Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

The one who reads the article, learns what functions in the landscape design are performed by the decorative boulder, what the products are made of, how they are made. The principles of choosing such a product are described in detail, photos and videos have been published that clearly demonstrate the high decorative properties of artificial stones.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

Composition of artificial boulders as a decoration of the lawn


Modern landscape design is very diverse. There are a huge number of elements that are often used by designers for placing accents and forming verticals. As them can be used garden sculptures, sheer frames for climbing plants. The bottom layer is often filled with large stones. They are very expensive, transporting them and installing them on the site is a big problem.

Today it is solved with the help of plastic artificial stones. They are an exact imitation of boulders protruding above the ground (granite or sandy boulders). They are used to decorate technical elements that are part of utilities (sewage manholes, wells, noses), ugly stumps, protruding parts of unsightly concrete structures, other practical items that should not be visible to man.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

Disguise the sewer hatch

Externally similar elements, if not specifically looked after them, are indistinguishable from natural originals. If some plants are planted next to them, the effect of realism will increase.

Today, artificial boulders are used to create a special touch that can emphasize the highlight of landscape design. They are used for the formation of artificial waterfalls, rocks, alpine slides. Such a choice becomes justified when the economic viability of the project is put at the forefront.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

Artificial granite boulder

Materials used to make artificial boulders

There are several technologies that allow you to create skillful imitation of natural stones.

Plastic stones are very popular. They are created primarily for masking the sewer septic tank door. Inside such a product is hollow. It weighs only 10-14 kg. Once installed, allow for a simple, affordable way to maintain sewer equipment.

The framework is made of a composite material of a new generation - fiberglass. It is very durable, has certificates confirming the environmental safety of the material. Children’s rides and slides are currently being made of it, some of the car body parts are made of it.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

Production of artificial boulders
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The lining of an artificial boulder stone is a mixture of crumbs remaining after processing natural stones (granite, marble, serpentine). To it is added quartz sand and adhesive composition. As it uses epoxy resins. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and only then the mixture is applied to the frame of fiberglass. After the decorative layer dries, it turns out a very durable surface that looks like a natural stone.

The design of an artificial boulder is so strong that it easily withstands the load of a jumping adult. If necessary, such a stone can be cut with a diamond disc. It can be drilled, but for these purposes it is necessary to use a drill for concrete.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

A block of artificial marble

The advantages of artificial stones

Artificial stones for a lawn have unique physical properties, using fiberglass can create products of complex shape.

  1. They will demonstrate high resistance to weather conditions, to mechanical stress.

  2. At the same time, boulders will not deform with time.

  3. The base is not exposed to corrosion .

  4. Low specific gravity and high strength are the main positive qualities.

  5. Such products can be operated for decades , the wear resistance of the material is high, therefore the appearance of the boulders does not change over time.

  6. Installed artificial stones do not require additional care . If necessary, these stones can be washed with water and a brush. And then they will look like new.

The video shows which artificial boulders can be purchased on the market today, and this is their small range:

External type of boulders and features of the choice of a particular model

When choosing a decorative stone boulder for the garden, you need to pay attention to the shape of the product. It may look like a granite block protruding above the ground, like the tip of an iceberg.

The manufacturer is able to make the described products to order. Designers with the help of computer programs create any three-dimensional models, which can then be taken as the basis for the implementation of an individual project. Finished samples are represented by three lines. There are on sale artificial boulders of a series "standard", "luxury" and "premium".

Stones from different series differ in shape, size, strength, weight and price. These characteristics must be considered when purchasing a product. If it is necessary to cover the manhole on the site, it is important to pay attention to the size of the cavity of the stone. This parameter is also important when it is necessary to disguise some volumetric object (pump, tap).

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

A rich assortment of artificial stones
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The marking of the product must indicate the thickness of the frame. Usually it is 5-8 mm. The height in the technical passport is not determined, the parameter of the finished samples varies in the range of 30-50 cm. But if you need a product of greater height, you should pay attention to the product "artificial boulders for a gas holder". They have a maximum height of one meter.

Color is another important technical feature of the products described. Typically, manufacturers produce stones boulders of two colors: gray and red-brown. But in the range there is a wide gradation of shades of these colors. Appearance of a product depends on what component of a crumb of a natural stone is used in bigger proportion. Therefore, in the collections you can see models from light gray to almost black, and from light beige to rich brick. In order for an artificial product as closely as possible to fit into the landscape of a dacha, you need to look at the colors of the stones used to make the foundation of a house or outbuildings, and pick something identical to it.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

Different colors and shades

Care and maintenance

The operation of artificial stones does not require much effort. They do not need to cover something warm for the winter, and then somehow prepare them for the summer. Established and let them lie until there is a need to provide open access to the object that covers the boulder.

The more an artificial stone is standing outdoors, the more natural its appearance will look. If you do not tell the average man that a non-natural boulder is in front of him, he doesn’t guess about the substitution.

Over time, fiberglass stones become covered with white bloom. He is a product of salt deposits. Gidrofobiziruyushchy solution will allow to get rid of it. It will very quickly restore the natural shine and gloss.

Decorative boulder - a description of the technical properties and functional purpose

Stones of bizarre boulders
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Generalization on the topic

Artificial boulders are a popular material that is often used by designers to disguise engineering communications nodes. In this case, their use helps to ensure free access to maintenance of these objects. But if you think broadly, you can create beautiful rock compositions, alpine slides, garden paths with the help of such stones. With their help it is easy to diversify landscape vegetation. Sometimes these elements become relevant in the interior of an office hall, cafe, restaurant or hotel. This explains why the popularity of artificial boulders is constantly growing.


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