projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

Uncommon one-story log houses attract with their magnificent performance and substantial practicality: they are comfortable, eco-friendly, have a unique microclimate, useful for health. A well-designed project will be the basis for building a dream estate: aesthetic, spacious, comfortable.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

The goal for people tired of city life is a large house with several bedrooms and its own descent to the water. The highlight of the project is an attached terrace with a water view

Basic design principles

The team, led by an experienced architect, takes into account factors in the aggregate :

  • soil specificity at the customer’s site, especially the location of aquifers;

  • priority foundation type in accordance with the information obtained in the study area;

  • the need of combining engineering networks with utility rooms in such a way as to rationalize the number of branches pipelines for water supply and sewage;

  • placement of residential areas on the west or north side - they are least in need of natural light, while the kitchen is best equipped on east or overlooking the southern part of the local area.

Projects should be designed in such a way that the living rooms and rooms for household purposes are located in different parts of the cottage.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

Regardless of location, the manor should be of good quality and very warm.

Errors that are common in typical projects

The main requirements for a log house are high heat retention rates and structural reliability. If we allow a disproportionate subsidence of raw materials during drying, the house will skew, the joints and insulation will be broken.

The absence of ventilation holes in the foundation is fraught with serious troubles in the form of the occurrence of putrefactive processes, wood damage by fungus and mold. Products should be placed above the standard level of snow for this area, they are additionally reinforced with gratings.

Pine or larch baseboards should be present in projects of one-story log houses. They prevent the bottom row from getting wet, make it easier to replace.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

If you want to introduce large windows, you will have to make additional measures for thermal insulation in the plan and choose the most reinforced double-glazed windows

Signs of a well-designed project

Professional calculations allow you to get a house that embodies a closed system - the rational use of resources and energy for heating and maintenance of the entire complex. Specialists are implementing the most simple, efficient system of utilities with a lightweight configuration of the elements of water supply and sewage.

When drafting a project, the strengths of the material are taken into account: the log is used in such a way that the structure will last more than half a century without significant repairs - adjusting the box, installing a new lower rim, raising a log house. In addition, the building plan is drafted in such a way as to make minimal use of the finishing from other materials - the goal is to preserve the beauty and texture of wood in the exterior and interior as much as possible.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

The memorable look of the old-fashioned hut is explained by the color of the wood and the specifics of the entrance area

Which is better: build it yourself or order at professionals

Self-construction, at first glance, seems like a rational decision: you don’t have to pay for third-party services, you can do the work slowly, and you can buy materials at a discount with your own hands. But such savings will obviously go sideways - projects that are publicly available are notable for inaccurate details, and the lack of skills will negatively affect the quality and safety of operation. Even a hired team can not guarantee compliance with technological standards and the convenience of living in the future.

The only right approach with a limited budget is to contact a company that performs turnkey construction. If typical projects are not satisfied, the client will be offered individual planning based on the given financial framework.

Video with a 3D project of a house from a rounded log

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of one-storey houses from a log from construction companies, presented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

Recommendations for choosing a project for a single-story house

A small family of 3-4 people will be comfortable in a compact dwelling with an area of ​​65-70 m². Such projects include a spacious living room, often with a full-fledged hall, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a bathroom, and a comfortable kitchen.In modern solutions, the terrace is considered an integral component; if desired, it can be replaced by a practical veranda or an open patio.

Families with children and elderly parents choose single-story log buildings not only for the sake of natural material: safety and convenience due to the lack of stairs come to the fore. In this case, the priority of the house with an area of ​​at least 100-150 m². Projects with an attic significantly increase the potential of the estate, the square can be divided into 2-3 bedrooms, a dining room, combined with a kitchen, a study, a living room, a bathroom.

One-storey Finnish log houses cause big agiotage - they are maximally adapted to the stable cold Russian climate. The special scheme of the assembly of the frame becomes the key to comprehensive thermal insulation, masking the technical components of the design provides a neat, aesthetic appearance.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

An authentic building designed according to the Finnish construction principles - minimalism, practicality, protection from the cold

Building technology from Rounded logs

The calculations are based on the technical parameters of the material - diameter, period and geographical area of ​​the workpiece, geometry, presence of cracks and inclusions. Specialists must take into account the quality of the surface and the color of the log, the degree of processing, the profile and storage conditions.

Construction is carried out in several stages:

  • Laying of the foundation . Usually, the tape is used; its height must be at least 40-50 cm in order to protect the lower rim (encircling the log row constituting the structure perimeter) from contact with melt water and atmospheric manifestations. Install outflow, protecting from water.

  • Laying crowns . Installation work is preceded by careful processing of raw materials with antiseptic. For the first row, a high density material is used, for example, larch, followed by base wood. The joint can be longitudinal and angular. Additional fasteners - dowels - are blanks of wood, they are installed in the holes drilled in the logs.

  • Installation of vertical structures - columns, pillars.

  • Warming of the log house .

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

The more complex the project, the more it will cause financial and labor costs. This solution with an attached recreation area requires the arrangement of additional roofing structures
  • Forming a roof on the basis of the roof system.

  • Installation of blocks for openings - door and window. This stage is started after shrinkage at home.

Experts necessarily monitor the shrinkage of the structure - adjust vertical structures, slowly warm the building to ensure uniformity of the process, caulk the gaps. Further, in the turnkey projects comes the stage of interior work - polishing the surface, lay the communication. The final stage is the facade and interior.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building houses from a log. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Overview of original projects

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

A small cottage - a good solution for a seasonal holiday in a country plot

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

Extensive estate with many rooms and combined utility rooms

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

An economical solution - a house for 2 living rooms with a terrace
It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about houses from a rounded log.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

Spacious dwelling for a large family with a comfortable summer terrace

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

One-story house with an asymmetrical roof and a narrow porch

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

A miniature cottage, made in the style of a forest hut

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

Solid country house with a full-fledged living room in front of

projects for construction, prices in Moscow, photo

Magnificent design of a log house with large windows, two entrances and access to the river bank

A few more projects of houses from a rounded log look in the video:

Pricing horizons

Price of wood of the house "turnkey" is determined not only the area of ​​housing, but also the specific features of the project - techniques involved, finishing materials, the number of function rooms.

If we consider the standard positions for Moscow, the buildings of a log with an area of ​​40 m² and more cost from 420 thousand rubles. Full estates of 110 m² are sold with a price tag of 1,400,000 rubles. A large one-story house of a 250 m² log will cost nearly 3 million rubles.

Structures that occupy no more than 70 m² are in steady demand: prices here vary between 500-650 thousand rubles.

It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the cost of the project at home.


A single-story log house is a practical solution for country living. With proper design, such a building will turn into a cozy dwelling for a large family, who value convenience and proximity to nature.

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