What to look for when choosing a land plot

Having your own plot of land gives a feeling of stability, reliability and confidence in the future. Tomorrow, of course, may not come, however, you will have an asset that you can always sell and survive difficult times.

What to look for when choosing a land plot

A piece of land is not only a place to build a house, but also an asset that pays dividends and does not devalue

The land will always be in price: as can be seen from the Soviet thriller “White Dew”, while the young and unencumbered son of the protagonist played the accordion, the old grandfather took away a magnificent plot with a house near the city. The film could be added to the style of "fantasy", but alas, they were given compensation in the form of an apartment. The townsfolk would think now that the musical instrument is to blame, but at the end of the film, on the face of the pensioner, it is clear that he had guessed something.

First trip to the site: exploring the terrain

A good site will envy relatives, pride in children and joy in friends, so you must choose the best one.

Let us examine the main points to be paid attention to:

  • Proximity to infrastructure . The item is optional, but still it is better to choose a place closer to the grocery store. Pay attention to the access roads: in case of an emergency, the access of the fire engine, ambulance will play a decisive role.

  • Neighbors . Oddly enough, but before you buy a plot, you must carefully consider the territory of neighbors. The location of the sump is of paramount importance. As a rule, they are located in the most inconspicuous places, and the ignorant neighbor will not even know that there is a septic tank under his windows. Pay attention to the presence of bias from neighbors in the direction of your future manor.

Note! Browse the official website of the "Ministry of Emergency Situations" with a detailed map of fixing and monitoring of flooding. The terrain for living should be dry and on a relative elevation.

What to look for when choosing a land plot

And yet, the neighbors are our everything. Some do not cause any trouble, others will make life impossible. If the lack of a developed infrastructure can be experienced, moreover, over time, it will appear, then it’s better to warn the neighbors about the situation. . In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.
  • The presence of an unregistered construction in progress . It is not recommended to buy land under construction, as you may be faced with legal delays. It is best to use the services of professionals - this will help avoid judicial problems, and besides, the assistance provided is not expensive.

  • Communications . The presence of gas, electricity, central water supply, sewage will greatly facilitate the construction of a new house, however, the medal has a downside: the cost of land will differ significantly from the “bare” plot.

  • Soil quality . It is not advisable to buy a plot with sandy ground or in marshland. Otherwise, you will have to shell out for a solid reinforced foundation, which will significantly increase the cost of the house. In addition, it would be impossible to make a cellar, a sauna or a garage under the house in rolling ground. If the territory is "flat, like your ex" - you must take it.

What to look for when choosing a land plot

Being not professional, it is difficult to give an objective assessment and expert opinion when choosing a site
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About 10 important questions you need to know when choosing a plot of land for building a house, see the following video:

Additional trivia that you need to find out

It is clear that the main thing is a flat and dry area, however, if there are nuances that can significantly complicate living in a country house. After inspecting the estate, proceed to a thorough study of everyday issues:

  • Garbage collection . Oddly enough, but this service is not available in every village. If you are planning to live as a big family, then this question is quite important for you. There is an alternative - private companies that will come to your house once a month or quarter. This item can be added and cleaning the septic tank. Look at the options for driving the car to the site, as well as estimate the future location of the sump.

  • Neighbors have pets or farm animals .For a city person who wants to live a quiet life outside the city, silence will be a matter of principle. Therefore, in advance go around all the neighbors and talk unobtrusively.

  • Urban Transport . Despite the fact that in the modern world almost everyone has a personal car, the bus stop of public transport next to it will not be superfluous. As a rule, service stations are far away and not the fact that in the winter you will be able to reach it. Consider some autonomy from the system, as an alternative way to solve current problems.

What to look for when choosing a land plot

The more information on the site at the planning stage of the purchase, the less unpleasant surprises and future expenses during construction and operation
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The legal component when purchasing a plot

The purchase and sale agreement is drawn up in 2 copies and signed in the presence of a notary. Having obtained the right to a land plot, you automatically become a taxpayer, regardless of whether you use it or not.

Note! Pay attention to the documents accompanying the site: the purpose of using possession is registered in the technical passport and determines the type of construction and norms.

Before you purchase a territory for the construction of a residential house, carefully study the norms of the location of buildings: for example, for a cottage village, the distance from the house to the fence on all sides should not be less than 3 meters, and this can be decisive if the plot is elongated.

The principles of a competent planning of a country house plan regarding the land boundaries are shown in the video:

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The purchase of a land plot is an important moment in the life of any person; therefore, it is best to turn to professionals who will help not only to choose a plot at an affordable price, but also to correctly draw up a sales contract.

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