Swing on chains: types and features of choice

The article will talk about what a swing on chains is, which models exist, from which materials they are made. The principle of choosing this design and the place where it can best be placed is described in detail. Photos and videos clearly demonstrate the existing capabilities and help you choose the best version.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

A cozy garden chair on a hanging base

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, a swing in country houses is not a luxury, and the subject of the exterior, very necessary and fully justified. He has long been part of landscape design. By his appearance, you can learn a lot about the status of the owner of the infield. Therefore, it makes sense to learn as much as possible about what kinds of street swings on chains exist, from what materials they are made.

There are several versions of the described products. They may differ from each other in design, in complexity of execution. But one thing unites them all: the harnesses are suspended from the main structure of the support using chains.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Wooden swing on chains

Such a constructive solution has its advantages:

  1. The chain is able to withstand substantial weight . Its use provides a large margin of safety.

  2. Such fastenings do not creep away over time and do not stretch , so the seat remains at a given level for a long time.

  3. The bench-swing has a significant operational resource . And without prophylactic service (lubrication of attachment points with oil), such constructions will last for decades. Most likely, the seat itself will collapse, the overall component of the design will retain its shape.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

A convenient place for comfortable rest.

Until recently, the design of the products described was extremely simple. She looked like a standard baby swing, the base was made mostly of metal, and the seat was made of wooden elements. But the use of a flexible steel chain contributed to the formation of oscillations in the transverse plane. The seats often twisted, it was easy to tip over. Therefore, the manufacturers decided to eliminate this drawback and presented the summer residents with refined and improved models, which are now very popular.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

A typical version of the

Wide range of products

You can see on sale:

  • models in which the case has A-shaped supports ;

  • portable outdoor swing metal on chains;

  • samples with a U-shaped form with a bench.

Each production version has its own characteristics. They need to be considered when buying a particular product. All versions can be divided into two large groups: garden and pendant. The first differ from the second by the presence of supporting posts. They are attached to the canopy - a reliable shelter from sunlight and precipitation, as well as a seat that is either suspended completely on a chain, or it is used as upper fasteners in them. The latter have a seat and suspension. They can only be fixed in a specially equipped place.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Swing with A-shaped supports
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Specialists divide existing models into portable and stationary. The first can easily be moved and installed in a new place. The latter are similar to capital buildings, for which you need to find one place and use a similar object as an object for a peaceful pastime. They can not boast of a large amplitude of swinging, therefore, are intended mainly for quiet rest.

What else should be considered when choosing a swing for the garden? Number of seats. There are single, multi-seat, designed for two, three, four people. On such a product, all members of the family can comfortably sit and sit, chat, discuss some future projects and plans. If this is not necessary, experts believe that there is no need to overpay and acquire a huge structure. It often happens that the described object is installed in some secluded place so that the person has the opportunity to retire and be alone, read his favorite book. For such purposes, the standard double version is quite suitable.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Stationary structures with chains

Single wooden swings on chains with a bench are mounted on a fixed transverse support, or on a thick branch of a tree. They boast a large swing amplitude. As a rule, children like this kind very much, therefore this kind of products become a part of playgrounds.

Every year, new unique models of garden swings appear on the market. They often become like a work of art.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Unusual version of execution

Swing sofas, hammock swings - such items are more appropriate on an open veranda. In these chains are only one fragment of a complex fastening system. But it is they who ensure the safety and stability of that part of the structure on which a person arranges and enjoys the scenery around.

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Tips for choosing

To buy and then not regret buying a garden swing, it is important to understand for what purpose they will be used. If the family loves everything to swing and gather in small groups in order to chat, you need to choose multi-seat versions, single hammocks are best suited for individual relaxation.

Many models have additional equipment in the form of a canopy. Such designs are intended for stationary use. They can be placed in the garden, near the outdoor pool or ornamental pond, in the open area near the barbecue. If the product described is to be put on the veranda, a shelter will not be needed.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

The bed on the chains on the veranda

Garden swings can be made entirely of metal or wood. The first can be purchased, what is called "for centuries", the second perfectly fit into any style of the landscape. They are more versatile, but their design weighs a lot. Therefore, such products can not be transferred to a new place.

Swing made of metal is lighter, they are always compact. If necessary, two adults can rearrange them. Choosing a metal swing, it is important to pay attention to the design features of the model. Forged products are beautiful, but they belong to the stationary options. The swing made of a pipe is more mobile.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

An example of a combination of wood and metal

When buying, you should pay attention to other small details. Experts recommend taking models in which the color of the base is dark. It is less branded, therefore more practical. It will be convenient to care for those products whose pillows have removable covers. They are easy to remove and wash in a typewriter. If the soft elements have attachments to the seat, it will be much more comfortable to rest.

In the video, the master talks about how the swing was made of metal and wood, and what sizes it used:

Materials used to make

The market offers various options for making a garden swing. A review of the existing range of many will allow you to navigate and find something suitable for yourself. For sale are forged products made with metal, treated with high temperatures of the welding machine. The one who owns this technology creates truly unique masterpieces that can be attributed to works of art. The advantages of this choice are obvious: almost all the options are very decorative, with proper operation, they are able to serve indefinitely. They have one drawback - a massive, heavy frame. It will be impossible to move the swing to another place or move them to the utility room for the winter.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Swings with attachment to the suspension without springs
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Swing with a sofa instead of a hard seat, loved by many gardeners. They are equipped with a soft seat and backrests, if necessary, can be displayed and turned into a comfortable bed. They are made, as a rule, from a metal profile or from pipes. The thicker the pipe, the stronger, more stable and reliable they are. Their own weight is about 100 kilograms, the safety margin is about 300. These characteristics are important, such information must be verified with the seller.

Chains for swings, as a rule, are made of chrome-plated steel, so there is no need to fear that over time this fastener will rust and tear. Suspension reliability can provide a chain with a link size of 20 mm. It is able to withstand a huge load with a safety factor of ten times more than stated in the product data sheet.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Comfortable sofa on chains

There are many options for manufacturing such products. The more complex the design, the more accessories in the configuration, the higher the final cost. With special attention, experts recommend to treat those swings that have a mosquito net. As a rule, in them chains are used only as a fastener. The stability of the sofa provides a solid metal support.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

A sofa with a mosquito net

A swing made entirely of wood always looks prettier and airy. They may look quite classic, manufacturers offer a wide range of finished products that can be assembled on site and installed in any one place.

In the video, the wizard tells you how you made a wooden standard swing on chains:

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There are options that look like fabulous objects. This is handmade, for its production are used wooden trunks, subjected to rough processing, and trimmed boards. Such options look very impressive. And this once again confirms the next photo.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

A wooden complex consisting of a large garden swing and a children's slide

Good products with one seat, an unusual shape, similar to fancy flower petals. Such swings will be a real decoration of landscape design, its highlight, attracting close attention. Of course, it is difficult to speak about such pendant models as serial copies. Most likely, such products are classified as design. But it exists, and it can be found on sale, buy and enjoy their beauty.

Swing on chains: types and features of choice

Wooden swing hammocks

You can hang anything on the chains. Hammocks, stools, chaise lounges. They are designed for one person, swaying, such products look light and weightless. The undoubted advantage of this acquisition is high mobility. It is always possible to remove the product and move it to some other remote corner of the garden, arrange a quiet place to rest, where you can hide from prying eyes and read a book.

In the video, a specialist advertises a hammock chair or a chaise lounge hanging on chains in the form of a swing:

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Summary of the topic

Garden swings are very popular. Swaying in them, each of us calms down a little. Such a pastime causes drowsiness. And she, as well as possible, helps to relieve fatigue and heaviness caused by constant stress. Scientists have concluded that swing on a swing is good for health. Today you can find not only a comfortable, safe, beautiful model, but also choose its color, which will be combined with the surrounding landscape. The main thing when buying is to take into account the recommendations that were presented in the article.


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