Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

Today we will talk about such interesting material as rolled lawn. This is very popular to date, the land cover is not only on country sites. Let's tell how laying of rolled lawn is carried out correctly, about some nuances of the process. And also we will designate positive and negative sides of this unique material. Understand this topic, you can easily control the masters who have been entrusted to lay the turf in their summer cottage. So to say, to be with them "on the same wavelength."

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

Laying rolled turf

What is rolled turf

In fact, this is grass that is planted on a special basis. As the latter, use burlap, cardboard or plastic mesh. The base is laid on a flat surface, it can be a dirt platform or rack equipment. A layer of turf soil mixed with peat and sand is poured over it. The main task is to bring the acidity of the mixture to neutral, as in nature. The thickness of the filling layer is 3-5 cm.

After preparation, grass seeds are sown. As soon as the plants rise to a height of 10 cm, they will be sheared off. So do two or three times to strengthen the root system. After 2 months covering material is ready.

Manufacturers most often offer grass mats with a length of 2 m, a width of 0.4 m and a thickness of 2-2.5 cm.

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

Rolled lawn - it is a multilayered material

Technology of laying

Technology of laying of rolled lawn is divided into two main stages: preparation and laying of a lawn itself.

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Preparatory stage

First of all, prepare the plot itself, on which it was decided to lay roll grass. To do this, remove debris, stones, pull out weeds. Then prepare the drainage system. They do it like this:

  1. Peel off topsoil to a depth of 20 cm.

  2. a layer of pebbles aligned horizontally.

  3. Next layer of sand. It is leveled and tamped.

  4. cover the selected soil.

  5. Spend soil rolling using a metal roller.

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

The lawn area is cleaned and leveled

If the ground is sandy, the drainage system is not needed . It will only be necessary to clear the area and level.

And the last process at the preparatory stage is the markup. If the green area is large enough, it is recommended to break it into strips. That is, pegs are driven in along the edge of the plot with a step equal to the width of the rolled lawn. The same thing is done from the opposite side. After that, the pegs are joined together with a twine.

Please note that after emergence the grass should be no higher than garden paths. And if we take into account that its height does not exceed 5 cm, then, starting from this indicator, they are leveling the site.

Main stage

In principle, there is nothing difficult about it. It is necessary to smoothly spread out the rolls near each other, leaving no visible gaps. It is important to lay the first roll correctly. That is, parallel to the edge of the area on which the material is rolled.

Since the rolls themselves have a certain length, often each of them does not cover the length or width of the section. Therefore, the rolls are stacked in a staggered manner. This is when the edge of one of them lays close, but to the middle of the canvas. When the whole ground is covered with grass, between the laid strips sprinkle the soil mixed with sand. Thus protect the edges of the laid roll.

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

The laying of the lawn is carried out in rows with a small gap
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And a few more features of laying a turf:

  1. The gap between grass materials should not exceed 1 cm.

  2. Laying rolls overlap is prohibited.

  3. You can not stack segments from rolls with a length of less than 1 m . The edges of the material are the most vulnerable areas that poorly take root.

  4. It is better to carry out laying of a lawn in rolls in a dry not hot weather .

  5. In hot weather, grass is watered copiously and several times a day.

  6. During the installation process, the layout is carried out from one side of the green area to the other. Attacking on unfolded rolls is prohibited.

  7. If there is a reason to step on a laid lawn, then it is better to lay a wide flat object under your feet. For example, a sheet of plywood, at worst - a board. This will reduce the point load, which can damage the grass.

After 15-20 days, the first mowing is carried out. Experts recommend keeping the height of the grass no more than 5 cm. Although this is just a recommendation.

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

The first mowing of a rolled lawn

How to care for a lawn

So, installation of a rolled lawn is carried out, the site is watered , what's next. The main task falls on the owner of the suburban area. And it consists in not overdrying the laid material. Therefore, the grass should be watered all the time.

By the way, in order to understand whether the herbal layer is dry or not, you need to periodically raise the edge of the outermost layer. If the formation itself is wet, then this is normal. If dry - will have to increase the volume or frequency of watering. The recommended dose of water for irrigation is 10-15 liters per 1 m 2 of the laid plane. Please note that this should be adhered to in the first two weeks after laying. After which the frequency can be reduced.

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

Watering a laid lawn
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How to choose

Today, there are a huge number of manufacturers who offer lawns. Therefore, it is difficult for a person who does not know the subtleties of the device of the proposed materials to choose a quality product. Therefore, a few tips.

So, what should be the lawn in rolls:

  1. With a good root system , where white roots should be allocated in large numbers.

  2. The thickness of the sod layer over the entire length of the strip should be the same within 2-4 cm.

  3. The soil should not be very clayey and not very sandy. It should not contain stones.

  4. The color of the grass should be juicy and the same over the whole plane.

  5. There should not be pests both in the soil layer and in the grass layer.

  6. Complete lack of bald spots , which indicate a low quality of the proposed material.

  7. Grass should be mowed .

Laying turf lawn: technology and process nuances

How to choose the right turf

A few words about the last position. It is necessary to designate that some unscrupulous manufacturers in this way try to hide some flaws in the vegetation cover. The quality layer should have a small bevel so that the quality of the grass is clearly visible. The best option for grass height is 3 cm. And the mowing should be uniform over the entire area.

Purchase material that was removed from the sod on the day of sale. If you are offered an old stale goods, then it will emanate the smell of rotten grass, as well as the tips of the cover will be with yellowness.

Pros and cons

Let's start with positive characteristics.

  1. There is no need for to prepare soil, sow grass and care for young greens.

  2. The finished green cover easily tolerates low frosts , drought and is immune to various diseases.

  3. It does not give the opportunity to grow weeds .

  4. Simplicity care.

  5. Long lasting operation .

And the characteristics are negative.

  1. High price . Rolled lawn with laying costs an average of 400-700 rubles per 1 m 2 . Price plug depends on the greened area. The higher the last figure, the lower the price.

  2. A large number of substandard products on the current market. You can purchase material that simply does not take root or will last one season.

  3. The service life of is an order of magnitude lower than that of the seed grass.

And at the end, watch the video on how to lay a turf correctly:

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Conclusion on the topic

So, we have analyzed the topic, in which great emphasis was placed on the technology of laying the lawn from the rolled seed. This process is actually simple, but it has many pitfalls, ignorance of which will lead to a decrease in the quality of the final result. Therefore, invite experts and make sure that they do everything right.

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