Making a country house, how to arrange a built house, a list of documents, instructions

A country house, located away from the bustle of the city, gives residents of megalopolises the opportunity to enjoy the closeness to nature, to breathe fresh air and enjoy the fruits of their labor. But some owners of real estate in garden partnerships for a long time did not think that the design of a country house is an urgent need, without which they would not be considered full owners.

Making a country house, how to arrange a built house, a list of documents, instructions

It is necessary to design not only land plots, but also all capital buildings that are built on them

Ownership and use of a cottage it means that you can freely dispose of it. Even if the land is the property of the owner, then any capital structure on it will be considered to be a willfully erected building (art. 222 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) until it is recorded in the Federal Registration Service.

Why the design is necessary

The recent amendments to the legislation put the owners of suburban real estate before it is registered. Here are some options when it is preferable to design a country house:

  • making property rejection transactions - sales, donations, testaments, barter, donations;

  • the possibility of presenting even an unfinished object as collateral to the bank for a loan;

  • for registration for the construction of a property insurance contract;

  • so that you can get full compensation for the building and the land in case of withdrawal of them for complex development;

  • in order to avoid disputable moments with neighbors by location Nice plots;

  • to connect the necessary communications if you plan to use the dacha for permanent residence;

  • in order to avoid making the structure illegal and then demolishing it owner account.

Making a country house, how to arrange a built house, a list of documents, instructions

Unregistered home is hope for Russian "maybe"
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The registration procedure

For the owners of country houses, the law grants the right to design buildings on their garden plots in a simplified way. Conventionally, this law is called "dacha amnesty." The term of its application is extended until March 2020.

In order to understand how to properly design a built house, you need to decide whether it falls under the dacha law or should be taken into account on a general basis.

For the registration of real estate under an amnesty, obtaining a permit for construction and operation is not required, which greatly simplifies the process.

The following capital structures, which have a foundation and inseparable walls from it, fall under such an order of ownership to the property of a country house:

  • houses for temporary or permanent residence, as well as inventory storage ;

  • garages located on the garden plot;

  • solid outbuildings - bathhouses, barns, gazebos and others.

If the buildings on the site do not belong to the specified type of structures, then they are not subject to registration.

Important! When receiving a land plot before 2001, it is possible to privatize and issue it as a property free of charge and under an accelerated procedure.

Making a country house, how to arrange a built house, a list of documents, instructions

Some land plots can be arranged quickly and, which is important, for free 2>
  1. A cadastral engineer from the BTI or a specialized organization that has permission for this type of work is invited. The specialist makes measurements, draws up a floor plan and establishes the coordinates of the house. He makes a technical plan and electronically transmits it to the Rosreestr and the customer. It also fills out a new declaration form and coordinates it with the customer.

  2. The state duty is paid in accordance with the Tax Code.

  3. A package of title and technical documents is being prepared.

  4. With the package of materials collected, contact the MFC for registration of ownership of the house.

  5. Pick up from the MFC an extract from the USRN.

To carry out an expedited design of a building on a country plot, you must submit documents:

  • passport holder;

  • check for payment of state duty;

  • documents confirming receipt of land for use and ownership of it;

  • declaration in electronic form;

  • cadastral passport to the ground;

  • technical plan of the house.

If the construction is not covered by the dacha amnesty, the procedure is a bit more complicated.

Making a country house, how to arrange a built house, a list of documents, instructions

Far from all suburban outbuildings the dacha amnesty applies building.

The terms for obtaining a document on property in the MFC range from 7 to 10 days. If you need any more documents, it may increase.

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Possible complications during registration

Even knowing how to arrange a country house, its owners may have some difficulties, for example:

  1. The need to go to court to accelerate the protracted registration of housing at the cottage.

  2. Inconsistency of data in technical terms already available in EGRN.

  3. If the house was built a long time ago and the documents for it were lost, then the restoration of rights to it may take several months.

Making a country house, how to arrange a built house, a list of documents, instructions

Checking Themis will take some time

Reasons for refusing to issue

By law, the registration of a building on the summer cottage may be refused in the case of:

  • border exit has been put on the cadastral red lines; discrepancy data on the boundaries of the site;

  • withdrawal of land from circulation or restriction of use.

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Permission for construction and operation

For houses and outbuildings on gardening plots, in accordance with art. 51 GrK RF, registration of permits for construction and operation is not required.

If the owner decided to build a capital house on such land for living in winter and summer, then permission to build must be obtained from the local administration. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account what kind of permitted use for this land. This will be required in case of the need to transfer to a residential dacha building.

Until March 2020, there is no need to obtain an operating permit for individual housing construction objects.

You can clearly see the building permit in the video:

How much does the clearance cost

For each region, information about how much it is necessary to issue a house on the dacha, will be somewhat different from each other. The most expensive are the services of a cadastral specialist. Their price will depend on:

  • specialist qualifications and firm reliability;

  • number of drawn up technical documents;

  • of the region and the location of the object under examination in it.

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Recent changes in legislation have simplified the design of country real estate. The use of electronic document interchange, an increase in the duration of the amnesty creates favorable conditions for the transfer of buildings into ownership. The legislator establishes that the registering authorities should provide advice to applicants on how to arrange a garden house, what documentation should be prepared.

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