Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

Sheet piling is used to strengthen and strengthen the slopes, pits, engineering or hydraulic structures. In fact, it is a solid artificial wall that prevents the possible displacement of the soil. It can withstand heavy loads, is not exposed to the negative effects of moisture, temperature extremes, and so on. It is widely used near various water areas to protect against flooding of buildings.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

If it is necessary to dig a trench on unstable soils, the sheet piling will protect against possible soil displacement

What is the fence used for

In the process of erecting buildings on uneven or unstable soils, a collapse of the slope or walls of the excavation, soil movement, and penetration of groundwater to the construction site can occur, which can damage adjacent buildings. To secure workers, equipment and construction site fencing of the tongue is used. They are irreplaceable in cases when it is necessary to strengthen the soil, especially near any water bodies, in order to protect objects from the following situations:

  • erosion of banks;

  • swabs and collapse of rocks;

  • silting and shallowing;

  • collapse coastal slope.

  • to provide protection against ground movements .

All such phenomena can be prevented in advance and protected by various structures using dowels. This technology is considered one of the best because of its simplicity and efficiency. The installation of tongues takes a minimum of time, and the fence itself is distinguished by high efficiency, durability, resistance to any type of load (stretching, bending, statistics). The cost of building a wall is lower than using, for example, bored piles. Sheet pads are reusable, can be dismantled and used on other objects, which makes them cost-effective.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

Dowels are made of high strength metal and can be used many times


Dowels is the most effective , prefabricated and cost-effective fencing, so this design is used everywhere. It can be a sheet piling of the excavation, which allows you to create waterproof and completely sealed walls. It can be used to strengthen the access roads to the suburban area, embankments, slopes. It is widely used as a strengthening and arrangement of embankments and coastlines.

Often the fence is used for arranging hydraulic objects. In certain cases, it is used for high-quality protection of communications. With it, you can equip landfill fences, sewage collectors and so on.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

During construction work near water, there is often no alternative to the dowels
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Fencing device from dowels

Fencing is a separate elements (sheet piles) that are assembled into one design. From the sides of all elements there are grooves that allow you to easily and quickly connect them into one design.

Piles can be made of various materials that differ in durability and characteristics:

  • Plastic . They are made of composites and PVC, reusable, but in most cases are installed as permanent elements of the fencing of coastal objects. They are considered inexpensive, but are not very durable.

  • Reinforced concrete . Installs only once. Differ in energy-intensive installation, not profitable dismantling. Can be used as an additional foundation strengthening.

  • Wooden . Inexpensive, but impractical option. Over time, rot due to the influence of moisture, are used only once. Can not be used as a reinforcing frame foundation.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

Sheet piling can be made of different materials, but not all of them can be beneficial for use
  • Metallic . The most economical, durable, versatile and functional option. Produced from alloyed or high carbon steels. Reusable, easy to install, lightweight, compact, high on static loads, high strength.

In most cases, a profile tongue is used, but there is also a tubular metal. It is a thick-walled pipes with a large cross-section, which are hollow inside. They have a high bearing capacity and are very stable. Applied on unstable soils, where there are strong loads on the structure.Can be combined with a profile tongue for maximum reinforcement of areas.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

Installation of a sheet piling of pipes
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Fencing technology

The construction of a sheet piling occurs using the same technology. The process of immersion and the construction of the necessary wall is carried out in accordance with the calculations, which are indicated in the relevant project. The project itself is prescribed method of attachment, the depth of the fence and the type of dowel. Before the design calculations, a hydrotechnical evaluation of the soil is necessarily carried out.

Installation is carried out according to the following principle:

  • marking and further installation of special guides;

  • equipment is delivered, drilling may be required;

  • elements are immersed in the ground, installed in their places;

  • fastening according to the prepared project.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

The installation of a sheet piling is more often carried out with the help of special equipment

Piles can be immersed by several methods. One option is indentation special settings. In another case, vibratory pile drivers are used. A hydraulic hammer can also be used. Driving is considered the cheapest way to dive, but it has negative sides - ground movement, damage to structures located close to it. Therefore, it is not suitable for use near industrial complexes or in cities. The most delicate way is the indentation, can be used in conditions of dense building. Vibration immersion is suitable for soft soils, it can be used almost everywhere, it differs in performance.

This video shows how sheet pile installation is performed using the vibratory immersion method:

For installation of piles, specialized equipment and equipment are used that can be used even on small objects. The minimization of the load on the soil and the simplification of pile driving are performed using auxiliary technologies, for example, leader drilling. It is also possible to simplify workflows by means of a wash with the use of hydraulic equipment. In some cases, a combined dive is used. Often when arranging the pits used zabrika of boards, which later acts as a formwork for concreting. An edging board or a steel sheet is used for the zabirki; when using on soils with a large amount of groundwater, you need to take extra care of wastewater.

In some cases, it may be necessary to reinforce the finished wall. To do this, they can install diagonal struts that support the piles, while they themselves rest on the foundation slab or the bottom of the excavation. In other cases, the use of spacers in the form of horizontal beams is necessary; they rest against the walls and do not allow it to overturn. Sometimes the best solution is to use a distribution belt - these are horizontal beams, attached to the grooves around the perimeter, reinforce the wall and distribute the load.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

Sheet piling, if necessary, is reinforced with additional beams and struts
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Mounting technology

There are practically no differences between vibration and impact immersion technology. The only difference is the features of the operation of attachments. Sling and sequence are absolutely identical.

Installation of fencing takes place according to the following technology :

  • material is delivered to the object;

  • with a crane, tongue is distributed around the perimeter of the building object;

  • contour marking is carried out, piling equipment is used;

  • slinging and moving the tongue to the place of installation;

  • on the dowel , the headpiece is mounted on the plunger ;

  • tongue vertically aligned , guided diving is performed;

  • slinging is dismantled, the tongue is immersed to the depth specified in the project.

Thus, each dowel is immersed. The robot is held until such time as a closed fence around the perimeter of the pit is received.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

When all the dowels are buried in the ground, you can start digging the pit without fear of its walls collapsing

Calculations and cost of the fence

Calculations are required to determine the configuration, wall size and additional reinforcement. This will achieve the necessary strength and stability of the whole structure.The calculation process takes into account the indicators of the tilting effect, the forces of the retaining walls, the coefficient of work of the structure in the soil and the reliability of the wall. The latter may have different differences depending on the type of fence and the characteristics of the soil.

In determining the strength, the resistance of the meter to the wall, the resistance of the piping, the standard resistance and the coefficient of work of the structure in the ground are taken into account. The last indicator is the stability of locks to rupture, where horizontal loads, radial force, coefficient of working conditions and standard stability of locks to rupture are taken into account (varies with the type of steel).

About the installation of a safe tongue-and-groove excavation pit:

The final cost of a pit depends on a number of important factors. First of all, the type of material used is taken into account, for example, boards, pipes, metal piles, "Larsen" tongue. The cost is also influenced by the type of equipment used (pile driver), which is used for driving the dowel. The main item of expenditure is the amount of work being done. In this case, the total cost can be increased as a result of the need to use retaining boards along the perimeter, which act as supports for strengthening the wall.

Pipes groove groove, technology, construction, prices in Moscow

Elements of a metal tongue stick together as puzzles
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Briefly about the main thing

The sheet piling is a durable and durable solution for arranging building pits and strengthening the banks near water. Such reinforcement of the walls of the pits allows them to withstand heavy loads, and the dowels themselves are not afraid of the influence of moisture, high or low temperatures. It is considered one of the most economical options, since some types of dowel can be used reusable. Also there are dowels that is installed only once. Metal, wood, plastic or reinforced concrete is used for the production of the tongue. Depending on the material used, the characteristics of the fence itself change. Before using the calculations are carried out to help achieve the best result.


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