Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Roofing ondulin attracts owners of country houses for many reasons. This article describes the features, advantages and disadvantages of the material. You will get acquainted with the stages and subtleties of laying ondulinov sheets; You will learn what influences the cost of installing a roof from ondulin, and what the average prices for basic works look like.

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Attic roof under ondulin

About the ondulin properties

About half a century ago, the French company Onduline began production of a new roofing material, now known to the Russian consumer as ondulin or euroslate. With a classic slate, only its external form is related; Modern ondulin is a high-tech material with the following attractive properties:

  • Material . The basis is a polymer canvas, cellulose (cardboard) or fiberglass. At high temperature, the base is impregnated with a mixture, which includes: purified bitumen, thermal and moisture resistant binder based on industrial resins, mineral coloring pigment. Then the blank is pressed, due to which it acquires a stable corrugated (wavy) shape.

  • Durability . The term of operation with proper installation is 20-25 years (of which 10-15 years is the warranty period).

  • Affordable cost . If you are going to cover the roof with Ondulin, the price of work per square meter will not become an undue burden on the family budget.

  • Environmental friendliness . Does not contain hazardous to health and environmental additives (for example, asbestos, like slate).

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Euro-slate species
  • Quick installation . The effect is achieved due to the low weight (the sheet weighs about 6 kg) and the large area of ​​the sheets (about 2 m 2 ). Allowed to carry out installation of the coating on top of the old roof.

  • Stability . The coating is suitable for use in Russian climatic conditions. It demonstrates the preservation of properties in a wide temperature range, biological stability (does not rot under the action of moisture) and high-quality sound insulation.

In addition to the obvious advantages, the ondulin roof has the following disadvantages:

  • Flammability . In order to minimize this property, the material at the manufacturing stage is processed with a flame retardant.

  • The need for high-quality crates . Installation errors of the batten can cause damage to the roof during a snowy winter.

  • Roof maintenance . Under the influence of solar ultraviolet, Ondulin fades over time, but the color can be restored - there are special paints that are applied to the surface from a sprayer.

  • Difficulty in servicing . Onduline roofing needs periodic cleaning. In order not to damage the soft surface, even before installation, you should consider safe access to the roof.

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Ondulin can withstand significant snow loads

On the features and installation procedure of an Ondulin roof

Having learned how much it costs to cover the roof with ondulin, it is useful to get acquainted with the nuances of arranging a soft roof. Euroslate is deservedly considered one of the most convenient and unpretentious materials in work. However, in order for the result to be of high quality, it is necessary to take into account its features and comply with the technology. When laying follow the following rules:

  • Installation of the roof with a slope of less than 10 ° . Minor roofing slope automatically means the need to arrange a continuous crates. This design will require a trim board or sheets of moisture-resistant plywood. Ondulin fits with a maximum overlap (0.3 m in height and two waves in width).

  • The slope is 10-15 ° . The average slope of the roofing structure sets the crate step in 40-45 cm; the overlap of ondulin is one wave.

  • The slope angle exceeds 15 ° . The construction step is increased to 55-60 cm, the sheets are stacked with one lap overlap.

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Installation over the old coating
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  • Installation conditions . In order to preserve the properties of the coating, installation is strongly recommended to be carried out in an average temperature range (from 0 to + 30 ° C). Deviation from the rule can lead to trouble. In the cold, ondulin becomes fragile and there are problems with high-quality fixation; In the hot season, deformation may occur on the material.

Roofing works go through the following stages:

  • Preliminary . The necessary work and deadlines are determined, an estimate is prepared and agreed, an agreement is signed with the customer.At this stage, you agree on the cost of laying ondulin on the roof and other installation work.

  • Preparatory . Construction equipment and materials are delivered to the construction site. If necessary (if stipulated by the contract), the old coating and crates are dismantled.

  • Installation work . A new trussing system is being built, a waterproofing membrane is being laid. Installation of ondulin sheets is carried out taking into account the slope of the roof structure.

On laying ondulin over the old roof in the following video:

  • Completion . Construction waste is imported from the construction site. The object is handed over to the customer, the act of completed work is signed.

Onduline roof: what is the cost of

The cost of the roof arrangement is made up of two main expense items - the price of roofing material and the price of work. Covering the roof of the house with ondulin is one of the most cost-effective options for arranging the roof. At the same time, the material has some peculiarities, therefore, they try to entrust installation to professional roofers. The total cost of an ondulin roof is influenced by the following factors:

  • Roof geometry . The installation of a single-sided construction with its simplified truss system will be the cheapest. The most labor-intensive are multi-pinch and tent structures. Additional time is spent on cutting the sheets to the desired shape and installation of additional elements; such types of roofing will be the most expensive in production.

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Complex geometry increases the cost of
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service reconstruction and reconstruction of houses. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.
  • Roof area . Organizations that are professionally involved in roofing work, practice the following rule: the cost of installation decreases with an increase in the volume of work (meaning installation of one square). For example, a roof in a bath will cost a lot less than a roof of a country estate, but the cost per square meter of roofing on a house will always be lower.

  • Distance to the construction site . The cost of roofing may be affected by the removal of the object. Additional funds will be required for the transportation of the brigade, the delivery of construction workers and forests.

  • Additional Works . You may need to dismantle and remove the old roof, installation of the truss system. It will increase the budget, but in the end it will still be cheaper to include additional options: installation of floor beams, filing of overhangs, insulation, drainage and chimney installation. The installation of roof windows will be a technologically correct solution.

About what to look for when taking the roof in the following video:

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The cost of installing an ondulin roof

Addressing private roofers may help you save a certain amount. At the same time, the savings are accompanied by a real risk - a private team of amateur roofers in most cases does not guarantee their work, and, consequently, the lifespan of the ondulin roof. This approach affects the well-being of people living in the house. It is more expedient to contact the organization with a wide range of expertise, whose specialists have the following skills at a professional level:

  • Familiar with ondulin and laying rules and will not learn from your roof.

  • Can equip high-quality crate (taking into account the geometry of the roof).

  • Know the waterproofing and insulation techniques of the roofing space, can organize high-quality ventilation.

  • Provided with all the necessary tools and scaffolding; the installation will go without delay, strictly according to the plan approved by you.

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

The result depends on the professional skills
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Advantages of working with a profile company means that you will be able to agree on an estimate and will know exactly how much it costs to cover the roof with ondulin. The average price per square meter in Moscow and the region is as follows (for m 2 , roof complexity factor 1):

  • Dismantling the truss system . From 200-260 rubles.

  • Dismantling of drains . From 100-120 rubles. / m p.

  • Installation of the truss system . From 350-400 rubles.

  • Installation of vapor barrier . From 90-100 rubles.

  • Laying thermal insulation (thickness 200 mm). From 100-130 rubles.

  • Laying water protection . From 100 rub.

  • Installation of the counter-lattice (from a bar). From 90-100 rubles.

  • Impregnation of parts of construction with antiseptic . From 40-60 rubles. /P. m.

  • Installation ondulin . From 200-250 rubles.

  • Installation of ondulinovaya roof with shaped elements (endy, skates). From 250-280 rubles.

  • Device adjoining walls and pipes . From 160 rub. /P. m.

  • Drying the base of the roof with a gas burner. From 40-50 rubles.

  • Cornice filing . From 200-230 rubles. /P. m.

  • Installation of gutters with accessories. From 170-180 rubles. /P. m.

Roof with Ondulin price per square meter and what affects the cost

Attic fragment with window
  • Device snow clamps . From 350 rub. /P. m.

  • Arrangement attic window . From 3300-3500 rub.

  • Turnkey roofing without materials . From 1300-1400 rub.

  • Turnkey roofing with materials (the price usually includes installation of the roof system, roofing pie, finishing covering with additional parts, water drains). From 2400-2600 rub.

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Light undular undular sheets can be laid on curved surfaces (if the radius of curvature exceeds 5 m), which greatly expands their use. The material, sawn into strips, allows you to create a tile effect. Whichever way the ondulin sheets are laid, the roof covering needs a routine inspection, which is most conveniently carried out annually, immediately after the snow melts. Minor damage is allowed to seal with sealant or repair tape, and the installation site must be cleaned and degreased. A large defect area requires the replacement of the entire sheet.

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