advantages, popular models and prices

In this article we will tell you about what a 3x4 meter greenhouse is. You will learn what advantages the design of such dimensions has, and also you will be able to familiarize yourself with the most common models of greenhouses that have such dimensions. The article has an interesting video review of the Uralochka greenhouse, as well as an analysis of prices for greenhouses in Moscow and the Moscow region.

advantages, popular models and prices

A 3x4 greenhouse will be a useful addition to your garden

A little about the dimensions of 3x4

Polycarbonate greenhouse with dimensions of 3x4 m is the best solution in terms of price / quality. It has the following advantages:

  • It is easy to care for a 3x4 greenhouse because of its small size . It does not require too much soil, fertilizer. On an area of ​​12 m², drip irrigation can be easily arranged.

  • A greenhouse of this size can be called affordable , because budget options cost 10-12 thousand rubles .

  • Relatively small greenhouses are most resistant to sudden temperature drops , due to the fact that there is a small volume under the covering material of air.

  • If we talk about additional heating , then it will not require much forces and means . In addition, a small amount of electricity will suffice.

Often, polycarbonate is used as a covering material, because such a coating gives high UV protection.

advantages, popular models and prices

Small polycarbonate greenhouses are well protected from solar radiation.

If we talk about the utility of a 3x4 greenhouse, we can be sure that vegetables and the greens collected from such a square will be quite enough for a family of 4-5 people. With proper allocation of space and the use of trellis harvest will increase.

Description of some models of greenhouses

For sale there are a large number of different models of 3x4 greenhouses. Consider some of them.

Greenhouse "Stolichnaya"

This model has been recognized by all summer residents and gardeners due to its robust frame. The base is made of durable galvanized steel pipe. The design consists of interconnected arc-trusses. The manufacturer claims that such a device is designed for snow loads up to 200 kg.

advantages, popular models and prices

Greenhouse "Stolichnaya" has a strong frame
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Of the main characteristics, it is worth noting thick - 4 mm polycarbonate, two doors and two air vents. The model is designed specifically for the northern regions of Russia.

The following details are included in the 3x4 greenhouse package:

  • Two ends .

  • Five arched arcs .

  • Eighteen screeds 0.65 m .

  • Four bases for bottom .

  • Basic fittings .

  • Passport and warranty for the Stolichnaya greenhouse .

If you purchased such a greenhouse by 3 meters and then realized that there is still enough space, you can purchase additional arches and polycarbonate and increase the design in length.

Greenhouse "Kremlin"

The main feature of the design is that the frame consists of a double galvanized pipe with a section of 25x25 mm. The arc pitch is 1 m. At the ends of the greenhouse there are two air vents.

In general, the Kremlin greenhouse refers to high-quality and reliable structures that have been recognized among gardeners. It is interesting that such greenhouses can tolerate freezing rain. In addition, this greenhouse is very resistant to corrosion, because the frame is covered with powder composition. Particularly carefully processed joints and seams.

advantages, popular models and prices

The framework of the “Kremlin” greenhouse is literally protected from only

It is recommended to put such greenhouses on a foundation from a bar. If this is not possible, you should use the lugs. Of the possible improvements, it is worth noting sections for increasing the length and additional vents in the side walls. All this can be bought in almost any store for a garden.

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Greenhouse "Uralochka Reinforced"

The model relates to arched structures. Its functionality and practicality tested by time."Uralochka" perfectly fights snow loads, is not afraid of hail. The declared maximum wind speed is 30 m / s.

Greenhouse of the “Uralochka Reinforced” type is different in that the joints and connections are made more reliably than on the standard model. In addition, the frame includes additional stiffeners. Another difference is the reduced arc pitch: if it is 1 m in the standard construction, then in the reinforced one it is only 67 cm.

advantages, popular models and prices

This is what the greenhouse “Uralochka reinforced” looks like

The package of such a greenhouse has the following form:

  • attachment to the ground ;

  • set of arcs , two doors ;

  • two air vents for airing ;

  • two gables ;

  • base and longitudinal couplers ;

  • fittings and fasteners elements ;

  • product passport;

  • polycarbonate 4 mm .

When disassembled, the reinforced Uralochka takes up very little space and can be transported by car.

As already mentioned, such a 3x4 greenhouse is resistant to wind loads. This is described in more detail in the following video:

How much does a greenhouse 3x4 meters

The price of such a greenhouse is rather low - you can buy a greenhouse 3x4 at such rates :

If we talk about the Stolichnaya greenhouse with a length of 4 m, then in Moscow you can find such a structure for 12,000 rubles. However, in most stores this greenhouse has a price of 13,000–14,000 in Russian currency. More expensive will be the greenhouse "Kremlin" 3x4. For it will have to pay about 15 500 - 16 000 rubles. There are greenhouses of such dimensions with an opening lid. An example of this design is the Tulip greenhouse. It costs about 20 000 rubles.

According to many experts, the best option is the Uralochka hotbed, because, having a fairly strong frame and thick polycarbonate, it costs around 13,000 rubles.

advantages, popular models and prices

Such a structure costs about 13,000 rubles

An interesting option is the Harvest glasshouse. Its frame is made of a 25x25 mm square profile and a 5 mm thick polycarbonate coating. On such a greenhouse 3x4 of polycarbonate in Moscow, the price was set at around 15,000 rubles.

All other types and models of greenhouses are analogues of the ones described above and cost about the same. Therefore you can be guided by the prices offered by us.

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Maintenance of a 3x4 greenhouse does not require significant labor costs, besides this, a greenhouse with such dimensions is not too expensive. But the place inside is enough, in order to provide your table with fresh vegetables and greens. Therefore, the 3x4 greenhouse can be called a good option for summer residents and gardeners, because it fits very well into the garden and will bring many benefits.

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