The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

From year to year, an increasing number of families prefer a tree house for permanent residence. The interior of a wooden house inside can be made out in different ways. The article tells about the most common styles of log and log houses. You will get acquainted with current design techniques, find out how similar and different popular destinations such as chalets, country, Russian and Scandinavian styles are different.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Interior in the old Russian style

Wooden house: the specifics of the design

Wooden house is a thousand-year trend that is not going to lose popularity. The use of wood makes the house attractive, sets the general mood of the interior. At the same time, there are restrictions when choosing one or another interior solution, a question of choosing the most appropriate style that is relevant for many owners arises. The final result in any case is affected by the following questions:

  • Question of the installation of engineering systems . A special relationship (associated with increased fire risk of wood) requires the calculation and installation of electrical networks, the choice of a heating boiler and a fireplace, which may affect the choice of style.

  • Question illumination . The layout of the rooms is planned taking into account the nature of natural lighting. Also a significant role is played by such a feature of the wooden surface as the absorption of light. If the living room windows face the north side, and the lighting devices are placed incorrectly, it is likely that the room will look gloomy and inhospitable. The problem is solved by a competent combination of the main diffusing light and point sources (floor lamps, wall lamps).

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

The important role of proper lighting

Wooden house: interior design features

With the development of the interior of log and log houses should not forget about the shrinkage of the structure associated with the loss of wood moisture. The process lasts a long time - one and a half to two years; only after that proceed to the interior decoration. The choice of style decision is based on the design of the basic elements - walls and floor; they are drawn up in different ways:

  • In most cases, minimum finishing is carried out. The structure of the wooden surface has a unique pattern that allows you to do without additional decorations. Most of the styles that are appropriate for the buildings of wood, require only a protective impregnation and processing matte or glossy varnish.

  • You can close the walls with wallpaper or paint . Some wood species darken over time; If you do not like the atmosphere of an old peasant hut, then the decoration will be the perfect solution.

  • The gender may focus on attention or serve as a neutral background . The natural surface always looks advantageous: a finished or parquet board, as well as a combination of the board with a natural stone.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

In most cases, the tree needs a minimal finish

Interior Design: current techniques for wooden housing

Professional decorators know that wood is best combined with materials of natural origin - glass, metal, clay, leather and stone. Fans of traditional eco-or folk-style with delight perceive wooden surfaces, choose the minimum finish and strive to preserve the naturalness of the design of a log house. If you like other interiors, the following techniques will help to muffle the clear rhythm of the log or lumber walls:

  • Combined decoration of the room . An interesting effect, for the realization of which part of the walls is covered with decorative plaster, and in the flooring use natural or artificial stone.

  • A stove or fireplace . An ideal element of decor, in the design of which you can use both stone and forging elements. The fireplace can be electric; The main thing is that it fits into the finished interior.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

The combination of stone and wood in the bedroom decor
  • For furniture upholstery best velvet, jacquard and gobelin ; leather upholstery perfectly combined with a dark matte surface of the walls. On the floor a beautiful view will have a voluminous carpet with a deep nap.

  • If retro-style is chosen for decoration, the wiring will correctly be performed by using an open method, having twisted along the walls in the form of twisted cords. The use of characteristic push-button or rotary retro-switches will make the interior particularly colorful.

  • Ideal wallpapers for a wooden house - with floral ornaments, floral or landscape prints that make the room especially cozy.

  • Many styles fit carved and forged elements ; They can be both furniture parts, and various decor items.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

A fireplace in a modern wooden living room

Popular styles for a wooden house

Modern interior in a log house can be very different; To date, many interesting interior solutions have been formed, with a mass of options and interpretations. Getting to the design, you can not be limited to one style; use of various receptions for different rooms is allowed. Among the popular options that make the interior unique are the following styles:

Russian style

A popular type of ethno-style (it is also called village or folk). Contrary to expectations, a Russian-style country house does not at all resemble a branch of a souvenir shop, although the use of handicrafts (in reasonable quantities) is certainly welcome. In general, the Russian style is described by the following features:

  • Furnace . An indispensable attribute of a log or log house. It is decorated with tiles, paintings and decorative plaster.

  • Inner space . Pile of furniture and things is not allowed; the rooms have plenty of light and space.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Bedroom with a stove in the Russian style
  • Materials . Use of chipboard, DVA and plastic double-glazed windows is excluded. Natural wood prevails - all pieces of furniture are made of it. To preserve the texture of wood, the surface of tables, chairs and cabinets is not painted. On furniture and some details of the interior (on the stairs and platbands) skillful carving organically looks; Built-in appliances can be hidden behind carved facades.

  • Furniture . Choosing a comfortable, solid, massive furniture; kitchen must have a spacious table with wide comfortable benches. Part of the usual items can be replaced with chests and caskets.

  • Decor . The highlight of the Russian style is handmade items, Khokhloma and Gzhel, Kasli castings and Vologda lace. There will also be pottery, a samovar, a variety of antique-styled lamps, barrels and jugs.

  • Textiles . The style is characterized by natural tablecloths, curtains, bedspreads, napkins and towels. Especially valuable are products with hand embroidery.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Tiled stove in Russian cuisine
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Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian interior is minimalism in detail. Here you will not see intricate decors; You will not need a long and painstaking selection of jewelry, antiques, antique lamps or paintings. The main thing in the Scandinavian approach to design is functionality and unpretentiousness. The interior design of wooden houses in the Scandinavian style is characterized by the following design techniques:

  • The color scheme . The shades that help to visually expand the space predominate: white, cream, beige, shades of blue and gray. Terracotta and ocher shades help to add energy to the palette; bright color accents (especially in fabrics) - yellow, red, green are also allowed.

  • Interior . Scandinavian style accommodation is bright and airy. Open space is popular, wide doorways and large (often panoramic) windows are welcome.

  • Wall decoration . For cladding often used clapboard light, pastel colors.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Scandinavian Style Bedroom
  • Furniture . The decor is laconic. To maintain the style chosen practical, not bulky furniture; Wicker chairs, sofas and chairs are especially loved.

  • Windows . They are not made to close the curtains of dense, heavy fabrics; light translucent curtains or blinds will do.

  • Decor . In the patterns of carpets and upholstery there are marine and northern motifs. Watercolors and photographs in strict wooden frames, funny ceramic figures of animals and birds help to liven up the atmosphere.

About the rules of Scandinavian interior design in the following video:

Chalet Style

Chalet Style - original kind of country, come from the snow-covered alpine slopes. The origin has influenced the interior design; the chalet-style dwelling resembles the setting of a hunting lodge; if you like austere atmosphere and natural materials with almost no processing - this style will suit your taste. The following features are characteristic of the interior of the chalet:

  • Wall and floor materials . Certainly natural, with a predominance of untreated wood and stone. The walls of the chalet are left in their natural state or plastered. A floor - reliable, from the massif of qualitative wood.The floor of the chalet is not painted, the surface is opened with stain and varnish .

  • Ceiling . Ceiling beams, real or decorative, are an essential part of style.

  • The use of stone in the interior . Stone (natural or artificial) trim the floors in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Partial wall cladding is also encouraged, such as around a doorway. The fireplace is decorated with both wild stone and wood.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Kitchen, modern interpretation of the chalet style
  • Palette . The design of the house from the rounded log in the style of a chalet is made in natural colors. Well combined shades of brown, ocher, burgundy and terracotta; Contrast white, green and gray-blue comes to them.

  • Furniture and decor . The most natural will look large-sized furniture of simple forms upholstered in leather and coarse fabric. The room is decorated with carpets, tapestries and knitted bedspreads, the pottery is chosen simple, in a rustic style.

  • Fireplace . It must be real, with a firebox, chimney and a stack of wood nearby.

  • Design techniques . The surfaces of some objects can be artificially aged; a light touch of antiquity will give housing a more comfortable and habitable look. Ideally, there should not be any polished, glittering surfaces in the room.

About the interior of the chalet-style house in the following video:

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Provence is a kind of rustic style that conveys the flavor of the French hinterland. For interior design in this romantic direction, the following techniques are used:

  • Color . The warm shades of the tree go well with the muted faded colors that form the basis of the Provence palette. The design uses all pastel colors; the interior is associated with hot summer, variegated meadow grasses and endless vineyards and lavender fields in southern France.

  • Walls and ceiling . For them, choose the most delicate colors: beige, cream, lemon and lavender. Classic doors and windows are white, but you can pick up a different shade.

  • Gender . In the rooms for the floor pick up textured decorative board in vintage (aged) style. On the floor of the kitchen bathroom, you can often find terracotta tiles.

  • Furniture . Furniture may be new, but always artificially aged. Simple, rough tables and cabinets, wicker chairs and worn sofas, beds with wrought-iron details are chosen for the Provence style room.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Kitchen-living room in Provence style
  • Textiles . Unhurried provincial life is emphasized by the use of light fabrics with floral motifs; on the upholstery of furniture also can not do without floral ornament. For all sorts of textiles (tablecloths, napkins, portieres), natural linen, cotton and chintz are used.

  • Accessories . There are many, and they are diverse. You can safely decorate any room with flowers and all sorts of elegant things: porcelain trinkets, decorative plates, figurines, photographs and watercolors in intricate frames.

  • Forged products . The decor in the style of Provence does not hurt at all one or more openwork forged parts - a candlestick, a mirror frame, a fireplace grill or a chandelier.

About the interior in Provence style in the following video:

Classic (noble nest)

For obvious reasons, this style is quite widespread in Russia. The timeless classics of the family estate are valued more and more each year. The style of the interior is sustained, characterized by the following techniques:

  • Walls . They can be left in their natural form, plastered or sheathed with a cloth. Wooden walls require aging. Skillfully aged surfaces look noble and create the necessary surroundings in the room.

  • Furniture . Used vintage or those looking interior: chairs and tables with curved legs, certainly leather sofas and armchairs, antique-looking headsets, desks and dressers. Fittings should not stand out from the general style - the keyholes and handles are covered with gilding and decorated with curly elements.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Nobleman style, bedroom
  • Fabric . The style generally allows a large number of draperies and other textiles using satin and velvet fabrics.

  • Accessories . Crystal chandeliers, stylized candelabra with candlesticks, bas-reliefs, mirrors, landscapes and portraits in gilded frames will do.

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Other styles

There are other equally popular ways of designing a room in a wooden house; popular options include:

  • Country . The design largely echoes the style decisions of the chalet - the same natural palette, ceiling beams, fireplace, practical furniture, coziness and comfort. However, the country is in many ways similar to the Provence: an abundance of textiles, hand-made embroidery and forged chandeliers. Country's own zest is a diverse hand-made, from pieces of furniture to wicker napkins. Dilution of the main palette with bright, rich colors gives style a sincerity and comfort.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

Harmony of country life in a country living room
  • Canadian style . In fact, the name refers more to the frame-timbered technology of wall construction. It originated in medieval Europe, where it was called half-timbered: the basis is a rigid frame of logs and beams, the gaps are filled with any method and material. The interior design of a frame log house is in many ways echoing the styles of a chalet or country - all natural materials are appropriate, nice furniture and handmade textiles.

  • English style . It is easy to reproduce, watching one of the films about Sherlock Holmes. The interior is elegantly emphasized, with the use of valuable types of wood (walnut, oak, yew, mahogany) or their imitation. The design often applies the rule of contrast - if the floor and ceiling are dark, then light shades are chosen for the walls, often they are plastered with wallpaper with floral designs. The English-style room will be decorated with a fireplace with a shelf for trinkets, a massive, rounded sofa with many pillows, a rocking chair, carved shelves and many photographs and paintings on the walls.

The interior of the wooden house inside: photo and video ideas

English style in a wooden country house
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There are many ideas that can make a stylish interior for any wooden house. Each owner of a log or log house wants that the living room, bedrooms and other rooms not only become beautiful and comfortable, but also preserve the natural charm of natural wood. In this case, the help of a professional designer may be useful.

The author's design of a wooden house takes into account both the wishes of the owners and the fashion trends of recent years; the result will be an interior that will appeal to all family members. The cost of the design project (with implementation) is influenced by the choice of style and finishing materials, as well as the area of ​​the house. The more metric area of ​​the projected space, the lower the total cost.

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