what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

Swing-bed not only decorates the garden area, but also has extensive functionality. They serve as a place for recreation, a territory for sleeping, games and outdoor activities. If you have never bought a swing, carefully study their features, because the appearance here is not the main role in the selection. What you should pay attention, this article will tell.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

The swing bed will decorate your garden

Country of manufacture

The most popular models are made in Belarus, Russia and China. These countries produce high-quality swing beds at prices that are affordable for most people.

Choice of buyers :

  • Successful furniture ( Russia );

  • Arno-Werk ( Russia );

  • Summer Suite ( Russia );

  • King Garden ( China );

  • Besta Fiesta ( China );

  • OLSA ( Belarus );

  • MebelBelTorg ( Belarus b).

Swing beds are also made in Italy. Such models have a sophisticated look and original design. Italian swings are luxury and have a high cost.

You will not lose the quality if you choose any of the producing countries. In this matter, you can focus on personal preferences.


Swing beds are made of metal, plastic or wood. Products made of plastic, although they have an attractive price, will not last long. They are suitable only for children and not for frequent use.

Metal swings

Steel is used as the base material for the manufacture of the frame, less often aluminum is used. In metal swing beds, the seat is also made of chrome-plated steel. This increases the wear resistance of places that are most often subjected to stress.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

Swing bed with a metal frame

If you decide to take a metal swing, pay attention to the diameter of the steel pipe from which it is made frame. He is 51; 60; 63; 63.5 and 76 mm. The wider the carrier pipe, the greater the load that the swing bed will withstand.

Wooden swing

Array - an environmentally friendly safe material. For strength, it is not inferior to steel, if properly processed. Choosing a garden swing-bed, pay attention to the tree from which the frame is made.

Oak, beech, and bamboo are considered the strongest. They are resistant to temperature and humidity. Less wear-resistant - pine and larch, but the models of these species are cheaper.

In the video you can see a wooden swing for the garden:

A wooden swing makes the setting in the courtyard cozy and warm. But require periodic treatment, during the rains or in the winter they are better to clean or hide under the cover. Metal swing is not capricious, they can be left in the yard for the whole winter.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

It’s better to remove a tree swing from the yard for the winter
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Design and installation method

The appearance can be varied. This concerns not only the color scale, but also the design solution.

In the fashion swing, resembling oriental decorations: the recumbent seat is hidden under the roof and tulle in the form of a canopy.

Appearance depends on how the bed is fixed. It can be suspended or with a frame.

Suspended swing-bed

The base is mounted between trees or specially installed pillars. If necessary, the removable part can be removed. The disadvantage of this method of attachment is that the swings are installed only in one selected place in the garden.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

Suspended swing-bed

Swing bed with frame

The base is attached to a stable frame. There is no need to mount the product in the floor. Having bought a garden swing-bed, you can move the bed along the entire perimeter of the yard or garden.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

The swing bed can be moved to any convenient place.

Suspended swing beds take up less space, but such models often do not have canopy covering from the sun. Swing with a frame more massive and for their installation it is necessary to allocate a platform.

Maximum load and number of seats

An important selection criterion is the maximum load on the seat or bed. It can vary from 200 to 700 kg. This figure includes the total weight of users and the severity of the mattress, if you decide to lay it.

Since the swing beds are not only for lying, but also for sitting, choose the required number of seats. You can buy 2, 3 and 4 seater swings.

Choosing the right option is very important if you decide to buy a bed swing. It is not necessary to purchase a model with the highest rates.Take a swing with such characteristics that will be relevant. Otherwise, you can overpay for unnecessary functionality.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

You can buy 2, 3 and 4 local swings
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Additional functions

A swing bed for summer cottage is created to make the rest comfortable. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to improve their products and provide it with additional functions :

  • several angles of the back position;

  • sitting place, folding into a bed like a sofa;

  • hooks to fix the position of the swing;

  • shelves for glasses and small things;

  • mounted roof .

If you are going to relax in the fresh air after lunch or in the evening, having come from work, do not save on comfort. Additional features will help to relax and get maximum pleasure from sleeping in the yard or garden.

what garden swing-bed can be bought cheaply in Moscow - prices, photos, video

Swing Bed with Hinged Roof

What Should Be Included

Manufacturers of Economy Class Even complement their products with items necessary for a comfortable rest:

  • Swing-bed with a canopy - this view allows you to relax in the shade, even if the weather is clear outside. The awning is made of wood, plastic or material

  • Bed swing with a mosquito net - some models have a zipper or a magnetic fastener, reliably protecting from insects.

  • Bed-swing with pillows and mattress - soft seat is made of artificial or cotton material, filling it with padding polyester, hallcon or polyurethane foam.

Where to buy and how much costs

You can buy a swing bed for a dacha at any store selling garden goods and a dacha. You will find even more choice in online stores. If you have not found the model you want, order it from a private master.

Price on average varies from 10,000 to 40,000 rubles. You can find models worth more than 100,000 rubles. It will be the swing arbors made of expensive artificial or natural materials.

Useful video on how to choose a swing-bed:

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Having installed a bed swing on a plot, you will not regret the money spent. To make the choice successful, listen to our advice, and, of course, be guided by your own preferences.

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