What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

The range of finishing materials for facades is constantly expanding, new improved views are emerging. The outdated ones that have lost their demand are replaced by new ones, to which there are no complaints, since they contain all the best qualities put forward to this category of building materials. Buy fiber cement panels for exterior home decoration is worth it and those who, in addition to the strength characteristics, strive to ensure that the facade of the house is modern and attractive.

The fiber plate is considered to be one of the newest types of finishing building material, it has enhanced strength regardless of weather and temperature conditions. All varieties are distinguished by a multi-colored, attractive structure, made from composite cement, which gives grounds to attribute them to modern materials of a new generation.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

House with facade trimming plates

What kind of material, why is so popular

Fiber plates - a new, unique according to the properties and characteristics of the finishing material intended for finishing the facades. It consists of:

  • composite cement - 90%;

  • cellulose fibers s mineral-based fillers - 10%.

The structure shown in the figure below is:

  • water-repellent layer ;

  • a sheet of fiber cement composition;

  • decorative upper layer.

Produced by a special technology: heat treatment and pressing. This gives strength and endurance to the material, which is important in the Russian climate. It calmly withstands, as the extremely high temperatures, so very low without loss of quality and strength properties. Fiber cement panel has a very high resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Attention ! Fiber plates have a weight less than ceramic granite. This gives them more privileges to use. With a lesser degree of load on the base, they are not inferior to granite in terms of heat preservation.

Fiber plates are unpretentious in maintenance, easy to clean, and even after rain or snow melting.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Structure of the fibropanel


Technological characteristics possessed by fiber-cement panels for exterior decoration of the house, price does not matter, must meet the requirements of GOST number 8747-88. Their quantity of this material is not too much, and they are listed in the table:


Standard requirements of GOST

Density (in g / m 3 )


Frost resistance (in cycles)


Lifetime (in years)


Water absorption (in% of the mass of the plates)


Strength for bending (in MPa)

≥ 24

Impact strength (in kJ / m 2 )

≥ 2

Average weight (kg / m 2 )



length (in m)

1.5-3 , 6

thickness (in cm)


width (in m)


The last indicator, we recall, is not regulated by GOST, the dimensions of the plates may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Production - technology features

Fiber cement products are produced at specialized factories equipped with appropriate equipment with subsequent (mandatory) laboratory control. Manufacturing consists of three stages. At the first stage:

  • preparation of the raw material base;

  • the working mixture is mixed;

  • dyes and other additives are added;

  • blanks of plates are formed.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Plant for the production of fiber cement products

At the second stage, one of the two production technologies of the product is carried out:

  1. Autoclave . Prepared blanks are placed in special tanks and processed at a very high pressure and temperature . This bakes cement particles and dye additives in a holistic array.

  2. Pressing . This is done in order to provide the prepared forms with enhanced strength properties. To make hygroscopicity less, resulting in an increase in stability and strength. In the process of pressing, the corresponding figure with texture is formed on the upper (front) layer.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

The second stage of manufacturing material

At the third stage of production, the plates are:

  • cutting to the desired dimensions;

  • sanding the edges of the cut with a clean surface so that the quality of the plates meets the requirements and description;

  • applying protective and decorative coatings on the front surface.

Before being sent to the trading warehouses, the plates must undergo laboratory control without fail.

It is important ! At the last stage, the manufacturer produces a rejection of plates for deviation from the norm, non-compliance with GOST and other shortcomings.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

The plates are cut, polished and ready for shipment to the trading warehouses

Components of fibreboards:

  1. Portland cement . It is required as a knitting component. Due to its presence, the product acquires the necessary supply of strength with resistance to environmental influences and temperature fluctuations.

  2. Sand . It must be sieved before use. Takes river or mined in a career. Used as placeholder . There should be no clay or any other impurities in this sand.

  3. Fiberglass . The material is needed to increase the degree of resistance to bending and compensating tensile forces. Such reinforcement increases the stiffness of plates.

  4. Fillers and modifying additives. They make the material very resistant to high humidity , ultraviolet and weather factors.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

The composition of the fiber plate

Before you buy fiber cement panels for exterior decoration of the house in Moscow and not only, you should decide on the view, and there are several of them.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies with a full production cycle, which provide all basic and related services related to the organization of life outside the city, including design and construction of turnkey country houses.

Plate types and differences

Fibrotsementny (composite) plates have several varieties. They can be distinguished in the range of stores, even in appearance.


  1. Color . The color variety allows you to choose the color that most fits and to architecture , and according to personal preferences .

  2. Surface , relief , texture . The structure of fiberboard plates is very difficult to distinguish from natural surfaces.

  3. Protection . A quality product must have a protective layer. It is considered to be a barrier against penetration of moisture and burnout surfaces.

Imitation of natural surfaces, where:

the top layer resembles:

  1. Masonry . Produced in different versions and colors.

  2. Brick wall. The main part of the assortment is produced in red colors or yellow . True, some manufacturers have other tones.

  3. Painted wood. There are various imitations of fine wood and their shades.

  4. Stone crumb . They can differ in the number of inclusions, and in color, and in the dimensions of the fractions.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Imitation of natural surfaces

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Heterogeneous upper layer with imitation of stone crumb

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Relief surface of wood
Note ! Some types of fiber plates are produced and marketed with unpainted top layer. This is done so that the buyer himself could choose the color scheme and apply it to the plates.

Other types of differences:

  1. By production methods. Autoclaved or pressed.

  2. Coverage with anti-vandal properties. Such panels are particularly durable and durable.

  3. With the ability to withstand high humidity. Produce with normal indicators of resistance to moisture and with increased.

  4. Fire Resistance . The entire product range is divided into flat plates with standard indicators of this parameter and increased .

  5. Dimensions . Each manufacturer may be different. Here, clear standards do not necessarily follow.

  6. Texture . There may be matte , laminated and texture .

  7. Weight . The products of medium density is intended for private households, with increased - for industrial buildings.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

For an assortment of facades

For the installation of Nytiha panels (NICHIHA), see the following video:

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Advantages with disadvantages

From the properties and qualities with which fiber-cement panels for exterior decoration of a house are endowed, the price in Moscow will differ, and quite decently. These differences will be based only on the manufacturer, including delivery, if the product is imported from Europe. The entire range of the global construction market is high-quality fiber plates with such advantages as:

  • Specific weight. It is considered to be small . Such plates are easily mounted, the load on the foundation have a small.

  • Nonflammable . The material does not burn, does not spread the flame, on the contrary, serves as an obstacle for its distribution.

  • Hygroscopicity . The composition of the plates contains water repellents. Due to their presence, the plates do not absorb moisture from somewhere else (inside or outside). While remaining breathable material.

  • Durability . The average operational period is 40-50 years. This is a very good indicator for our microclimate.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Fiber plates are a modern high-tech material
  • Environmental cleanliness. Fiber plates do not consist of harmful compounds, do not evaporate them during operation or work with them.

  • Heat - and insulation . In combination with an additional heat-insulating ball (on the basis of a mineral wool) is ideal.

  • Installation . Due to its low weight and relatively large dimensions, installation is quick. For the price of such a finish will be much cheaper than plaster. In addition, plates can be laid at any temperature.

  • Versatility . Fiber cement panels and siding are dozens of designs in terms of appearance, size, texture, and imitation of natural materials.

Note ! Only one controversial point - some private homeowners, considering the fibrous plate unattractive, still continue to prefer decorative plaster or natural finishing materials. This is a personal matter for everyone, so no one will insist and impose this particular decoration, and has no right.

Overview of fiber-cement panels with thermal protection:

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Where it is used

Not only private homeowners are ready and willing to buy fiber cement boards for the exterior of the house, these products are in demand and in the decoration:

  • high-rise buildings;

  • wooden structures or made of brick;

  • facades after reconstruction.

Fiber cement boards are used inside the building:

  • to produce partitions ;

  • finishing walls inside residential buildings;

  • decorating wall surfaces in public and entertainment rooms;

  • in ventilation shafts;

  • in creating suspended ceilings.

Due to their high strength, they are well suited for:

  • stations ;

  • sports complexes;

  • shopping rooms;

  • entertainment complexes.

The refractoriness of fiber cement panels will be very helpful in:

  • pools ;

  • baths ;

  • saunas ;

  • in fireplaces and furnaces .

Compatibility of all these properties in one material - the ability to create a variety of design projects and unique and colorful options.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Scope of application and use of fiber cement plates

Installation - installation rules and sequence of actions

You need to lay fiber cement plates after the frame is made:

  1. To do this, surface of the supporting walls are fastened metal bracket using construction screws. The stepping distance between the guides should be on average 60 cm.

  2. Horizontal profile structures, fasten directly to the bracket with rivets or with the same screws.

  3. After that heat insulator is laid, on top of the layer waterproofing .

  4. Then a windproof layer (film) is laid.

  5. The fiber-cement plate is fixed with dowels directly onto the frame.

What you need to know about fiber cement facade panels for exterior home and its benefits

Wall prepared for fibreboard lining

Video material about fiber cement boards:

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How much will the facade decoration cost the fiber cement siding

The cost spread can be large. It will be important to know those who decided to buy fiber cement panels for exterior decoration of a house in Moscow. The price of 1 m 2 will depend on the manufacturer, texture, dimensions of the plates and the region in which the sale is made.

For clarity, we present a table with an approximate cost of products from different manufacturers.



Dimensions (in m)


Weight (kg per m 2 )

Estimated cost (per m 2 in rubles)


3831 NA - NT383KMEW

0. 016 * 3. 03 * 0

Imitation of masonry with photo-ceramic coating




NF3831GA - NF3835GKMEW

0. 016 * 3. 03 * 0

Imitation of natural masonry with a coating of hydrophilic ceramics





0. 014 * 1. 59 * 0. 455

Imitation of stone (wild), crushed or offended brick, tile (clinker), decorative plaster. With a water-repellent acrylic-based face layer





0. 012 * 3. 6 * 0. 19

Imitation of wood paneling. There are more than 10 varieties of variations and shades





0. 010 * 3. 1 * 1.22

Imitation of textured plaster. The range consists of 40 varieties of colors





0. 014 * 3. 03 * 0. 455

Shock-resistant plates with self-cleaning effect. Imitation of masonry made of brick, wild stone and decorative plaster



Sun. Stone

Sun. Stone

0. 015 * 3 * 0. 615

Panels coated with an acrylic layer. There is a large selection of textures



Stages of installation of fiber cement boards and other information about the material, see the following video:

In conclusion

The cost of some types of fiber cement siding may seem too high. But if we consider the long life and all other positive qualities, then this is justified. Especially when compared with other types of finishing materials for the facade of houses. Independently install the panels correctly will not succeed, the material is new and not everyone knows the subtleties of working with it. Therefore, trust the profile companies from the list on our website.


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