buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

The lawn roller is a special device that allows you to maintain the site in proper form. The article discusses the varieties and nuances of choosing a lawn skating rink, methods of its use, and prices. This information will help you determine the optimal model for the price-quality ratio.

buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

The roller helps to keep the lawn in order for grass, but also in various construction works. It is made from high-strength metal, has several varieties that determine its direct purpose.

Choosing the right roller

When choosing a garden roller you should pay particular attention to its characteristics. Models vary in size, weight, metal thickness, diameter, bearing type and width. Some differences may be in the handles, which are equipped with additional features. The cost of the product depends on its versatility and simplicity. You can buy the most common model at a bargain price or purchase a professional ice rink, the life of which is greatly increased due to the closed type of bearings.

When choosing a skating rink, it is necessary to take into account the volumes and type of planned work. If you need to handle large areas in the plots, then you should pay attention to those models that can be attached to work for various self-propelled devices for working in the garden. For small plantations, an inexpensive manual roller is well suited. Such models have a small weight and compact size that allows you to handle narrow passages.

buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

A small roller is suitable for a small section

One of the important indicators is the smoothness of rotation of the drum along its axis. It is necessary to give preference to models that are equipped with high-quality bearings, with protection from debris. Experts recommend choosing skating rinks equipped with unscrewed plugs. This allows you to fill in various weighting materials, for example, sand, water and some others. So increases the functionality of the device and the scope of its use.

Use of the roller

As already mentioned, a manual roller can be used in landscape design, lawn care or construction work. Its main purpose is to tamp the surface. They are used at almost every stage of growing grass cover on the site.

buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

The cylinder width of the home roller is within 50 cm
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The main application of the rollers:

  • Tamping of the soil in the area after sowing lawn seeds. This will protect the seed from birds for a uniform growth of the lawn.

  • Soil tamping after various works. The site can be imported soil for planting a lawn, it is equal to the territory, and then rammed. The soil will settle much faster and will not stand out strongly against the general background.

  • Tamping a new lawn. Often in areas fit new lawn in rolls, it also requires good tamping. So the grass cover will take root much faster.

  • Tamping of tracks on the site. Some materials that are used for arranging tracks and avenues at the site also require tamping. This is an additional protection against the formation of dirt on the territory.

The use of rollers is very simple, however, it requires certain skills and knowledge, which will allow you to get the best result as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is better to entrust all works to specialists, especially if it is necessary to carry out operations with a tender grass cover.

buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

Specialists use more sophisticated equipment

Basically, a lawn roller is used for several types of work. This may be the preparation of the base of sand or gravel for laying the track on the site. The surface is leveled and compacted for further sowing of lawn grass, in the second stage seeds are tamped. Be sure to use the roller when laying roll lawn. Also the skating rink is used when laying asphalt. The width of the tamping cylinder is determined based on the characteristics of the territory or amount of work. The width affects the one-time grip on the plot. Basically, manufacturers offer tools with a working width of 50-100 cm.

Types of rollers

In today's market, manufacturers offer several types of rollers for lawn care and construction. The roller is a fairly simple tool that includes several elements. The basis is a large cylinder with which the soil is leveled.The strong handle fastens to this cylinder.

buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

Simple manual roller scheme
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You can buy a lawn roller with the following modifications:

  • different cylinder widths;

  • different fill materials inside the cylinder;

  • the principle of control, use and functions performed;

  • different weights, width of the metal, the possibility of filling weights, and so on.

It must be remembered that the tamping efficiency completely depends on the weight of the cylinder itself. A very heavy rink will be required for dense ground, in this case the weight of the drum can reach 120 kg. If sandy soil is processed, then a model with a drum up to 50 kg can be dispensed with.

The most common models of garden rollers, which are widely used today, are the following:

  • roller for aerating the soil with special spikes on the drum;

  • mechanized tool with a filler inside, manually operated;

  • a manual or automated water-filled roller.

The simplest and most affordable option is a model that consists of a pen and a drum.

What is a lawn roller and when it is used will show the video:

Prices for rollers

You can buy a garden roller at a price of 2 thousand rubles. These are the simplest models that do not have additional features and are equipped with a smooth drum. They have a small weight (10-15 kg) and use such models only for working with lawns and for tamping of grains. More expensive models have a weight of 20 kg and they cost an average of about 5 thousand rubles. For 6-7 thousand rubles. You can buy a roller aerator with special spikes for tillage, such models also have a small weight - 10-15 kg. There are more expensive models that are considered to be professional. Their weight is more than 150 kg, and the cost is 20-25 thousand rubles.

buy cheap in Moscow, buy manual rollers for laying lawn

The professional ice rink is more complex and heavy
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A manual lawn roller is used for rolling coils, grass seed and in some construction works. The device has the simplest design, but some models are equipped with additional features and can be attached to a small self-propelled transport to work in the gardens. There are models of rollers that are used only for soil aeration. For their production uses high-quality metal, which is not afraid of the influence of moisture. It is possible to purchase such a device for garden care at a low price, but professional models are much more expensive.

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