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A duplex is a country house consisting of two autonomous and mirrored sections. Each section is a separate house with its own entrance. According to the layout, dimensions, number of floors and the design of the facades, a variety of duplexes is not inferior to classic houses. Given that the cost of construction is distributed to two owners, plus some savings on finishing and "engineer", then to build a duplex, you can get by with a minimal budget, especially since you can always find an economy class project.

Often duplexes are designed in two floors, with part of the first floor being allotted to the attached garage. The layout of the neighboring households is almost always mirrored. At the entrance there is at least a small private courtyard.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Duplex projects often include a garage

Who are suitable duplexes

One house on the ground for 2 owners is The best way to solve many issues :

  • If the representatives of two generations of the same family want to live together, but not together.

  • If 2 families are ready to divide the common local area and settle in the same building, having received at the same time inexpensive private housing for construction and operation.

  • If the family plans to build such housing, a part of which can be leased and not worried about the reliability of the tenants.

  • If you need to build a house in the city, where for each household there is a minimum area of ​​land.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Duplex flat roof project

Duplex projects

Twin houses are designed according to same principles as ordinary cottages. Modern architects create all sorts of standard projects of duplex economy class for 2 families. If you wish, you can order an individual architectural development of housing, both economy and premium class. However, the very idea of ​​living two families in the same area, close to each other, most often involves the rational use of funds both for the construction of the building and its subsequent maintenance.

Since lately duplexes have become more and more interested, leading construction companies have begun to actively design all sorts of options for double houses. As a result, now any future homeowner can choose for themselves the most suitable ready-made project.

The choice of the project of the duplex is taking into account all the main factors :

  • type of layout;

  • number of storeys ;

  • quadrature;

  • wall material;

  • type of roof.

The process of choosing an architectural solution is complicated by the fact that it should completely suit both families who are going to share a common roof. Everything should fit - the layout of the rooms, the size of the backyard, the size and shape of the windows, as well as the appearance of the exterior and roofing material. Externally, the house should look like a solid architectural structure, with a single harmonious design.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Project of a modern duplex
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Duplex "turnkey": what the market offers

The main advantage of a two-family cottage is that construction costs are shared among the future owners, plus there is an opportunity to save some of the funds when finishing or engineering works. To get housing with even greater savings, faster, and at the same time not to delve into construction issues at all, it makes sense to order the construction of a turnkey duplex. In this case, the construction company assumes all stages of the construction of the building, including the preparation of the project and the final cleaning in the rooms with finishing.

When concluding an agreement on turnkey construction, the customer knows exactly when the house will be ready to move in, and how much the construction and finishing process will cost. This minimizes the risks of unplanned expenses and construction downtime.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Construction of an economy class duplex

Construction companies offer their clients both VIP solutions and simply high-quality architectural developments of duplexes - projects of houses for two families of economy class. Since there are diverse specialists in the staff of companies that offer turnkey construction, due to their complexity, they can offer customers favorable conditions. If one company performs all the design, construction, engineering and finishing works, then you just have to periodically monitor the entire process, and for this it is enough reports from the technical supervision. At the end of all the work you get a house, fully ready to move.

Duplexes, built on frame technology or from vulture panels, are particularly popular now.These two types of construction differ from the others by minimal costs and high construction speed. But we must remember that the cottages of these materials become comfortable and durable only under the condition of compliance with the construction technology, which means that the choice of a competent construction company remains in the foreground.

What is modern duplexes in the following video:

Examples of duplex projects

You can build a beautiful and convenient turnkey duplex on any finished project. The main thing is that it meets the conditions of the site where the construction is planned and the needs of future tenants.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Two-family duplex project ready for installation
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Project of a two-story compact duplex

This duplex is a house with a rational layout, which has everything you need, and there is nothing superfluous. This cottage is the perfect accommodation for two small families. The blocks of two neighboring apartments in this version are designed in a simple rectangular shape, but at the same time they are slightly offset relative to each other, which provides a more aesthetic view of the building. The lack of architectural excesses makes the project quite economical.

An additional room is provided on the ground floor. It can be used as another bedroom or second living room. This room is located directly at the entrance, so it can be an ideal room for receiving clients at home.

An important advantage of the project is the presence of three full-sized spacious bathrooms, while many other developments have only one bathroom on the second floor and one bathroom with a washbasin and a toilet in the guest area. Choosing a project of this type, you should pay attention to the fact that there is no garage in it. It is suitable for such families that do not need a special room for motor transport, but rather just a canopy next to the house.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Project of a two-story duplex

Duplex project with bay windows

This house is more complex in configuration and in construction He will get a little more expensive. But it will be much more impressive to look. The interior of the rooms in the bay windows also looks quite original and attractive.

The house has a common boiler room, which saves space. The hallway is designed quite spacious, and can be a complement to the living room.

The kitchen here is a separate, isolated room. With an open plan, when the kitchen is combined with the living room, the dwelling looks more spacious and comfortable. But a separate kitchen allows you to protect the guest area from the smells of cooking food.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Duplex planning with bay windows

Duplex project with garage

Architectural solution for a 2-owner house with garage. The garage is located slightly below the ground floor level. This provides increased protection for the residential part of the house. However, the deepening of the garage can increase the cost of building a building.

The advantages of this project:

  • a compact terrace separated from the neighbors by a garage ledge;

  • there is a vestibule separating the front door;

  • the kitchen-living room is planned as a single room;

  • access to the backyard is provided;

  • there is balcony.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Planning a duplex with a garage
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The disadvantage is the fact that the garage "eats" the space right in the center of the house. But with this arrangement, the garage does not need heating, as it will be heated at the expense of adjacent living spaces. On the second floor is planned office. It can be converted into a compact bedroom or guest.

3D project of a duplex with a garage, see the video:

Duplex project with a socle

Three-level cottage for 2 families. There is a basement floor in which all the technical premises are located - a garage with a workshop, a storage room, a boiler room. The presence of the basement increases the convenience of living, but also makes building a house more costly.

A common porch and adjoining loggias are planned for this house. It is suitable for a single large family with separate household management. For example, one apartment of a duplex can be occupied by elderly parents, and the second - by their children with their grandchildren.

An important caveat is that there is a minimum space in the house under the bathrooms, while the hall on the second floor is quite spacious. It cannot be said that such a plan is not rational, but one should pay attention to its features.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Duplex planning with a garage in the base

Project of a spacious duplex

Solid respectable duplex. It contains some features that must be considered when choosing.

  • Garages are maximally located away from the center of the building, and represent additional protection of premises against heat loss.

  • A double buffer zone is provided at the entrance, which at the same time separates the garage from the living quarters.

  • The living room is designed very spacious.

  • The kitchen-dining room can be completely separated from the living room.

  • The house has two corner terraces - upper and lower.

  • Wardrobe rooms are provided on the first and second floor.

This house will be an excellent home for a large family who value comfort. Living space is distributed very intelligently and succinctly.

turnkey construction in Moscow, planning, photo in the catalog

Spacious, respectable project of a duplex house for two families
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Duplex projects are the basis for building high-grade modern private housing. When creating them, the specifics of living next to their neighbors are taken into account, an appropriate layout and good sound insulation are provided. With a good choice of the project and neighbors, the homeowner receives a home in which the advantages of an apartment and a country cottage are combined.


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