How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

The garden gazebo is not only aesthetic, but also a functional element at the dacha, and the installation of a barbecue stove for a gazebo will satisfy all the needs of the owners for a comfortable rest. So that you can decide on the optimal design, the article considers all types of stoves and barbecues - portable and stationary, which can be installed in the gazebo.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Barbecue stove

How does the selection start

In country houses and in the summer cottages, to replace portable metal grills came whole complexes for cooking on fire. Oven complexes are so multifunctional that they can be successfully used as a full-fledged summer kitchen in the open air.

The oven's modification directly depends on the free space and culinary preferences of the owners. For lovers of oriental cuisine the best solution will be a stove with a cauldron. At the same time, lovers of quiet family evenings will prefer stoves with a fireplace.

But if you consider yourself an avid gourmet and your house often receives guests - the oven complex with a full sink and a large work surface will be fully justified. For such a complex furnace requires a massive foundation.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

The taste and aroma of food cooked in such an oven will more than pay for all the costs

Varieties of furnaces for garden arbors

When choosing between different cooking facilities in a garden gazebo, it is important to clearly understand the quality characteristics and capabilities of each stove. Some ovens are only suitable for cooking kebabs. In others, soups and porridges are cooked without problems, meat and fish are smoked. The following types of stoves are functionally divided, which are installed in open pavilions and garden pavilions:

  • Built-in furnace complexes

  • Furnace - barbecue

  • Oven - barbecue

  • Portable barbecue

  • Gas grill

  • Smoker grill

  • The stove - the cauldron

  • The stove - the fireplace

  • Russian the stove

All varieties differ primarily in cooking methods. If you use a skewer or skewers for cooking - this is a brazier. If the food is prepared on the grill - it is a grill or barbecue. The difference between the barbecue and grill is almost imperceptible. The only thing that the grill most often has a cover. Let us dwell on each of their furnace options in more detail.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Barbecue stoves

Complex ovens

Today, kitchen complexes for gazebos, combining several functions, are very popular . The universal garden bbq oven made of brick with barbecue and smokehouse in the gazebo is suitable for frying, cooking, stewing and smoking products.

Prefabricated barbecue stoves for a gazebo are a built-in complex that includes an oven, grill, stove and smokehouse. In the gazebo, equipped with such a complex, you can cook any dish. The designs are quite complex, so they should be designed and installed by professionals. If space permits and finances in the gazebo, you can equip a mini version of the usual kitchen. Such an installation allows not only preparing food, but also making preparations for the winter. Such complexes in addition to the cooking surface are equipped with places for food storage, washing and additional working surfaces.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Complex Furnace
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Furnace - brazier

The small dimensions of the brazier stove allow specialists to equip with it a shallow shallow foundation. Most suitable for lovers of kebabs, as you can cook food only on removable grids or skewers.

The design of the furnace is simple, quite often combined with a smokehouse. This greatly expands the functionality of the furnace. Most often, stationary barbecues are built immediately with a gazebo. The finished metal grill is installed in the finished gazebo. Often it makes stationary, obkladyvaya brick. The basis of the furnace - barbecue is the capacity for coal and metal stoppers for accommodating skewers.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo


Oven - barbecue

The design is similar to a brazier. The difference is the grating replacing the skewer. They are simpler to use, but more difficult to care for. Prefabricated barbecue stoves for gazebos made of bricks are often complemented by a sink and countertop.

This design fully satisfies the need of the owners in the convenience of preparing their favorite dishes. When using portable barbecue stoves, a hood is installed above them. It is fixed to the ceiling beams most often with the help of chains.In this regard, the installation of a portable barbecue is most appropriate in the center of the room.

Modular barbecue stoves for gazebos are a great option for kebab lovers.

Smoke oven

The construction of the smokehouse requires a high chimney. In it above the pallet with the help of hooks are fixed pieces of meat or fish. In some models, grates are used instead of hooks. Sawdust or splinters of deciduous trees are laid on the bottom of the installation. Smoke from them permeates the products, flavoring them. For this modification of the furnace you need a spacious gazebo and a bookmark of a massive foundation.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Smoke oven
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Portable grill

The folding model made of metal withstands high temperature loads. Installing it in the gazebo has a number of obvious advantages:

  • The roof of the gazebo protects from rain

  • The recreation area is in close proximity with a cooking place. This allows you to enjoy a fragrant kebab and at the same time control the preparation of the next batch.

The arrangement of a stationary barbecue brick can be considered analogous.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Portable BBQ

Gas Grill

The Gas Grill is a traditional island design, designed for stewing vegetables and frying meat. The form of such a grill is similar to a pipe equipped with a conical or domed umbrella. The furnace body is made of steel and coated with heat-resistant enamel. All other parts are coated with erosion preventing powder enamel.

Stones are placed in a cat (most often fragments of volcanic rocks). They are heated by gas burners and give off heat. When cooking, there is no smoke or smoke.

Gas grills are also suitable for cooking vegetables, and for frying or stewing fish or meat. In many models for the convenience of the owners and guests are provided folding table tops. The new models include a stainless steel cap. Thanks to this, even with long cooking, the dish remains juicy.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Gas grill

Smoker grill

A design that combines the properties of a smokehouse and a barbecue grill. A distinctive feature of the Smoker is the separation of the firebox and the frying zone. Brazier sections can be horizontal or vertical. The specifications of the grill smoker allow you to precisely adjust the temperature in the grill. The design allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Smoker Smoker has proven himself in the preparation of smoked meats
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Furnace cauldron

The design of such a variant of the furnace involves a hole for the cauldron. This is the best solution for lovers of pilau, stews and vegetables, shurpy.

The brick base of the furnace does not need a massive foundation, since its immediate weight is small. But in order to avoid skewing during operation, you need to use concrete pouring and reinforcement reinforcement.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Furnace cauldron

Furnace fireplace

Having installed a furnace in the garden arbor - a fireplace, in addition to heating, you get an extraordinary cozy atmosphere. The fireplace takes up little space, being at the same time an original decorative element. In the classic version of the fireplace is designed for firewood. At the same time, manufacturers offer electric modifications, gas fireplaces and fireplaces on a special eco-friendly fuel. Of course, this is not a barbecue stove and a delicious dinner in the fireplace can not be cooked.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

Fireplace stove

Russian stove

Arrangement in the gazebo of an analogue of a Russian stove will give not only tasty and flavorful food , but also many hours of pleasant pastime in a harmonious cozy corner. Given the size of the structure, equipped with a furnace with a flame, it is clear that the size of the gazebo must be appropriate.

Considering the advantages of the Russian stove, it is impossible not to note its multifunctionality. It equally successfully cooks kebabs, stew meat or vegetables, cook on the grill. Also very tasty soups and cereals, pancakes. In general, with the help of this rather complicated compared to other designs, you can cook any dish.

How to choose a barbecue with a barbecue in the gazebo

In the Russian stove, you can cook any dish

From the video you can learn how to build a gazebo with barbecue:

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We trust the professionals

Given the complex design of many garden arbor furnaces, their production should be trusted by professionals. Often, in addition to devices for cooking dinner or lunch, the barbecue stove in the gazebo is equipped with additional work surfaces, sinks. In some modifications, the arrangement of the whole dining group is provided. The size and configuration of the garden arbor determine the choice of material for the construction and finishing of the furnace.

In most cases, for the construction of arbors with stoves combined materials are used - wood, brick and stone, metal profiles and waste materials. In any case, a properly selected gazebo with a fireplace, a barbecue stove and a brazier whose projects are presented here will decorate the family feast with tasty and healthy food.


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