what it is, varieties, cost and installation

Installation of doors and windows in wooden houses is a specific procedure that requires special attention. After the construction of the house of wood, its shrinkage is inevitable, which will be accompanied by tangible changes in the geometry of the whole structure, though insignificant in appearance. Therefore, the installation of doors and window structures on a bare log house is impossible, since it is guaranteed to crush them over time. In order to avoid such a scenario, the builder needs to know what an offensive is in a wooden house and how to properly build and install it.

what it is, varieties, cost and installation

Externally installed casing seems to be just an edging for the window

What is casing and how does it work

Construction methods and materials used are constantly updated. Contrary to this, wooden buildings have not lost their popularity. They have such qualities as: environmental friendliness and heat capacity, and also have an excellent appearance.

In addition to the advantages, there are some drawbacks for wooden houses. One of them is the constant fluctuation of the size of the "box". Even if the house is no longer subject to shrinkage, all the same, during the whole year, it first gathers and then gives moisture.

Important! Wintering is used to reduce the effects of shrinkage. Its meaning is to give a rebuilt box at home to stand under its own weight for a while. During this time the logs "will find their place", as the builders say, and further the shrinkage ratio will be much smaller.

However, even after wintering, the situation becomes not much better and obkosyachka windows and doors in cant houses are still needed. In fact, this is just an additional frame, which is thus fixed in the log house, that it can be slightly moved from side to side (approximately 7 cm) - this is usually enough so that the deformation of the log house does not directly affect the window.

Casing details are the apex, two side parts, and also a window sill or threshold for the window and door opening, respectively.

what it is, varieties, cost and installation

The sieves of various configurations in the collection

The windows and doors in the wooden house perform the following functions:

  • Prevents movement of the walls between the openings;

  • Reduces the risk of loss of tightness between contiguous parts;

  • Provides good functional status of doors and double-glazed windows, eliminates their deformation and destruction;

  • Helps preserve the geometry of the log house, strengthens the end portion of the openings and keeps the rims, preventing them from moving.

The optimal width of the components of the casing is 20-25 centimeters. The use of a smaller thickness of the box is not recommended, as this type of construction will be weak. In turn, exceeding 25 centimeters will cause cracks in the wood structure. This can cause destruction of the box. For the same reasons, experts recommend the use of timber with a moisture content of 10-15%.

Varieties of tangs

The variety of methods for setting the casing is large, each of which has its own pros and cons. There are the following types of okosyachek:

U-shaped okosyachka "in the deck"

By the cost of labor and materials, this type of okosyachek most expensive. A spike is created in the end portions of the opening, which serves as a guide for the box. Grooves are cut out on its sides. The vertex is attached to the side decks by self-tapping screws, and the threshold or window sill, with the help of wooden nails, dowels.

Clearly creating a U-shaped okosyachki from scratch on the video:

T-shaped octagus or "into thorn"

In fact, this is the same previous one, but vice versa - a groove is cut in the box, with dimensions suitable for a spike prepared in advance on the side walls of the box. Fastening the upper and lower boards is made similarly to the previous method.


The cheapest type of mowing windows in wooden houses, due to the use of inexpensive materials. It is used when internal and external finishing works (sheathing) are planned.

Finishing casing

It does not need finishing, and also has a slope for installing a window frame, which can be mounted directly after fixing the box. The technology is similar to the T-shaped okosyachkoy.

Arched casing

It is a decorative look, and also has a time-consuming manufacturing and installation process. But at the same time, it is valued for its decorative, original look. Okosyachka (obsad) window openings in a wooden house in the form of arches may consist of several glued elements, as well as one curved bar.


It is made by the glue method and has a thickness of wood of 9 centimeters and more. It is used for large window and door openings that require reinforced duct construction, such as: panoramic and arched windows, gates, balconies.

what it is, varieties, cost and installation

Types of performance of the mowing

Euro-chat room

This is another type of box that does not require subsequent finishing works, and also has a slope for the installation of windows and doors. A feature of this type is the use of solid lamellae of wood with the use of adhesive composition.

Combined okosyachka

The base is made of solid wood, and the outer layer is of a set-adhesive decorative plate, which can be made of various wood species. Beautiful appearance and low cost are combined in this type of casing.

Okosyachka for plastic windows

Okosyachka for plastic windows in a wooden house is carried out not only for double-glazed windows made of wood, but also for plastic ones. Installation of windows from this material has its own characteristics. The opening in the house should be wider than the glass by 10 centimeters.

Important! When determining the size of the gap, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the box and the seams, as well as the coefficient of shrinkage of the structure.

It is recommended to order plastic windows already after installing the okosyachki box. Installation of double-glazed windows occurs according to a more complex scheme. The grooves are made with grooves (a box assembled from a bar, with a groove prepared in advance for a spike), the size of which should allow the frame to slide easily along the guides during shrinkage.

Clearly about installing PVC windows on video:

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that plastic windows should not be installed without the osyatyachki.

Prices for okosyachku wooden houses

Installing the casing - an important element in the construction of the house of wood. Prices for this service vary, and consist of: the size of the door or window opening, the diameter of the timber, the formation and preparation of openings. Also taken into account the complexity of manufacturing and installation okosyachki.

The profile of this service is for companies that produce windows of wood. In the Russian market there is both a draft and fair okosyachka. Consider how much it costs okosyachka windows in a wooden house, the price for each of the materials indicated the average, and depending on the technology, the company's qualifications, it can vary as a smaller and larger side.

Okosyachki material

Price in rubles per meter.

Draft box

Array pine

500-1500 (depending on the manufacturing technology)

Finishing box

Solid pine


Glued pine


Glued larch


Prices do not include finishing and painting works. Usually, the cost of installation of casing, exceeds the cost of its manufacture.

The installation of an okosyachka

The okosyachka for each opening in a wooden house is made individually and should not interfere with the natural process of shrinkage. To do this, leave a gap between the top of the opening and the aperture of about 7 centimeters.

what it is, varieties, cost and installation

Procedure for installing the ossyachki

For warming and sealing a wooden house, the space between the box and logs filled with insulation.

Important! The use of polyurethane foam is not recommended for sealing gaps, as it is not elastic.

For proper installation of the casing, the following nuances should be observed:

  • 80 centimeters from the floor - the height at which the window opening should be cut;

  • Depending on the type of okosyachki, a comb or a groove is cut out;

  • All building materials from wood are impregnated with a special antiseptic composition;

  • All around the perimeter heat insulation material is laid.

Care should be taken that the screws used to assemble the casing box are not in contact with the wall beams. Only after the installation of the okosyachki is completed, you can proceed to the internal and external decoration of the house. The platbands and the ebb are fixed from the outside of the opening.

Violation of technology and its consequences.

Failure to follow the casing assembly technique can cause unpleasant consequences for the owner of a tree house. They are divided into natural and artificial.

The natural ones are:

  • The appearance of gaps between the box and the logs;

  • Offset of the walls between the log openings;

  • Distortion of a log house and its walls;

  • Destruction of a double-glazed window;

  • Need for regular adjustment of window opener settings ;

  • The same violations when opening doors.

what it is, varieties, cost and installation

The window and the glass

burst in the window without shrinking the house Artificial consequences are most often caused by the installation of okosyachki substitutes, which serve as a board or a bar. Recently, such a replacement has become popular among ignorant people. Its consequence is not a waste of money to replace the casing design. It should be borne in mind that only the structure of the array is able to withstand the load that shrinks on the window and door openings.

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conclusion door shrinkage. Also, special attention should be paid to the choice of material and casing design. For quality and fast provision of this service, you should contact the professionals.


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