what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Facing the basement of the house is an important stage of all work on the overall decoration of the building. The article describes the versions of the base, its protective properties, and various methods of installation, stages of work. After reading the article, you will know about the different ways of lining the foundation and the materials used for this.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

The decorative base not only serves as a decoration for the house, but also protects the foundation from destruction

Execution options for the base

For the selection of the necessary material take into account all the features of the design.

There are types of the structure of the base :

  • a speaker;

  • located in the same plane;

  • zapadayuschy.

Westerner - located with a slight displacement inward relative to the main building. Typically, the recess is 50 mm. With this option, finishes with the lowest cost, you can make the drain almost imperceptible.

If the base does not stand out and is located at the same distance from the front, sealing will be required. During the construction phase, a drainage system is performed.

With a protruding view, it is necessary to think carefully about the drain so that water does not accumulate between the wall and the foundation.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

The protruding base must be protected with a rain drain


Performing the finishing base is especially necessary for reliable protection of everything buildings.

Advantages of facing the lower part of the house:

  • Protection from adverse effects: sunlight, precipitation, wind.

  • Saves the surface from dirt and destruction.

  • Extension of durability housing.

  • Protects the foundation from the formation of mold and mildew.

  • Additional thermal insulation . Thermal layer contributes to the insulation of the building, protects against problems. The top trim allows you to hide this layer and protect it from the cold.

  • Decorative qualities . Beautiful lining significantly change the appearance of the building.

Mounting methods

There are two finishing options surfaces for the house plinth:

  • dry;

  • wet.

In the first case, the selected material is placed directly on the frame. You can mount it without a grid.

The second option is more difficult: glue or special solution is used for the base. The foundation can be finished with plaster.

It is important to consider the frost resistance of the product. It must withstand several cycles and not be deformed.

The product must be resistant to moisture and chemicals.

It is better to purchase finishing materials in reliable places. It is worth paying special attention to the manufacturer.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Brick basement finish
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The frame method

The materials for finishing the basement of a private house are installed on the batten. This is a relatively new way.

You can use:


One of the possible ways of finishing is to plaster the basement of the house with plastic panels.

They are made of various materials, it can be sheeting or siding. It is necessary to choose options that are designed to finish the base. They have special, more resistant characteristics.

Advantages of plastic panels:

  • Simplicity of installation.

  • Accessibility , cost-effective. This option provides an inexpensive and high-quality material.

  • Additional thermal insulation . Frame installation performs two functions of ventilation and insulation.

  • Excellent decorative qualities . Usually panels are made in the form of natural materials.

  • A wide selection of different textures and colors.

Technology installations:

  1. The framework is made of metal or wooden slats.

  2. The panels are attached to the sheathing with screws.

  3. Angles are lined with corner elements.

  4. In the upper part of the foundation set the ebb .

Thermal panels are becoming increasingly popular. They combine the best qualities of panels and tiles. They are based on insulation, applied to it ceramics.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Thermopanels may have a different external structure: "under the brick", "under the stone" and others
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Tile and porcelain stoneware

Often used ceramic tiles for facing the basement of the house.It is made from sand-polymer composite. It is a fairly inexpensive option.

Benefits :

  • different shape and color;

  • plastic structure;

  • low weight;

  • resistance to moisture, sun, damage;

  • can imitate stone or brick.

Among the shortcomings of :

There are no additional elements, corner adjustment is required.

The tile can be fixed:

  • with special glue , after cleaning and priming the surface;

  • on crate , with facade insulation.

Porcelain tile is installed on the batten. Choose it because of the increased reliability.

Advantages of materials:

  • Due to the frame, a small load on the structure is provided.

  • Quick installation . Run it can only specialist. For the installation of porcelain tiles requires special hardware.

  • Durability , it is very durable and reliable material.

  • Resistance to moisture.

The main disadvantage is the high cost. Cheap tile mostly indicates low quality.

Artificial stone is a good alternative to tile. Such elements are installed on the batten.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Plates are difficult to distinguish from a real brick


This method of finishing has an affordable cost, has near benefits:

  • long life use;

  • minimum load on frame;

  • there are corner details ;

  • you do not need to create your own foundation ;

  • excellent decorative properties ;

  • variety ;

  • imitation brickwork ;

  • the floor is stylized under the stone .

Can be fixed with:

  • applying glue ;

  • on the frame , using insulation.

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Beskarkasny method

A variant of the fine finish of the basement of a private house is the use of the frameless method.


  • Perfectly suitable for foundations made from piles or blocks. To perform the brickwork you need to make a good support.

  • It has a special resistance to external factors.

  • Only professionals must perform the work, this requires some experience.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Red brick finish


The simplest and most economical finish option - using plaster. It is performed with a special mixture for outdoor use. From above cover with a protective layer of a water emulsion or acrylic paint. It also serves as surface decoration.

It can be finished with wall insulation or without it.

The order of work execution :

  • The surface must be prepared .

  • Apply a layer of glue and fix the insulating material.

  • Strengthen insulation with dowels.

  • Apply a layer of the solution.

  • Stretch the reinforcing mesh.

  • Dry the surface.

  • Put plaster with a spatula, level.

  • Cover with protective paint.

Mosaic plaster is very popular. It contains small crumb in the composition. After drying, the impression of a multi-colored mosaic. It has excellent waterproof properties. This is provided by the resin as a binder.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Finishing with plaster covered with paint

Stone cladding

Finishing the base can be done with an artificial or natural stone . The process is quite complicated. The stone is strong and durable material. This explains its high cost. Requires constant and thorough care.

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Natural stone

This material is quite heavy.

Basically for finishing use :

  • granite;

  • gravel;

  • dolomite.

Advantages of stone:

  • special strength;

  • waterproof;

  • long service life.

Disadvantages :

  • cladding is performed without insulation;

  • not under repair;

  • many mortar joints are formed.

For its styling you need:

  1. It is good to prepare the surface.

  2. Clean and treat with a primer.

  3. The foundation is covered with reinforced mesh and plastered.

  4. Make up markup , then the parts are laid.

  5. Attach products with special glue.

  6. It is necessary to leave a small gap between the fragments.

  7. At the end there is grouting and installation of the reflux.

The same principle is used for laying ceramic tiles.

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

The base of the house, covered with a small stone

Artificial stone

It is a concrete slab with a decorative outer layer . It adds a special moisture-resistant compositions. For special wear resistance the front side is painted. This material is suitable for any external coating.

To finish the do the following:

  1. Clean the foundation from dust and dirt.

  2. Eliminate the errors of the old layer.

  3. Primer the surface.

  4. glue is applied.

  5. Fixing plates .

what material is better for finishing the foundation outside, how to sheathe

Artificial stone tiles


The decorative part of the decoration is equally important .

You can apply for it:

  • Coloring , any necessary shade is selected that best suits the exterior facing of the house.

  • Decorative or textured look plaster . It is made in various colors, there are options with the addition of a fraction of natural stone. This is a relief stucco.

  • Materials with a simple imitation of natural stone or brick.

In the video process of facing the basement with stone:

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Facing the base is an important stage in building a house. In addition to creating decorative functions, this process protects the surface from moisture and dirt. Provides strength and reliability of the foundation and the entire dwelling. Guarantees the long term of its service.

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