calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

The construction of a garage is approached very seriously by studying the specifics of the calculations and the construction of the building. In the article we will describe how to correctly calculate the size of the garage for 1 car, take into account all the important details. Let's tell about materials from which build constructions for cars. After reading the article, you will be able to decide on the plan of the future structure. When talking with a construction company, you can correctly formulate your desires, optimize costs and get the desired project.

calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

Proper arrangement of the garage is important for each car owner

What should be considered when planning a garage

Annex where stored car, erected for a long time. Therefore, before the start of construction take into account all the nuances.

Features that are taken into account before construction:

  • Dimensions of the car . It takes into account not only the size of the machine, which is available at the time of design, but also future acquisitions. It will be a big mistake to proceed from the parameters of a small-sized car, and then purchase an SUV. If there are no plans for the purchase of SUVs or minibuses, they are guided by the average size of cars.

  • Gate type and size . Pre-selects the best gate option. For installation of swing models calculate additional space for opening the gate.

  • Convenient entry into the garage , making minimal maneuvers. Also take into account the place to open the doors, luggage compartment and the hood of the car.

calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

The entrance to the garage should be convenient for any driver
  • Additional equipment , storage space for wheels and tires, shelving. Shelves equip to store tools. The availability of these places is planned in advance and brought into the extension plan, increasing the size of the garage.

  • Cold or heated room . In the latter case, take into account the place for communications. If the room will be heated separately from the main heating of the house, additional space is left for the stove.

  • Own growth and build . Consider comfortable movement between the walls and cars.

  • Inspection pit . This part is necessary for car repair. The width and length of the building does not increase. Only deepens.

These nuances directly affect the size of the building. In addition to these, there are other important factors.

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Additional construction options

During operation, the garage is not limited to standard features. Often increase the room capacity. This is done at the planning stage. Therefore, the standard garage size for 1 car will be increased.

calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

A basement can be equipped in the garage and an exit to the room above the garage

Additional features:

  • Availability of attic . Sometimes at the second level make room for rest in the summer.

  • Recreation area . Increase the size of the garage to make a place to rest. Separate the main room with a seating area partition.

  • Combination with the workshop . Take into account the dimensions of machines, tables, racks and other equipment.

  • A place to store other means - bicycles, wheelchairs, garden equipment.

Sometimes other buildings are installed along with the garage. This is done to ensure that buildings occupy less space on the site. Design the combination with safety requirements.

Regulatory Requirements

Before construction, regulatory requirements are taken into account. They can make adjustments to the garage plan for 1 car and its location. In this area, they are oriented towards building regulations (building codes and regulations).

Particular attention is paid to two points. For the construction of a garage permission is not required (according to paragraph 17 of Article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation). But, to avoid unforeseen circumstances, should be clarified in the administration.

calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

Construction of the garage requires adherence to certain rules

The following paragraph is related to fire safety. Since the garage is considered a fire hazardous object, fire safety requirements must be observed. These rules apply to distance to other objects.

The distance from the fence to the building, based on the requirements, must be greater than 1 meter. The distance to other buildings located on their own land and the territory of their neighbors is at least 6 meters. Due to the sufficient distance, it will be possible to quickly extinguish the fire in case of fire, to prevent the transfer of the flame to other buildings.

It is necessary to comply with the requirements of the SNiP for your own security and to prevent problems with the law. In case of non-compliance with the established fire safety standards, neighbors can file a claim in court in order to achieve the forced demolition of the building.

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Optimum garage parameters

The final dimensions of the structure depend on many factors that are taken into account before construction. Often pay attention to the optimal size of the garage for 1 car to take them as a basis. These parameters do not imply minimum values.

calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

Garage layout for 1 car with hozblok

Calculation example for standard sizes of average cars:

  • Width . For medium-sized cars, it is at a limit of 1.7 m. 1 m is added to this value. This distance is left for a comfortable ride, movement and safe opening of doors. It turns out 2.7 m. Often rounded to 3 m.

  • Length . Take the average value of 5 m. And add 1.5 m. In front of the car leave 0.5 m. For convenient opening of the trunk, leave 1 m behind the car. It turns out 6, 5 m. If it is planned to install a rack in front of the car, add another 0.5 m. In the end, get a garage length of 7 m.

  • Height . Proceed from several features. Take the height of the highest family member and add 0.5 m. If the driver is below the open trunk height, then proceed from the second option. A minimum of 0.2 m is added to the height of the open trunk (counted from the ground). The total height of the garage should be at least 0.2 m higher than the height of the car. This parameter is increased, taking into account the possible purchase of a higher car.

In the example, internal distance was used. Not considered additional space for personal use and the thickness of the walls of the garage.

Materials for the construction of a structure

Different materials are used in the construction of garages. Also, calculating the parameters of the future construction, take into account the thickness of the walls.

calculation of the minimum width for one car in a private house

The wooden garage is warm, but the material requires special treatment

Materials used :

  • metal;

  • concrete;

  • brick;

  • tree.

If wood is chosen for construction, the material is treated with fire-fighting equipment. Take into account the fact that the garage is a fire hazardous structure.

Tips for building a garage

To increase the comfort of using the garage, follow some tips. At the stage of calculation and planning, some moments may affect the size of the entire structure.

There should be good lighting inside the garage room in order to easily enter and leave the building, to carry out repair work on the car. Therefore, the lighting system is taken into account at the planning stage. Wiring can not directly affect the size of the garage. But, if necessary, make amendments.

To reduce the chance of scratching the car’s doors, racks are installed in front of the machine. The width of the garage for 1 car will be minimal, but the length will increase. Here take into account another feature - sufficient shelf capacity.

Video review of a fully equipped garage:

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The dimensions of the garage are carefully calculated. Take into account all the features and future plans to buy a new car. The building should have all the advantages for a comfortable car storage.

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