selection criteria, the main features, what to look for and whom to prefer

Indeed, the right choice of a construction company is an art. As with the choice of a plastic surgeon, there are two options: you can end up with a dream realized or a big problem for many years. Therefore, you need to know the details of the process: from the decision of the need for construction - to observe the work started.

selection criteria, the main features, what to look for and whom to prefer

Building a house is a responsible process that can create problems for many years or make the dream of living outside the city

Signs of good construction companies

If the family decided to build a house, but still does not know how it wants to see it, an engineer and an architect of a construction company will come to the rescue, where the clients have come for advice. They will ask about the organization of the everyday life of the family: about how many people will live in the house, what electronic equipment they use, how they see their leisure time, about spending time together, about guests and relatives, and also about the location of the site.

It is these details that can make it clear: how many floors you need to build, whether mom and dad need different rooms, and a bath in the house, a pool, or a library. The general conclusion is an individual approach to each family, taking into account the needs of all its members, the lack of haste, the willingness to devote a lot of time to the client at the preparation stage.

"We understand that you want to make a ceiling in the form of an" impending wave, "and we can accomplish this, but this will affect the architecture of the room in the following way ..." - this is just one example, of which there are thousands. The essence remains one. The developer is not indifferent to what the housing will be on completion in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

selection criteria, the main features, what to look for and whom to prefer

A decent developer realizes any architectural imagination of the customer and truthfully tells the prospect of what it will live in the constructed house and how functional and aesthetic it will be

For example, a person wants to build a house next to another with the completion of the transition between them on the second floor. A very small percentage of construction companies will undertake such work. And the speech here is not in the absence of professionalism. If during the construction of the first house there were no engineering solutions provided for in the future to make a similar reception, the construction can hardly be made so that it is not separated by cracks from the old house.

Therefore, a good construction company will not be able to guarantee the final quality of its work, and therefore, most likely, it will not undertake. There is a risk that the reputation will “shake” along with the completed transition.

Example from life : Margarita. I had neither the time, nor the desire, nor the competence to delve into the construction business. Therefore, I turned to the most reputable construction company in the city, chose a ready-made house design for them, discussed everything with the architect, landscape designer and engineer. After signing the contract for construction at my place I was only 2 times. On the third already signed the act of acceptance of work performed. All the nuances that arose during the construction process were coordinated with me by telephone. I paid dearly, but built everything as it should. I have been living in the house for almost a year now, until I see any flaws.

selection criteria, the main features, what to look for and whom to prefer

Example of a general estimate for the construction of a frame house, where each item, stage of work contains its own detailed estimated calculation. All nuances of the construction process and additional expenses should be agreed upon.

The contract of a good construction company has a detailed estimate for each stage of work, deadlines for their implementation, prescribed penalties for failure, workers' obligation to remove the site for completion of construction from garbage .

On the site of the construction company, administrators do not remove negative comments from people who have difficulty in communicating with a representative or after receiving the finished home. The one who does nothing does not make mistakes.

Important! At the initial stage of your choice in a conversation with a company representative ask these questions: "What do you have difficulties with during the construction process?" your practice dissatisfied customers? Describe the situation. " Every construction firm has come across this. If a representative tries to conceal such information - this is an attempt to hide the incompetence and "immaturity" of the company.

Good construction firms value their work dearly, they have all the necessary tools and equipment, they do not have to be rented additionally. If the client comes with his project at home - the engineer will not have difficulty in “reading” the drawings and defining construction terms.

selection criteria, the main features, what to look for and whom to prefer

A competent civil engineer is proficient in terms of terminology and reads drawings without help from other people
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Signs of a bad construction company

Suspicions should be caused by companies that agree to take on any job that doesn’t care what it will look like in the end, promise to do everything “inexpensively”. Good contractors value their work, for the quality of which they are reputable.

Life example: Sergey . They decided to build a house with his wife in the midst of summer. It was necessary to finish everything before winter, the time was running out. They thought that competent planning was the main thing in a good house. Therefore, a lot of time with the sister-architect was given to the plan. The construction company was advised by a friend, they also erected a house outside the city. But in the process I regretted that I relied on someone else's opinion.

It was necessary to check and recheck firms yourself. My construction site was virtually ruined, and even a good project did not save. Made obscene, used the cheapest materials, saved even on the solution! Yes, I set a fairly short time. For 3 months it was necessary to build a brick house on 110 m2. but I paid for the quality! Now I am preparing documents for filing a lawsuit in court and seeking compensation.

For a detailed answer to the question of how to choose a construction company and other questions that arise when studying the issue of living outside the city and building a house, see the following video :

Another important criterion of a bad company is that representatives are not ready to open their documents and estimates to their clients for similar houses, are confused in prices and terms, or do not call specific numbers at all. Unscrupulous construction organizations constantly “feed on the promises” of customers, even if unreasonable stagnation is clearly seen on the construction site.

Expert advice ! Agree with the contractor on a daily photo report of the work done on the construction. And even better - fix this item in the contract.

We determine the status and reputation

Make sure that there are no groups in social networks on the Internet. networks or discussions on forums where people are affected by fraud by a selected construction company. Pay attention to how many years the construction company has been on the market, the number of objects that it put into operation, for the period of warranty service for the house (this should also be indicated in the contract).

Ask the representative of the company about the technologies used in the construction of houses, about the introduction of new trends and opportunities into the work. The contract should not contain ambiguous, suspicious phrases that builders can then interpret in their favor.

selection criteria, the main features, what to look for and whom to prefer

The content in the contract of phrases that are interpreted ambiguously means that subsequently builders will use the loophole in the document
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If the construction company has not yet been selected, it makes sense to look at the finished house that you like and ask the owners about who was involved in the construction (take contact of the organization), whether they are satisfied with everything in the finished building, what problems they encountered during construction and after settling. You also need to ask whether the builders met the deadline and estimate.

If the construction company has passed all the filtration stages, then during the construction process it is necessary to control the stages of building the house, the purchase of materials, and also pay attention:

  • to external type workers : on their tidiness, whether they are tired (in some cases - sober), whether there is a special work uniform, or everyone uses their old clothes for this;

  • carefully whether builders relate to finishing materials, carefully do work;

  • whether work space is organized , or chaos reigns;

  • clean whether the workers take the construction debris behind them at the end of the day.

Example from life : Yuri. My family and I actually huddled in the seasonal room next to the construction site while the hired contractor was working. The workers seemed to be normal, but all the same, from time to time it was necessary to adjust, to monitor how stage by stage is performed. I am sure that only this approach contributed to the fact that in the end we got exactly the kind of house that we wanted - in all respects.Now, I advise everyone not to lose vigilance and to “embed” as much as possible in the process. This will protect against unscrupulous companies who want to do everything as it will.

What to look for when choosing materials for a bath, see the following video:

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It depends on the choice of the construction company whether your own house, built in dreams, will become a reality. Therefore, we must not hurry and do not seek to save money as much as possible - this way you can “run into” an unscrupulous company that will turn your dream into a long-term construction project.


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