door blocks is carried out.

  • Protection . Antiseptic and fire retardant is applied.

  • Packaging . May include trays, plain or shrink film.

  • Delivery . Depends on the region and distance.

Types of logs

Logs can be classified according to different parameters:

  • By the method of processing .The log is machined on an otsilindrovochny machine, allowing to obtain exact dimensions. Chopped log is a product of handwork and enthusiasm of fans of ethno-style "a la rus". Connoisseurs of naturalness give the log the desired shape with a manual planer.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Box of houses made of logs
  • By type of wood . The most popular and cheap (due to the rapid restoration of the forest) is pine, especially its Karelian and Arkhangelsk varieties. In order of increasing value, it is followed by spruce, cedar and larch. The list is deciduous, as oak is too expensive, and the rest (aspen, linden) have soft wood, more suitable for interior decoration.

  • By the type of drying . The most common log of natural moisture, because the drying of the material requires the organization of additional process technology, which increases the cost of the product. The improved material - dried log (thermal beam) has a humidity of 18-20%.

  • By the form of the groove . The profile (groove, rip saw) can be moon (semi-circular) and Finnish (with a complicated groove-ridge construction). The latter has a wide thermal lock and simplifies assembly. Thanks to the longitudinal support grooves, logs with a Finnish profile fit more accurately and do not require constant monitoring by plumb or level. Also, there is no need for additional fixation with nails (as a protection against displacement).

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Finnish groove and compensation cut
  • By groove location . The groove can cut through the logs, diagonally (for some designs) or across (in the planting bowl).

  • By size . The market offers material with standard lengths from 1 to 6 m, diameter 160-320 mm, working height 139-272 mm.

Working height of a rounded log . This value is always less than the diameter of the groove depth. Since the logs are stacked on top of each other with an approach to the depth of the groove, it is possible to determine from the working height how many crowns (rows of logs) are needed to reach the height of the wall given by the calculations.
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses made of rounded logs from construction companies represented at the exhibition “Low-Rise Country”.

Thermal Balance

For timber buildings, the problem of ensuring the durability of the structure comes first. This is achieved by adhering to technology that includes, among other things, waiting for shrinkage. Lumber with high (natural) moisture will take up to two years to acquire the final condition. And there's nothing you can do about it - windows and doors can be mounted not earlier than the shrinkage of the walls reaches 20-30 cm.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Using thermal wood makes the building particularly strong

To the delight of impatient customers, a concept was developed for the production of thermally modified wood (TMD). According to the new technology, the log is subjected to high-temperature drying without air access, as a result of which the residual moisture is 4.8-5%. The technology features include:

  • Drying . The process takes place at a working temperature of 125-190 ° C, without the use of chemical additives. The wood obtained has a minimum moisture content, which makes rotting impossible. Despite the high-temperature regime, coniferous wood does not lose its flavor.

  • Change the color . Changing the temperature and time of exposure, you can get wood of different shades, from golden, to rich dark. The color change affects 1-2 cm of the outer layer, which means that the surface of the walls will not be hopelessly damaged by light scratches.

About the installation of a house made of logs in the following video:

  • Change characteristics of wood . The material decreases thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity, but increases strength (which reduces cracking). TMD house sets can be stored for a long time without changing the properties.

A log of TMD has improved characteristics that determine:

  • Features o work and . Protection against decay is not needed, but external walls will need protection from solar ultraviolet radiation - waxing.

  • Features of construction . The installation of the roof, the installation of windows and doors, the laying of utilities proceed immediately after the erection of the box at home. The day when the family will celebrate housewarming will come much faster.

The material that gives longevity to a house has one noticeable drawback - a high price.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

House made of logs with a pool: the walls are protected by impregnation and colored oil
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies, who offer the service of building houses from round logs. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

House for permanent use: the choice of the diameter of the log

The choice of the diameter of the rounded log for future housing depends on its location and method of operation. Obviously, a house designed for seasonal use (as a summer cottage) and a house where the family will live all year round need walls of different thickness. The selection is determined in the following way:

  • Diameter 160-180 mm . Baths, outbuildings and cottages in regions with short, mild winters are built from such logs.

  • Diameter 200-220 mm . The material is used for the construction of a summer house, a gazebo, a guest house, and other structures common for a private site in areas with a temperate continental climate (similar to the European part of Russia).

  • Diameter 240-260 mm . Suitable for the construction of houses of permanent residence (with additional insulation), buildings of a large area (from 250 m 2 ) in regions with a continental climate (similar to West Siberian).

  • Diameter 280-320 mm . Used in the construction of houses with year-round living, two-story, large area, with insulation or attic in areas with long frosty winters.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

The house of a large diameter log is ideal for places with harsh winters

Features of a rounded log

Builders appreciate this material for simplicity and ease of use, especially noting:

  • The correct geometrical dimensions are . Perhaps the main advantage over a chopped log with its variable diameter.

  • Accuracy and ease of assembly . It is possible through the use of high-quality equipment, cutting the same grooves in the logs.

  • Assembly speed . Prepared domokomplekt going brigade of 4 people for 1-3 weeks.

  • Year-round assembly . Cottages from a log gather in any weather.

  • Savings . Decorating a house from a rounded log is extremely rare; the cost of finishing the estimate can be eliminated by limiting the grinding and varnishing.

  • Stability . Qualitatively treated wood is resistant to bioagents, solar ultraviolet radiation, mechanical damage and weather vagaries.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

A win-win combination of natural wood and forged parts
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Strengths and weaknesses of a rounded log house

The useful qualities of natural wood preserved by a rounded log have a positive effect on the performance characteristics of a country house. The advantages of such a construction include:

  • Durability . Your home without any problems (but with caring care) will last 60-80 years.

  • Price . A log house would be a more budget option than building from glued or profiled timber.

  • Physics at home . The log cottage has high sound and heat insulation characteristics. Thermal protection of a wall of a log with a thickness of 20 cm is equivalent to a brick wall of 71 cm.

  • The vapor and air permeability of walls . Wood extracts excess water from the air and releases it, thereby regulating the microclimate in the house. Up to 30% of the internal air is filtered through the walls per day.

About the log house with an external chimney in the following video:

  • Environmental friendliness . A log that has been treated with certified impregnations and varnishes is not harmful to health.

  • Aesthetics . The natural texture of wooden walls rarely leave anyone indifferent.

  • Variety . Finished projects (not to mention the individual) amaze with a variety of exterior design and interior.

Wooden houses made of round logs have their own drawbacks, the negative impact of which can always be minimized:

  • Shrinkage . The shrinkage (characteristic of any wooden structure) of one floor does not exceed 5–8 mm per meter of height (10–15% for a log of natural humidity).

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Screw jacks of the vertical supports compensate for changes in the height of the wall during shrinkage
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  • Quality .If logs are not treated properly, rot or wood swelling (from dampness) is possible.

  • Price . A round log is 2 times more expensive than a log of natural moisture. The material is almost impossible to buy long meters, only a set of parts.

  • Gaps . The harsh reality of all wood materials. Cracking can be somewhat reduced by proper production processing.

  • Flammability . But not the ease of ignition subject to the processing of fire retardant.

  • Care . Wooden walls require periodic maintenance: impregnation, painting, sealing cracks, caulking.

On the construction of a log house in the following video:

Design subtleties: styles of log houses

Rounded logs are a proven way to implement a variety of architectural solutions. Interesting projects appear through the use of high-quality technological material, easy to handle and install. Today, outside the city you can find not only classic cottages in a traditional style, but also original houses in a variety of styles.

Building houses from turnkey logs is increasingly a profitable investment. Construction organizations that have their own design bureaus offer the design and construction of a country cottage in various styles, among which the most popular are:

  • Classic log house . The house in the national traditions occupies one of the leading places among the houses erected from the rounded log. The decoration of such a building is a high porch with balusters, carved platbands and a massive door.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Bar-shaped house in a modern style
  • European style . The classic of European house-building - chalet style, finds its admirers far from the Alps. Customers are attracted by the monumentality of design, the elegance of the decoration and the large veranda (often on the second floor).

  • Scandinavian style . Northern winter is famous not only for the cold, but also for the short light day. A large area of ​​glazing (including panoramic windows) is dictated by the lack of sun. Traditionally, the windows and doors of Scandinavian housing are decorated with dark edging; the roof is preferably gable or flat. On modern homes often solar panels.

For premium-class homes, top-quality logs with a diameter of 320 mm are used, often with a gable roof with an attic under it. This project allows you to expand the total area of ​​the house by placing in the attic an extra bedroom, a playroom for children, a private office or a billiard room.

Houses made of turnkey logs are often ordered together with small architectural forms - good baths, romantic gazebos and guest houses. The joint architectural ensemble transforms the backyard territory, giving it integrity.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Bar-shaped house with a chalet-style barbecue area
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How to choose a suitable project

When choosing a project from among ready-made ones, it is useful to pre-think the requirements for the future home. Finished houses made of logs are designed, as a rule, for operation in a specific climatic zone. Among other parameters, the appearance (and price) of the house has an effect:

  • Area and location of the site . If the area is small, you should think about a two-story project (a spacious one-story house will take too much usable space). The choice of the location of the terrace or balcony often depends on the road passing nearby.

  • Soil and groundwater level . They influence the choice of foundation.

  • Method of operation . A house in which you and your family will live permanently will require the use of a more massive log (diameter from 240 mm).

  • Family members and pets . For all you need to provide a personal place - to whom the bedroom, and to whom the area in the yard.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

The second light in the interior of a log house
  • Car (often cars). It is necessary to provide not only a convenient garage or parking lot, but also to think about the entrance correctly.

  • Style of the environment . If you do not want to destroy the harmony of the cottage village (and relations with neighbors), take a look at the style of the neighboring areas.

An individual project to a house from a rounded log, the price of which is formed from several other parameters, allows the customer to influence many things:

  • Reduce the cost of the house .This can be achieved by reducing the number of corridors and combining some rooms (often the kitchen-dining room or kitchen-living room option is chosen). When designing, some rooms are made passable, and a study is arranged on the balcony.

  • Reduce heat losses at home . Savings are achieved due to the rejection of the complex shape of the house and the roof, and minimal use of projections, balconies and bay windows.

  • Reduce costs . Proper exterior orientation of the house (on the sides of the world and the wind rose) will help reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

House made of logs with extensions
  • Provide extension . Sooner or later, the addition to the family will require an increase in the area of ​​housing. Well, if the possibility of arranging the extension go attic will be taken into account.

  • Fireplace . It is better to add at the time of drafting. In an already built log house, it is rather difficult (and much more expensive) to do this.

  • Ladder . If it is, take care of its good lighting (for safety). The window in the right place can get rid of many troubles.

Projects and prices of houses from a rounded log

There are many companies on the market that offer their services for the construction of houses from a log. When choosing a construction company, it will be useful to focus on the duration of its work in this area, customer reviews and personal feelings. Many organizations have their own production, which allows them to offer attractive prices to customers.

technology features, pros and cons of the material, projects and turnkey prices in Moscow

Hi-tech log house

Companies that care about their reputation care for their customers, helping with advice and providing guarantees for materials and work. Houses from the rounded log, the projects and prices of which are as close as possible to the wishes of the clients, attract attention and find vivid demand. The average price for the construction of a country house of turnkey logs (in the Moscow region) ranges from:

Houses up to 100 m 2 : 1.2-1 , 8 million rubles.

An area of ​​ from 100 to 200 m 2 : 1.8-2.3 million rubles.

From 200 to 300 m 2 : 2.1-3.85 million rubles.

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A growing number of fans of buildings from a rounded log make such constructions into a demanded type of real estate. The improved technology of logging and processing of logs has made adjustments to the construction process. Log cottages are elegant, warm and durable.


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