Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

The price of the ridge on the roof made of corrugated board, the quality of the ridge and the simplicity of the construction work are related things. After reading this article, you will learn how much a horse costs on the roof and how to choose it correctly.

Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

Roofing ridge

Kinds of skates on the roof of corrugated

The roof is a rather complicated structure, it consists of Many components, one of which is the horse - this node performs many important functions. To operate the roof without a ridge - for an experienced builder means the same thing, for a professional mechanic would mean to go into a snowstorm by car without a roof.

Before you buy a roof ridge, you should become familiar with its types, shapes and varieties. The price of the roof ridge is also an important detail that should not be missed.

There are several types of ridge elements available for corrugated flooring:

Triangular type ridges

In other words, this is a corner whose edges are rolled. They are made of galvanized steel and are the most common. The price of a galvanized ridge on the roof of a triangular shape is the lowest, since in the production of such products, the costs are minimal. The average price of such skates is 150-200 rubles. for 1 copy, having dimensions 15x140x140x15.

Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

Triangular type skates are the cheapest

Flat skates

They are also called curly and ventilated. The peculiarity of these skates is that they also represent a corner of galvanized steel, but instead of a strict face, in its top the product is made in the shape of the letter ā€œPā€.

Their unique and simple form creates additional air circulation, a sort of ventilated pocket. In addition, these skates are often chosen because of their appearance, they seem more attractive, and the flat edge does not look so trite.

If you want to buy a flat ridge for the roof, remember that their price is on average 20-80% higher than the cost of the triangular elements. The average price of such skates leaves 200-350 rubles. per meter (the exact cost depends on the width).

Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

Flat ridge

Round or arched skates

Roofing elements of this type have become especially popular recently However, it should be understood: to buy a horse of this type on the roof means to choose the most expensive option. However, manufacturers of round skates for roofing insist that the ventilation properties of such products are the best. Practice shows that this is true. It is necessary to use such skates first of all in those cases when the roof is covered with wave professional sheets. Their price ranges from 200 to 500 rubles. per meter, depending on the quality of the polymer coating.

Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

Arch type ridge
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Let's look at what materials the manufacturer uses in the manufacture of the ridge and which ones will be the most optimal for you.

Choosing a ridge for a professional flooring: materials and sizes

In the process of making skates for a professional flooring, the same material is used - galvanized steel. If price plays the primary role, then you can choose the simplest type - triangular galvanized steel skates without treatment. The cost of such skates is commensurate with the cost of galvanized sheet steel and is 80-100 rubles. for one product. However, practice shows that without additional protective layers, the ridge very quickly fails: rust, corrosion, and brittleness.

Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

The skate for professional flooring is made of galvanized steel

The most correct from a practical point of view is the choice of a ridge coated with a polymer layer of protection. You can choose a product with a polymer coating, or coated with paint. It should be understood that the cost of painted skates is one and a half times higher than simply galvanized, however, looking at the situation in perspective, given the repair and replacement in the future, it is obvious that skates with protection are cheaper at times. This is a reliable protection of the roof from rain, snow, hail and other troubles.

Roofing skates on the roof of corrugated - which can be bought in Moscow

Enameled skates for professional flooring

To make the calculation a success, you should know the dimensions of the ridge for professional flooring. A variety of sizes - very large. Standard can be considered the length of 2m. or 3 m., however, the width can be any. All possible widths from 120 mm are presented on the building materials market. up to 300 mm. The most popular is the ridge for professional flooring 200 mm wide. Wider elements may seem too large and massive.

From the video you can learn about the features of mounting the skate:

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Remember, no matter what horse you choose, not a single variety of these roofing products is completely sealed. Moisture, snow and drops in one way or another will tend to penetrate the ridge and leak through the roof. To avoid this, a seal should always be laid under the ridge, for example, from foamed polyurethane foam. In the roofing work there are many nuances and it is better if the installation will be engaged in professionals.

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