Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

The article describes how one-storey houses with a terrace can be cladded. Details described various options for finishing, the pros and cons of each type of cladding material, published examples of finished projects that can be adopted by all those who are just planning to arrange their housing.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Outdoor terrace under the same roof with the house

Features of the layout of the house with a terrace

Today projects of one-story houses with The terrace under one roof is very popular. They give owners a sense of freedom, independence. The described layout allows you to enjoy clean fresh air at any time of the year, being under reliable protection from rain and snow. In addition, the presence of a terrace is not only additional comfort, it is an opportunity to use it as a summer kitchen in the warm season.

A terrace is built from the southern part of the house, where there is more heat and light. This arrangement allows you to use the terrace in the warm and in the cold. In summer, rolls or sliding curtains are often installed on it to protect from the sun. An obligatory extension element is a separate entrance door.

A single-storey house with a veranda under a common roof should have a common foundation. For the construction of such a building, you can use any building materials. Wooden houses are well suited for seasonal living. As a rule, such options do not need additional facing. The tree itself looks very beautiful. Therefore, for additional decoration wooden partitions, walls, fences, racks are used. They complement the flavor and enhance the effect of naturalness.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

A wooden house with a terrace

One-story houses built of brick look thoroughly. They are suitable for year-round living. The terrace in this case is also made of brick. Here you can safely experiment and implement different projects of one-story houses with a veranda under the same roof, make terraces in the form of balconies, bay windows, arches. Such buildings have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Their construction is cheaper , they take up less space on the site than those that were built separately.

  • In a small area, such a project looks very compact and concisely, it is ideal for people with average incomes. The effect of the whole is intensified when one-story houses with a terrace and a garage are built. Executed in a single finish, these objects become an integral part of the overall structure.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Brick house with a terrace
  • You can do terraces of different sizes , of different shapes. When such extensions are united by a common roof, a common style, it looks more aesthetically pleasing and distinctive.

  • When the house and the terrace stand together , it is much more convenient to use them. There is more room for landscape design.

  • The presence of a terrace terrace is another additional place for family holidays.

  • The terrace visually expands the area of ​​the house , outwardly it looks bigger, bigger, more cerebral, more expensive.

  • Veranda - an alternative to outdoor recreation.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

United terrace - an extra place to relax
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These are undoubted advantages. There are also disadvantages. The presence of the terrace makes the living space adjacent to it dark and uncomfortable. In winter, this effect is enhanced. The “built-in” terrace cannot be large so that the complex looks harmonious, its dimensions should not exceed one third of the total length of the living space. Sometimes the result is a small veranda, unable to accommodate a large number of guests.

This option of construction is very inconvenient in the northern regions: there are few warm days in a year, the veranda is not used for long. Before the construction of such buildings need to study and soil features. It is they who will determine the choice of the desired version of the construction of a house with a closed terrace.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Summer kitchen on the open terrace

Finishing options

It is possible to veneer one-story houses with a veranda or terrace anything But it is best suited for the indicated purposes:

  • decorative plaster ;

  • brick finishing ;

  • wall covering with facade blocks or siding;

  • facing porcelain stoneware tiles.

Decorative plaster helps to create a unique home decoration design. Today there are more than 500 types of mixtures, the use of which allows you to get a different texture.They are based on different ingredients, but different groups of compositions necessarily unite one binding element. This may be cement, lime, gypsum, high strength esters or silicone resins. Compositions are complemented with granite, marble or quartz chips and components capable of improving the performance of the final coating (antiseptics, thickeners, solvents). Each combination of composition has its advantages and disadvantages.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Facade decoration with decorative plaster

Semi-finished mixtures

These include mineral plaster. She today - the most affordable version of the cladding, with a number of positive characteristics. Such mixtures are very convenient to use, after applying a coating is obtained that allows the walls to "breathe." The finish does not sustain combustion, demonstrates high resistance to moisture, but cannot boast of high resistance to mechanical stress. From the blow can easily crack.

The decorative effect depends on the type and fraction of the filler. It is due to their presence that a volumetric pattern is formed. If fine sand is used as a filler, a bark beetle plaster is obtained. The presence of marble or granite chips allows you to form the effect of the lining of natural stone. The surface will be rough to the touch and very attractive. Approximate operational life is 10 years.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Texture of decorative bark beetle plaster
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Acrylic-Based Compounds

Their binder is acrylic resins. They provide ductility and durability of cladding. Over time, it will not crack if the house shrinks. For their application there is no need to carefully level the base. After application, a surface is formed that can boast a low coefficient of moisture absorption. Therefore, experts recommend the use of such finishing materials in regions with a humid climate.

Acrylic textured plasters are flammable, they attract dust, so experts do not recommend using them if the house is located next to the road.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Texture of decorative acrylic plaster

Silicone compounds

These are modified mineral plasters. Due to the addition of silicone, their cost has increased significantly, but there was a lining that can be washed safely, any contamination can be easily removed by rain and wind. Facing repels salt, water, it is well suited for regions with a humid climate. With them, you can create a house cladding that will skillfully imitate natural stone and other types of complex textures.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Texture of decorative plaster with silicone composition

Brick finishing

Facades made with decorative brick look respectably. It is durable and very durable material. With it you can strengthen the bearing walls. He is selected for facing when there is a desire to spend money once, and then for a long time not to turn to repair work. Facade, brick, does not require constant maintenance.

The brick does not allow moisture to pass, it tolerates temperature fluctuations well, has a huge design potential. Today, manufacturers annually update their range and offer potential buyers decorative bricks of different textures, different colors. The disadvantage of using such cladding is one - the high price. The material itself belongs to the category of goods of the average price category, but besides its purchase there is a need to purchase special mixtures for its assembly. In order to brick the facade of the house and the structural elements of the terrace, the owner must use the services of professional bricklayers.

A combination of decorative brick and textured plaster will reduce the cost of lining.

In the video, the designer talks about the virtues of a single-story brick-faced house with a terrace:

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Facade siding

It is ideal for cladding houses with a terrace built of wood and brick. The described material protects the main structure from any external influence (wind and rain, dust and dirt, as well as solar radiation). With it, you can quickly elevate the facade, make it completely new, fresh. The house, lined with siding, looks very neat and respectable.

To fix the siding you need to do the crates. Its presence allows for additional insulation of the house.With proper installation, you can significantly increase the thermal protection of housing and save money on utility bills.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Facing the facade with siding

There are several types of siding. Wooden looks very impressive. This is an environmentally friendly material, but choosing it for the exterior cladding of the house and terrace, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will need to take care of this finish: paint and process with antiseptics. This is the only way to protect a tree from the negative impact of aggressive external environment (water, decay, insects). This should be done at least once every three, four years.

Metal siding is the most durable and durable look of a single-story house cladding. It is made of galvanized steel sheets, and then additionally coated with paint. The service life of the described products depends on the technology of its application. If the front layer of metal siding is powder coated, it will last less than what was painted with polymer compounds.

The video shows what a single-story house looks like, trimmed with metal siding styled as a log:

When choosing this lining option, you need to first examine its disadvantages. Assembled finish increases the load on the walls, and all because it weighs a lot. If there is going to rain obliquely, in the house you will hear how he knocks on the walls. If sound insulation is not provided, it will be uncomfortable to live in a small country house with a terrace. The texture of the metal itself does not fit into the landscape design of a country house, so it is used quite rarely.

Fiber cement siding perfectly imitates the texture of natural wood, while it has high strength characteristics. For finishing the house and the terrace, it is suitable only if the building has a good solid foundation. One element saidinka weighs about 8-12 kg, it will be easy to calculate what the load will create on the basis of the entire assembled lining.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Fiber cement siding in the decoration of the facade of a single-storey house
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Vinyl siding is a universal facing material. It well withstands any natural effects, perfectly tolerates temperature drops, is not susceptible to rotting, is completely inert to fungi and mold, non-flammable, completely harmless. It has a small weight, so after assembly on the batten it does not create high loads on the foundation. In the production process, the material is painted in natural colors. Under the action of sunlight, they do not fade over time. The proposed colors perfectly fit into the different stylistic concepts of landscape design. This explains the popularity of the material.

The installation of vinyl siding does not require high skill, it is easy to maintain a new facade finish, the service life of the veneer described is 50 years old. In low-rise construction, this type of lining is today used very widely. This is largely due to the absence of tangible flaws.

The video tells how the installation of vinyl siding :

Facing with porcelain tile

Experts compare the functionality with the branded clothing the person wears . Finishing with porcelain stoneware helps protect houses from bad weather, while it looks very respectable and expensive.

Porcelain is a durable material, it is not afraid of moisture, exposure to cold and heat. Such a facade will serve not years, but decades. And even though it is not cheap today, the lack of supportive care and the need to permanently repair the facade fully compensates for the costs of decorating the facade.

The only disadvantage of a porcelain stoneware is a large weight of slabs. It complicates transportation and installation.

Facing one-story houses with a terrace - especially the layout and finishes

Porcelain stoneware in the decoration of a single-storey house
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Summary of the topic

One-story summer cottages with a terrace are a very attractive option for living. He gives a chance to actively enjoy outdoor recreation, without leaving home. In order for the extension to look with the main living room as a whole, you need to cover them with one roofing material and make the same lining.


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