Making the facade of a low-rise building?

The construction of the house is nearing completion, all major installation work is over and all that remains is to finish the facade, and the house will be ready. We offer you a small cheat sheet for choosing finishing materials for various types of houses.

First of all, it should be understood that construction companies distinguish up to twenty types of cladding belonging to two main groups: ventilated and non-ventilated. Which of these two groups to choose, it is necessary to decide on the basis of the material that was used for the construction of your house, and then determined with a certain type of facade decoration.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

The exhibition of houses "Low-Rise Country" presents all the popular ways of finishing facades

Finishing block-panel houses

All buildings of reinforced concrete panels, arbolitovyh and aerated concrete blocks unite one quality - ideally smooth walls, for which almost all types of facade materials are suitable. For outdoor insulation using foam from C-25 to C-35, where the numbers indicate the density of the material.

The colder the region, the thicker the foam is needed against freezing of the walls and problems with the fungus. In combination with decorative painted plaster this material allows you to create a warm and aesthetic appearance of the house.

Textured plaster by itself is a universal version of the facade finish. Especially beautiful look combinations with artificial and natural facing stone, clinker bricks, glass mosaic.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

The Versailles project from DomArt

If you want to disguise the material of the walls and drastically change the look of the house, you should pay attention to the block house. These panels create the effect of a rounded log, and it is not easy to distinguish the exterior from the real logs.

Ventilated facade systems are also used to finish the block-panel house - more complex structures that serve not only beauty, but also functionality. Such a system is a frame, plus insulation and decorative trim.

Outdoor insulation has many beneficial properties. It allows you to bring the dew point outside the structure, and thus get rid of condensation, wet walls and fungus.

Finishing of frame houses

There are several types of "skeleton": these are houses using SIP technology, panel-frame houses, LSTK. You can diversify the facade of these projects with the use of wood, panels imitating brick, siding, thermal panels, tiles, and plaster for every taste and color.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

The facade of the house "Copenhagen" from the company "MalerHouse"

Wood panels as the front material look favorably on the facades of country houses. Simple, beautiful and eco-friendly. Lining, the blockhouse already mentioned, decorative wood tiles are popular in housing construction due to their easy installation and operation, waste-free.

Thermopanels are expanded polystyrene sheets, decorated with clinker tiles. Look great on the flat walls of frame houses and serve as additional insulation.

For frame houses, as well as block-panel houses, it is easy to choose the facade. For example, there are many types of panels for plating: from metal, stone, porcelain stoneware, glass, vinyl panels, fiber cement and sandwich panels (if it is a hinged facade). Pay attention to one of the exhibitors of our exhibition, offering textured stone tiles for facing the basement - "Platform of the house."

All these materials are well combined with mineral, acrylic or silicone decorative plaster.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

The Platform House stand at the “Low-Rise Country” exhibition

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

Facade of the house "Carinthia", the company "Individual House"

Finishing of houses from a bar

Wooden houses have a special aesthetics, but also require special care. To protect the tree from the occurrence of cracks and fungus, use special protective equipment, which is a mandatory attribute of facade work. With their help, you can create an eco-friendly and natural appearance of the house without using additional finishing materials.

In addition to the natural exterior, cladding with siding and the construction of a ventilated facade with external insulation are popular. Non-ventilated facade types are best avoided.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

The exterior of the Good Wood house 10

79> 80> Important! this leads to mold. Use mineral wool as an alternative or fix insulation not on the walls, but on the sheathing.

Finishing a Log House

He who chooses a log house appreciates first of all the beauty of solid wood. The vast majority of such projects have a natural facade, painted with specialized impregnating mixtures.

The company "BIOFA", presented at the exhibition, offers for this purpose natural paints and waxes.The variation of colors for coloring the tree is large enough so that you can choose a shade or a combination of them that will emphasize the beauty of the logs.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

Project "Sunny" from the company "Dom-250"

The foundation of the house can be further revetted with stone tiles or even natural stone. All other types of facades are usually not used when it comes to manual chopping.

Finishing a half-timbered house

A half-timbered house is also a frame house with design features and turned into a separate architectural style. Traditional half-timbered has a similar recognizable style, but modern designs may look completely different.

The most spectacular façade is panoramic, insulated windows in the entire wall. Modern half-timbered house projects are faced with decorative tiles, clapboard or decorative plaster.

Making the facade of a low-rise building?

Exterior of the Peura house from the eponymous company

If the house is a traditional half-timbered house, then the wall space between the supporting frame is laid out brick, mosaic glass or simply rubbed with plaster. The basement or foundation may be lined with natural stone.

In addition to the widespread ways to give the facade an aesthetic look there are creative approaches. For example, the use of vertical artificial lawn directly on the walls or the facade of the blinds made of aluminum. A completely unique house will make an artistic mosaic or author painting.

And some more beautiful facades of houses look in the following video:

How to find out more

Visit the exhibition of country building "Low-rise country." Here are all sorts of options for homes and facades, as well as companies offering materials for cladding, insulation and exterior protection of your home. You can also see in the literal sense of the word "touch" the houses and materials used in the decoration of facades.


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