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Creating a landscape design of a site on a slope has its own subtleties, features and limitations. In the article we will talk about how best to decorate the site and develop the original design. The main nuances of creating a design, which elements are best to use and how to develop a site scheme will be described.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

Plot with a slope

Strengthening the plot

The slope on the plot can be beaten in different ways and this will give a special highlight . However, it is very important to remember that the main task in arranging such areas is to strengthen the soil. If this is not done, then with time from the load the soil will begin to move and all the buildings will be destroyed. In addition, in such a plot, it is not necessary to plant tall trees, they can be pulled out with roots in strong winds. Another important step is to create a quality drainage system.

Landscaping begins with the strengthening of all slopes. Different constructions and technologies can be used for this. Blocks, cobblestones, lawn grids, biomats, wood and gabions are used as reinforcement elements. A qualified specialist will be able to develop the best, most effective and correct reinforcement system.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

Blocks, cobblestones, wood and gabions

are used to strengthen the slopes. For this, he carries out special calculations taking into account certain factors:

  • location of groundwater;

  • pressure of soil on a slope;

  • angle of inclination;

  • danger of washing of a section;

  • characteristics of the soil;

  • strengthening zones and materials for the work.

It is worth noting that small slopes can be strengthened by shrubs and various trees with a large root system. If the slope is large, then geotextile or terracing is used. Plants should be planted in special individual cells, which act as a reinforcement for the structure.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

Small slopes can be reinforced with a tree or shrub

Design pictures of the section with a slope show that often a fence is used to strengthen the territory using stones, slabs and other similar materials. This method has its advantages. This is the stability of the structure to external factors, the absence of plantings in need, durability. But it is necessary to comply with a number of important technological requirements.

The base in this case must be made very strong, the height is not less than a meter, and its thickness is 1/3 of the height. The presence of a drainage system is obligatory, the construction is carried out from the bottom up, the construction should be cascade, the presence of a slight slope on the slope.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

The structure can be decorated with lighting fixtures, flower beds, and so on.

You can add originality and natural appearance to the site with the help of logs or stones. After studying the characteristics of the soil they need to dig into the ground. It also requires a drainage system. This solution can be used on slopes of various sizes.

Modern technologies involve the use of geotextiles. It is waterproof, plastic, protects the soil from freezing, is resistant to damage, prevents the soil from mixing with water and is very easy to lay. You can also use special grids called geomats. The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, resistant to various chemicals, easy to fit, resistant to temperature extremes, maintains the natural beauty of the site.

Drainage system

Arrangement of a drainage system for landscaping an uneven section with a slope is an important step. With this system, the damage to the soil will be significantly less.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

The drainage system on a site with a slope

The drainage system can be of two types:

  • Open . Gutters are installed on the surface, through which water flows. With their help, you can make a pond, a fountain or even a decorative waterfall on the site.

  • Closed . Tubes with special slots through which water penetrates are placed along the underground section. In this case, the integrity of the upper layers of the soil is maintained, and the system itself allows you to save space in the territory.

The choice of a variant of the system depends entirely on the various characteristics of the soil and the personal preferences of the owner of the site. The internal system is used for light sandy layers, the external - for rocky areas. In general, gutters made from rubber, metal or plastic are used for the arrangement of the system.

Metal gutters last the longest, rubber is highly flexible, and plastic is the most inexpensive option. When distributing drainage pipes are mounted not only in the slope, but also reinforcing materials so that the water passes into the allotted place.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

Special attention should be paid to the drainage system
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Design solutions

The options for landscaping a site on a hillside are varied and very interesting. It is the slope that opens up unique perspectives and opportunities that cannot be achieved on a flat stretch. However, in this case, more time and money is needed, so the design should be thought out as carefully as possible. All work must be carried out by specialists. Characteristics of the soil are considered, a lot of attention is paid to the placement of buildings and distribution into zones. Only then is thought out the location of the stairs, terraces, retaining walls and so on.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

The slope opens up unique prospects for the improvement of the plot


When working with a plot on a slope, you should abandon the direct and long retaining walls. Such a decision leads to the feeling of creating a huge ladder. In this case, it is better to use cascade terracing or creating chaotic ledges.

Between the terraces themselves, winding paths and paths are made, and on steep ascents several steps are made. Also on steep climbs, it is better to prop up the walls using cement mortar, and on gently sloping walls it is sufficiently dry. Rounded shapes will create smooth and less catchy transitions. At the same time, terraces can have different functional purposes.

In some areas, you can equip shrubs, beds or flower beds. And winding paths will help create the big picture. For wet soils will require drainage of rubble, which is filled to a width of 10-15 cm between the soil and the wall. To ensure the flow of water to the outside applied pipe trimming. If you do not take protective measures, then soon enough the construction will begin to collapse.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

On steep climbs several steps are possible

Ladders and tracks

These elements are obligatory when creating landscape design on the site with a slope and the development of a harmonious connection of zones and terraces. For everything to be well combined for them it is better to use the same material as for the terraces. The brightness and visibility of the paths can be provided with large decorative elements.

The winding paths will help to visually reduce the slope, but the serpentine version will only emphasize this feature of the site. All curves are well emphasized by evergreens, shrubs and small trees. On a steep slope, a staircase is required. Its minimum width is 60 cm, maybe the same width as the walkway.

To avoid a large number of steps, platforms are used, it is desirable to do them in places where the direction of movement changes. If the length and width of the platform is large enough, then you can install a bench on it or go to some kind of decorative element. In shady places it is recommended to make stairs of light materials, but not necessarily slippery in any weather. Additionally installed lighting.

options for design, improvement, stairs, terracing + photo

Plot with a slope
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In the layout of a plot with a gradient, floristics play a very important role. The best option for such areas would be the subject of highlands. It is important to consider the location of the site itself relative to the sides of the world in the process of plant selection:

  • The north side has its own advantages in resolving this issue, because here you can use plants that are not afraid shade and love moisture.

  • For the south side , you must choose plants that are not afraid of drought, sunlight and high temperature.

All plants that land on the site should have a different flowering period. To facilitate the work and maintenance of flower beds should be planted perennials. Trees should be planted according to strict rules:

  • When the house is located at upper point , you can plant tall trees and shrubs near it, but they should not cover the house itself.

  • Less tall plants sit lower, it can be flower beds and evergreen shrubs.

When choosing any plantings, it is necessary to take into account the region of location and climatic features of the site.

In the video you can see a beautiful garden on a plot with a slope:

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Creating a landscape design with a slope has its own characteristics, advantages and difficulties. When working and developing a design, it is necessary not only correctly, but also to correctly design the planning of zones. It is very important to ensure good soil protection against possible erosion with a good drainage system. To make the site more comfortable and safe, you can use strong and durable retaining walls, which can be a design element. It is important to follow all the recommendations of experts that will ensure the comfort and safety of living.


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