Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

If you really like wooden houses, but there are prejudices about the strength of this material, then siding under the tree will come to the rescue, with which you can finish any building. After studying the information from the article, you can get the necessary information about the advantages of siding on wood, as well as learn how its different types differ from each other.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

Example of a beautiful wood siding finish

Types of siding under the wood

A tree house has long been considered traditional Russian building. And because even the owners of brick or block structures, try to give their building a more traditional look.

It is important to note that once the owners of a wooden house will have to think about updating the appearance of the structure. For this purpose, and use masking panels.

Any house can be sheathed with high-quality facade siding under wood. This will give the structure an aesthetic appearance, but it will get rid of some of the shortcomings of natural materials, for example, rotting. Currently, wood siding is available in several varieties:

  1. Metal .

  2. Vinyl .

Outwardly, they practically do not differ from a real tree, but at the same time, in many respects, they gain from their natural counterpart.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

From the side it may seem that the house is built of ordinary wood

All siding have one common characteristic - they are very easy to maintain . But, since the two types of coating considered have non-identical characteristics, each should be studied in more detail. And on the basis of the data obtained, it will be much easier for the user to select panels for a specific case.

Vinyl siding

Examining vinyl siding in a store, you can see a cylindrical outer surface that is very similar to a regular log. Using this kind of panel, the user gets the opportunity to create an image of his house, which will look as if made of chopped wood. Moreover, such a design will fully protect the house from various weather conditions, taking effect on itself.

The main advantages of vinyl siding:

  • The material does not rot and does not change the appearance during the entire lifetime (at least 15 years), and therefore no need to spend extra money on regular surface treatment;

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

The vinyl panel will not look like a rotten wood
  • Siding under a tree for exterior finish of a house does not extend burning . If a wooden house can catch fire at an inaccurate campfire near the building, then the protective properties of the panel will save it;

  • Good resistance to mechanical damage . It is quite simple to spoil a tree, even covered with lacquer - rather inaccurate movement with a metal object and a piece will surely crumble off. To damage the panel, you need to put more effort;

  • Siding can be used at temperatures from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius. This indicates that the material is suitable for installation in almost any climatic zones;

  • The appearance is almost indistinguishable from a real tree. Manufacturers reproduce not only the texture, but also different shades of a natural log. And this results in another important advantage - a wide range of products;

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

A wide range will please any customer
  • A traditional tree gradually burns out under the influence of sunlight, but the siding is protected from this. The appearance will not change much throughout the life of the ;

  • Installation of the material is as simple as possible , and therefore there is no need to spend extra money on complex installation and preparatory work;

  • After installation, the siding is not necessary to monitor or periodically process various materials to protect . Manufacturers produce high-quality panels that are already fully protected from virtually all types of external influences;

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

You can forget about regular wood treatment with
  • PVC is used for the manufacture of products. The result is a two-layer material, the first part of which is decorative. And the second has high strength to preserve shape and protect against various harmful effects.

It is important to know that all the above properties of materials can be obtained only if primary vinyl powder is used in the manufacture. This should be known in advance from a consultant in stores and examine the documentation. But, if in the manufacture of raw materials used recycled, the characteristics will greatly decrease. The material will not have those qualities that are so valued by consumers.

Also before purchase it is necessary to study the inside and front sides of the siding. If they are very different from each other, then this is a clear sign of recycled materials. Such material will not last long and will have to be replaced soon.

If we talk about minuses, then it is worth mentioning an important nuance - the walls before installing the panels should be as equal as possible. Otherwise, the material will take an irregular shape.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

When installing, you need to take into account some of the nuances
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  • If one panel is damaged, it is difficult to replace with a new one. complete dismantling of the entire structure is required.

  • If workers do not leave gaps between the parts, then under the influence of high temperatures, the material will expand and the appearance will deteriorate.

  • You need to hire a construction team for a certain period. In extreme heat or cold, you cannot install panels .

Metal siding

Metal siding under wood is a convenient and modern material for cladding any buildings. If we consider the material from a structural point of view, it is galvanized steel having a special polymer coating.

The main advantages of the material:

  • Compared to the vinyl sample, metal siding will last longer. For manufacturing are used more durable materials. This is the reason for the increase in operational life;

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

Example of a metal panel
  • All dirt can be easily removed with water from under the hose ;

  • The weight of one panel is about 4 kg. This means that there will be no problems with transportation and installation work ;

  • Customers can find a large range of goods with a different appearance. Manufacturers produce siding different shades. When compared with a vinyl panel, the metal sample greatly benefits in this parameter. And also, if there is a desire, then you can agree on an individual order in the store, and then the color will be carried out according to the personal preferences of the buyer. You will not be able to agree on a similar service when buying a wood siding;

  • The undoubted advantage also includes ease of installation . But there is a nuance - you have to spend extra money on the "stuffing". Installation of the frame will be required for the panels to last for many years;

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

A frame is required for high-quality fasteners
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  • The material is completely safe for the human body and also withstands the effects of various chemical compounds;

  • Metal siding not covered by corrosion due to the protective coating , and also resistant to mechanical damage;

  • Using the panel you can hide any defects of the building ;

  • It is used in temperature zones from -50 to +80 degrees Celsius. It has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion;

  • To install the material on a private house, there is no need to carry out the preparatory work . Carefully aligned walls will not be required for installation;

  • The panels are protected from the effects of sunlight, and therefore with time do not fade .


  • A costly installation in a private home.

  • If you hit the panel very hard, a dent will appear, which is hard to get rid of.

Wood siding under the wood

In fairness, it should be noted that in addition to vinyl and metal there is natural wood siding, which is the ancestor for all varieties of such decoration.

The whole history of siding development began with ordinary wooden wall paneling, which at first was simply used for interior and exterior decorating, and then began to be produced in the form of a block house imitating a bar or log.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

Siding under a tree

We will not dwell on these materials in more detail, since they generally require the same care as and natural wood, so choose them in rare special cases.

Price, shape and color of metal siding

On sale you can find metal siding under two types of wood: imitating timber (embossed) or shipboard (flat).It is impossible to say exactly about the size of the panel, since they are different from different manufacturers.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

Panel sizes depend on the manufacturer selected.
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The price of “wooden” siding made of metal will be approximately 600 rubles per m². Any sample will serve at careful leaving about 35 years.

Metal siding color options:

  1. Antique oak .

  2. Golden Oak .

  3. Bleached oak .

  4. Light tree .

  5. Cherry .

  6. Maple .

  7. Golden Oak .

  8. Bog oak .

  9. Matte oak .

Price and color of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding at hardware stores can be purchased in almost any shade: from a soft palette of light tones to rich red or dark brown shades. But it is important to know that the cheapest varieties are not full color, that is, they are not processed through the entire thickness of the panel.

Russian manufacturers usually produce siding with lighter shades, since dark colors will be much more expensive during production, and therefore the price of products will increase accordingly. Foreign brands also produce samples and darker.

As in the case of metal siding, the shape of the panel can resemble a raised and bulging timber or shipboard.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

Forms of panels can be different

As for the price for vinyl siding under wood, the cost per panel is about 250 rubles .

What to choose: metal or vinyl

In the sale of the manufacturer produces metal siding with brighter shades, compared with the second aspect. The steel panel is better resistant to fire and other mechanical effects. More such materials will last much longer than vinyl samples. It is possible to cut metal siding to the dimensions of a particular facade. But as for the price, vinyl siding is cheaper. This is a very important indicator for many people, and therefore the technical characteristics are compensated by the amount of the purchase. But in this case, it is desirable to purchase better vinyl materials, since they have better geometry, as well as a larger set of component parts.

Metal and vinyl wood siding: varieties and photo examples

High-quality vinyl has an attractive appearance

To install metal siding, you must additionally purchase a steel crate, and vinyl is suitable for installation immediately on wooden bars. Thus, with the help of vinyl siding, you can save money on installation. For this reason, vinyl samples are most often purchased for home improvement in the country or for a small cottage. But in the event that a production or administrative building is to be repaired, then the metal variant, which will be installed on a reliable substructure, is preferable.

In the video you can see the siding under the log:

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The modern construction market is full of various interesting materials. And in order to choose a suitable option for a specific situation, it is advisable to carefully examine all the nuances before purchasing. Price "wooden" siding for exterior home wave acceptable, and any user will find material for their home.


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