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Modern summerhouse gazebos are less and less reminiscent of classical buildings that were erected in suburban areas two or three decades ago - simple designs with a wooden table and benches around it. Today, the construction of arbors is increasingly related to art. Designers do not stint ideas and offer all sorts of decorating, from classic to modern. Tastefully decorated pavilion in Provence or Chalet style, Russian or Oriental, becomes a favorite vacation spot for the owners and their guests.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

For the gazebo, select the most comfortable place

About choosing the style

After completing the construction of the house one of the first buildings arising on the backyard turns out to be a gazebo. Although it is an independent design, specialists in design and landscape design advise choosing a style for it that fits with the style of the main building. The successful combination of buildings creates a favorable impression of the entire site, the rest in such a place will be truly comfortable and complete.

In addition to the choice of style, the owners have to decide a few more questions on the arrangement of the gazebo: choose a location, determine the shape and size (including details such as cladding and roofing), consider the landscape design around the building. Prior to the beginning of the design, it is determined whether the gazebo will be open, designed for summer holidays, or closed, where you can spend time in the winter. Very often, the gazebo plays the role of a central element of the garden, therefore, no matter what option is chosen, close attention should be paid to style.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

The thoughtful proportions of the building fit perfectly into the landscape

Country style gaze

The name of the style is borrowed from English , and in translation it means nothing more than "village". The style includes many directions, and the arbor can look completely different, depending on what color of culture was taken as a sample. In the suburban areas there are gazebos resembling a Russian izba, an English cottage, a tropical bungalow or an American ranch. The main feature uniting all these various structures is the recreation of rural comfort. At registration of an arbor in style of a country various methods are used:

  • Choice of natural materials . Natural materials are welcome: wood in any form (board, bar, rounded log) and stone. It is worth avoiding the use of plastic, linoleum and other factory products. Glass and chrome elements are used sparingly, but forging and objects made of bronze or old metal will be very appropriate.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

A popular option for a serene summer holiday in the English style
  • Selection of furniture . Furniture is selected on the principle of simplicity and convenience. Neat wicker and wooden objects, possibly with forging elements, will look good in a country arbor.

  • The placement of accents . The comfort will help to create woolen bedspreads, curtains of coarse textiles, bright sofa cushions and plants - both fresh flowers and dried compositions. Optional, but highly desirable details will be the old lamps, suitable for the style of dishes and a fireplace.

  • Environment selection . To rest in an open gazebo was truly comfortable, around the planted ornamental shrubs; This may be lilac, wild rose, viburnum or more practical barberry and currant.

  • Use of style nuances . Gazebos in the Russian style resemble a chamber and are often erected from a rounded or unprocessed log. A gazebo in the Scandinavian style is recognizable by the simplified form and use of a bar. For the arbor in the Mediterranean (Italian style) is characterized by the use of openwork lattices, which is little functional, but certainly beautiful. To recreate the German style build half-timbered fencing of massive boards, mounted crosswise.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Country style interior

Provence style gaze

A popular variety of country-style, reproducing the rural life of the French countryside. This style, based on the use of modest, worn and long-used items, echoes the retro style of the Soviet dachas of the last century and does not require significant costs. The style of Provence is characterized by the following features:

  • Construction . Most often, you can see the structure on the frame of timber, sheathed with boards or clapboard, painted in pastel colors.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Photos of a country arbor in Provence style
  • Modest color palette . Provence style is the dominance of pale, faded colors. To recreate the style choose beige, sand, cream, light brown and pale green shades.Looks good colors of faded rose and lavender.

  • Provincial decor . It is expressed in deliberate simplicity. If it is a floor, it is made of rough boards, the ceiling is carelessly whitewashed, the walls are lined with natural stone. If a gazebo of a closed type is being built, it can be decorated with beautiful trellised windows.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

A cozy gazebo in Provence style: modest and elegant
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  • Furniture . The main criterion is convenience and space in the arrangement. Ideal fit restored, wicker or wood, chairs, table and sofa. A charming addition will be resistant chairs with a metal frame; it’s good if the furniture is

  • Textile . A closed gazebo is decorated with light (often lace or linen) curtains. The indispensable components of the decor are embroidered napkins of delicate shades and a cotton tablecloth with edging, lace and floral pattern.

  • Details . You can safely decorate the interior with cute trinkets: statuettes, candlesticks, ceramic plates and vases that will look great on the shelves. The atmosphere emphasized vintage round the clock.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Provence in the interpretation of the Italian designer
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Arbor in Russian style

Such a design can be a great addition to a country house. It is characterized by the abundance of wood in the decoration and the use of traditional peasant household items in the interior. For the Russian style in the design of the arbor, the following elements are characteristic:

  • Construction . Spacious, able to receive a lot of guests. The material is timber and log (sometimes chopped). The structure is decorated with carvings and paintings on wood. As a roof use natural or soft tile.

  • Oven (as well as barbecue or barbecue). Key detail in any interior.

  • Furniture . Arbor in the Russian style furnish benches and a simple board table (possible with the effect of aging); and a massive chest.

  • Clearance Details . An ancient samovar, a birch bark box and dishes with traditional painting (Khokhloma or Gzhel) perfectly fit into the image. If the benches are replaced by carved chairs, bowls by porcelain, and the stove is tiled with tiles, then you will get another, more luxurious version of the Russian style, the nobility.

  • Environment . Near the building planted apple tree, birch, herringbone; raspberry or currant bushes will look good.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Classic project in Russian style

Gazebo in nautical style

Marine theme is a popular design option for garden buildings. The nautical gazebo includes the following features:

  • A light, open construction with a wooden railing and a floor paved with shell rock or tiles. The walls are translucent curtains (for example, from organza) and a net. For the roof fit soft tile or natural materials - reed or straw.

  • Classic "sea" color combinations . The basis is taken blue and white tones; they are complemented by red, beige and yellow.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Marine style gaze
  • Themed furniture . It can be wicker chairs with bright cushions and a light wood table. In the corner hang a hammock, put a rocking chair and a stylish chest decorated with genuine leather and metal rivets.

  • Marine attributes . As elements of marine life, windows-portholes, marine navigation devices (you can do with a barometer) on the walls, ropes connected to sea nodes will suit.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

The marine style is emphasized by the choice of color and accessories
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Scandinavian style gaze

The basis for the design of such a building is conciseness and functionality . Arbor fits harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, and for its construction using natural materials: stone and wood (as a rule, solid or glued timber ). Preference is given to closed projects, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your holiday at any time of the year.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Scandinavian style gaze

The interior uses light and bright shades, as opposed to the long and harsh winters of Northern Europe. Inside you can meet the hearth, wide benches, containers and comfortable roomy chairs.No less popular element of the Scandinavian arbor - wicker furniture.

About the construction of a Scandinavian-style gazebo in the following video:

High-tech arbor

This style is in design Garden buildings appeared recently, but has already found its loyal fans. Many find it hard to imagine how to combine comfort and the cold perfection of modern technology, but designers offer a stylish solution to the problem. To design a high-tech gazebo, use the following principles:

  • Functionality of the design . The building should be spacious and have a strict shape and a simple, elegant form.

  • Using modern building materials . For construction choose glass, metal, concrete, precious woods. Allowed to use stone, polymers and bricks.

  • Minimum decorative load . Making a high-tech gazebo, choose black, white and gray, which can be diluted with small accents of pure and saturated shades (red, purple, blue).

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Conciseness and functionality of the high-tech gazebo
  • Adding Highlight . Innovative design emphasizes the use of various built-in lamps and lanterns attached to the walls and ceiling. The highlight of the decor will be LED lamps (spot and in the form of ribbons) with flicker mode, making the gazebo the perfect place for a noisy party. Such illumination can be organized from solar panels placed on the roof.

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Chalet style gaze

Romantic design option designed to reproduce traditional alpine accommodation. The design of such buildings originates from the medieval herding huts and certainly includes the following details:

  • Natural materials . In the Alps, it was only possible to find stone and wood, therefore the construction of a gazebo-chalet is limited to these materials. Metal and plastic trim elements are completely excluded.

  • Characteristic roof . For gazebos, chalets erect sloping, dvuh-and chetyrehskatnye roofs with strongly protruding overhangs. In winter, such a roof accumulates snow and helps to keep warm in closed buildings.

About the intricacies of building a Chinese arbor in the following video:

  • Hard floor . It is laid out with a terrace board (decking) or tiles made of natural stone.

  • Live fire . An indispensable component of the gazebo-chalet; suitable as a traditional hearth, and modern varieties, barbecue or grill.

  • Discreet decor . The design welcomes shades of natural wood and stone: brown, white, black and gray. Interspersions of red and terracotta are not prohibited. Walls and doors can be decorated with carvings or polished, varnished or waxed. The interior will complement natural textiles, hunting accessories and simple pottery.

  • Environment . The building looks great surrounded by coniferous plants and stones; next to the alpine slide and slope covered with thick grass.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Chalet style gazebo - a union of wood and stone

Gazebos in oriental style, Arabic and Asian (Chinese and Japanese)

Oriental-style buildings are ideal for a comfortable stay in nature. They fit perfectly into the landscape, have light shapes and set up a quiet and leisurely rest with conversations and tea parties. To decorate a gazebo in Arabic style, it is necessary to reproduce the characteristic features of the style, including:

  • Features of the design . The style originated in a hot climate, so the project provides for open space, a high ceiling and recognizable arches of pointed or horseshoe shape. The roof is made multi-level, the ceiling is painted with traditional ornament.

  • Features of the decor . Forged items will be appropriate with a dense and thick pattern of Arabic tie.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Oriental-style Gazebo
  • Interior Features . Luxury is the main principle of the Arabic style. To achieve the goal, everything is suitable: expensive textiles (including silk and brocade), carpets on elegant sofas, a lot of soft pillows, forged candlesticks and floor lamps. In the design you can safely use the bright, flashy colors: turquoise, purple, emerald, red.

To decorate an arbor in an Asian style, use such techniques:

  • Design a traditional roof . Authentic Chinese or Japanese roof is a complex structure, curved and multi-tiered, so you can limit yourself to a simplified pointed roof with a high ceiling.

  • Choose natural materials for finishing . Asian arbors are widely used woodcarving, varnishing and inlay. The more ornaments and intricate ornaments, the better for reproducing Chinese style. Japanese gazebos look more restrained and elegant.

Provence, high-tech, Scandinavian, marine, design options, design ideas, photos

Attention to detail is an important part of Japanese style
  • Choose authentic accessories and furniture . Bamboo or rattan furniture and traditional lamps are useful for decoration, the floor is covered with natural fiber mats. For Japanese arbors a discreet color scheme is selected, for Chinese buildings - colorful and cheerful.

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A standard project is not suitable for those who want to make their homestead land an original and immaculate place. To the aid may come construction companies offering design services and the construction of pavilions. A professionally designed gazebo will be designed in the same style as other buildings, occupy the optimal place and have all the necessary amenities (including a fireplace, lighting and plumbing).

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