Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

The construction of a barbecue on the site of a private house gives a lot of advantages. You can cook delicious food on the street. It will turn out to organize picnics, celebrations, invite friends. To create a barbecue is best to use a brick. There are various models that differ in functionality and complexity of arrangement. The creation of lightweight structures will take no more than a few days. The main thing to consider all the nuances and features of construction.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

Barbecue stoves made of bricks

Advantages of barbecues made of bricks

Often barbecues and barbecues in private houses are built on the basis of available tools: barrels, cylinders, welded elements. Recently, a brick has become frequently used for such purposes, because it has a number of indisputable advantages over competitors.

The method of heat distribution in brick products is very different. In the open grill, the heat from the fire is directed upwards, while the meat is processed only on one side. In this regard, during cooking it is necessary to frequently turn the food over to the other side in order to ensure even grilling. Brick buildings work on a completely different principle. The heat is reflected from the internal coating and is distributed over the entire surface of the meat, ensuring uniform roasting. Due to this, the taste of the dish changes significantly for the better, the meat becomes softer and juicy.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

Cooking with a brick barbecue

The main advantages of a brick barbecue include:

  1. Uniform processing food.
  2. You can build complex structures with additional functionality in the form of a smokehouse, grill, cooking.
  3. With the help of decorative facing barbecue can be a real decoration for any suburban area.

Preparatory process

To build a barbecue, you need to learn the basic rules and recommendations. These include:

  1. Grilling must be installed with a height of about 70-80 cm. You must also take into account the growth of the owner.
  2. The stove should be set 10 cm below the grill.
  3. Many advise making a separate place for firewood and tools.

It is also necessary to pre-plan the construction in order to use the barbecue comfortably. It will be necessary to draw up drawings, perform calculations and prepare a list of all necessary materials.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

The drawing of the barbecue oven

The construction of the brick barbecue is carried out using the following materials:

  1. Facing brick.
  2. Clay composition.
  3. Steel sheet 5 mm thick.
  4. Metal bar with a diameter of 30 mm.
  5. Doors for firebox and grill.
  6. Cement based mortar.
  7. Armature bars.
  8. Boards for the installation of formwork.
  9. Sand and crushed stone of medium or small fraction.

The barbecue is being built on the basis of a slab basis, the frame is being built using fireclay bricks. Then it will need to process a stone. You can use granite, sandstone or rubble type. The stove can be well decorated by changing the shape of the stone.

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Technology of erection of a barbecue

As well as for any other construction, creation of the furnace will require a quality foundation. Framing should look harmoniously with the overall interior of a private house. Since the building will be used throughout the year, it is recommended to give preference to the garden type of the hearth.

The barbecue design must comply with the basic safety rules, the roof must be equipped with a pipe. The construction of such a product has a rather complicated technology. Externally, it is a conventional furnace, which is used to decorate the suburban area.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

The barbecue in the gazebo

The barbecue can be arranged in the gazebo or a special pavilion, while they can be easily styled as a summer house or fabulous hut. It is better to entrust all construction work to professionals, especially if there is a lack of experience and skills. The main element of such products is a quadrangular frame, in which coals are put, after which it is covered with a grid. Experts recommend making the most functional ovens, for this, firefighters are often equipped at the bottom, shelves for dishes are attached on top, and even higher, you can install a smokehouse.

Multi-storey structures are distinguished by complexity of implementation, but they also have advanced functionality. First you need to choose a draft fireplace, make drawings and a plan of construction.

Varieties of barbecue

While studying already finished projects of brick structures, you should not forget that they can be supplemented with various elements, guided by personal tastes and preferences.Many additionally make the installation of barbecue and stove for cooking.

There are such types of barbecue:

  1. Barbecue with fireplace or grill.
  2. Multifunctional buildings.
  3. Barbecue with a hearth.
  4. Construction with a brazier and a cauldron.

Optional components can vary quite a lot. Often used oven, cauldron, skewer and other options. Complex designs can be divided according to the types of hand laying and composite.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

Barbecue with fireplace

A rather original solution is the arrangement of a barbecue complex with a smokehouse. Such structures can be built in the form of a three-tier structure. Food can be placed in a special chamber or hung. Hot smoking is done with the help of firewood, and cold - with the use of a roaster with coals and a pan with chips.

The disadvantages of such smoking structures include the strong absorption of odors. Therefore, if the meat is processed after the fish, it can acquire an unpleasant smell or even taste. The use of iron for the arrangement will help get rid of such a minus.

The procedure for building a brick barbecue

A brick barbecue stove can have a rather attractive appearance. For its cladding, you can use a variety of decorative materials. It is best to perform construction not on an open area, but inside a pavilion or a summer kitchen.

Construction consists of the following stages:

  1. Selection of the site and creation of the foundation.
  2. Preparation of all materials.
  3. Construction.
  4. Roasting and drying.
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Choosing a place and arranging a foundation

When choosing a site where a barbecue will be located, you must be guided by the following factors:

  • It is imperative to consider the fire safety of the structure trees or dried plants.
  • The structure should be erected away from the main buildings.
  • When building, you need to reckon with the direction of the wind. It will be necessary to take into account that sparks can get into neighboring areas.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

It is better to install the barbecue in a separate non-wooden structure

After the choice of location is completed, you will need to build a quality base . It is constructed similar to the slab basis. A trench is pulled out 0.3 m larger than the size of a barbecue, with a depth of about 1 m. A formwork is being assembled, at the bottom of which a cushion based on sand and gravel settles. The first layer of cement composition of grade 300 with a thickness of 0, 2 m is poured, after which rods are installed along the perimeter. It should be borne in mind that after pouring, it will take time for the cement to dry. This can take from 1 to 3 weeks.

Choice of materials

Two types of bricks are used for arranging a barbecue: fireproof and finishing. Of all the varieties of refractory bricks, fireclay is best. It contains a sufficient amount of clay and is not afraid of high temperatures. Finishing brick must have high quality, durability and good performance.

In addition to bricks, building mixes will be required. For their preparation you need to buy red clay, sand and cement. Clay will provide high-quality installation of refractory bricks. From it will create a special composition. Cement and sand will be used to create a finishing solution.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

Fireclay kiln bricks

The clay composition is created as follows:

  1. You will need to prepare clay, sand , cement and water.
  2. Clay should be poured with a certain amount of water and left in this state for about 5 days.
  3. After which it is mixed with water to create a homogeneous mass.
  4. Then a small amount of sifted sand and cement grade 200 are added to the solution.
  5. All elements are thoroughly mixed. This process of preparation of the composition is completed.


To begin with, a pedestal is laid out of brick. It is recommended that its design provides for a woodpile with the amount of firewood, which is enough for 3 sessions of the firebox. For work, you will need a facing brick. The height of the structure should be 70 cm, but this figure often varies depending on the specialist who performs the work.

Next is the construction of the stove. Its width should be about 6 bricks, and the depth should be 3. The arrangement of the furnace is not particularly complex, the main thing to consider is that another row of facing bricks will be installed on top of the fireclay masonry.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

The construction process of a barbecue

The installation of fireclay bricks is carried out in 2 rows. It is recommended to use reinforcement rods for overlapping areas.The order should be thought out in advance, during the preparation of the plan and drawings.

Next, the pipe is laid. For this, fireclay bricks and clay composition are used. Behind the stove settles a tooth, it will help improve traction. Inside the pipe will need to install the valve.

You can learn more about building a barbecue from this video:

Roasting and drying

Immediately after the construction of a barbecue should be carried out burning. For this, firewood and coal are laid and set on fire. This will help ensure internal firing of the surface of the structure. The temperature is recommended to bring to the maximum possible.

After firing, you will need to provide drying. In the summer, it will take at least 5 days, and in the fall or spring - 20 days. In this case, the design is better to cover the film to guarantee protection from precipitation.

Brick barbecue stove: the feasibility of construction, varieties, construction process

Barbecue stove with decorative veneer

Then the decoration of the structure is carried out. Remnants of mortar are removed from the bricks. If desired, you can make a decorative lining using different materials. Then the barbecue will be completely ready for use.

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Building a barbecue is a great idea that does not require a huge investment in implementation. The simplest structures can be built in just a few days. The implementation of complex creative ideas will take longer, but after the first cooking in the open air it will become obvious that it was worth it. Moreover, you can always entrust the construction to professionals who will do their work quickly and efficiently.


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