Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

Everyone wants his house to be built quickly and efficiently, without any extra expenses and alterations. To protect yourself from possible errors and mistakes during the construction and finishing of the house, you should entrust the technical supervision of the project implementation to a specialist. The future owner is not obliged to understand the intricacies of building a foundation or laying tiles. It is important that there are people who are ready to take over the functions of monitoring the work of builders and contractors - this is technical supervision.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

Only an experienced specialist knows what to check and where to look first

Technical supervision in action

Ideally, you need to get the right advice at the design stage of the house This will avoid shortcomings in the installation of engineering systems, will make trouble-free gasification of the house and ensure proper wiring of electricity. There are certain standards even in determining the location of the future home on the site. One mistake can cost a lot later.

The control of a specialist in the selection of building materials and finishing works is equally important. Several times a month, usually from 2 to 5 or at key stages of construction, a competent engineer will come to the construction site and carry out the necessary measurements, ensure that the house was built in strict accordance with the project. He will not allow the violation of technology works, and in case of detection of deficiencies will require to fix them immediately.

Finally, at the acceptance stage, the representative of the technical supervision will ensure that all the conditions of the contract with the construction company are met. The signature of a technical control engineer is practically a sign of quality and a start in life for your home.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

The technical supervision engineer protects your home until the final delivery of the object

Why do you need technical supervision

The cost of the technical supervision service construction works is approximately 2-3% of the project cost or is assigned as a certain amount, an average of 25-35 thousand rubles, put up monthly. The real benefit from the conclusion of the contract can reach 20% or more of the total budget due to the correctly chosen building materials and careful adherence to the sequence of stages of work.

By signing a contract with the technical supervision service, you will receive the following benefits.

Optimal project

Using the advice of an experienced technical supervision consultant, you will avoid mistakes related to the wrong choice of materials and construction technologies. If you have not yet decided what to build a house - brick, frame or wooden, the engineer of technical supervision will tell you about the features of these materials and help you make the right decision. He will draw up the terms of reference for the designers, and then he will ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the existing building codes and regulations (SNiP).

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

A properly selected project is not only reliability but also savings
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer an audit of construction work. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Choosing the right contractor

In order not to recruit builders for an ad on a fence, trust people who have experience and can evaluate the quality of work. Representatives of the company carrying out technical supervision will conduct a comparative analysis of the commercial bids received for you on construction and will recommend with whom it is better to conclude a contract.

The drafting of the contract will also take place under the supervision of a specialist from technical supervision in order to avoid gross errors and shifting responsibility to the developer. If you have already entered into a contract with a contractor, it is possible to travel to the construction site and objectively evaluate the professionalism of the workers and the organization of work.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

If the qualifications of the builders are insufficient, the specialist will draw your attention to this

Supply of materials for construction and finishing without problems and overpayments

The technical supervision engineer knows well what materials will be needed for construction and finishing, and can assess their quality impartially. In addition, an experienced specialist, as a rule, knows the prices on the building materials market well and will not allow overstating the estimate, and this is precisely what many contractors sin in. The engineer of technical supervision carries out selective control of each batch of building materials and can send them back if they do not meet the standards.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

The technical supervision engineer is not guided by the Russian "maybe", but exclusively by the standards of GOST and SNiP - "otmatsatsya" from poorly done work will not work

Clear deadlines for large and small construction

The technical supervision monitors the observance of the work schedule prescribed in the contract with the construction company, and saves you from having to personally look after each stage.

Since all the controls are concentrated in one hand, you are not threatened by the simple absence of lumber or the next holiday from the workers. If during the construction process a technical pause is necessary, for example, for concrete to stand, the engineer will ensure that the object is properly preserved and materials are stored without loss of quality.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

Compliance with the deadlines
largely depends on competent control of work. On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular construction sites in the Moscow Region. country house. In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.

Estimates will not be exceeded

Often when we start building, we agree on one amount, and in fact we get a significant excess of expenses. Having instructed control over the observance of technical supervision costs, you can not be afraid of additional expenses.

Engineers check whether the correct amount of building materials is written in the estimate, whether their cost is too high. All necessary construction works and their payment are agreed in advance. Monitoring compliance with technological processes minimizes the likelihood of employee error and the percentage of defects.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

In some cases, to assess compliance with the technology, you need specialized equipment and skills to work with it

All deficiencies will be detected in a timely manner and eliminated

This is an important part of the work of technical supervision. Engineers are well versed in the intricacies of building technologies and have the necessary powers to force them to redo work done poorly. If necessary, they will conduct an examination and provide documents for resolving controversial issues in court.

However, it is better not to bring the matter to court. The practice of the organization carrying out technical supervision, says that the intervention of independent experts can correct errors during construction. So, for example, it turned out for a resident of the Moscow region, when serious shortcomings were discovered during the installation of the roof - the rafters were incorrectly calculated. The roof of the tiles could collapse at any time. After submitting the report of the technical supervision engineer, the contractor recognized the error and completely redid the roof.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

Some deficiencies can only be seen on time by an experienced specialist

Regular progress reports

All the stages of the work done are recorded in a special journal, photo and video are made. Sometimes a video camera is installed at the site, and you can follow the construction progress online. The customer is personally present at the completion of important stages, inspects the house and signs it in the contract, if there are no deficiencies

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Legal support and conducting independent examinations

We hope you don’t have to do this, but there are situations where you can’t prove the validity of your claims without a trial. Competent lawyers will help prepare the documents so that you can win the case. With their help, you will be able to return the money for services rendered not in full or of inadequate quality.

As a vivid example, here is just one of the cases that our long-standing partners' days are filled with - the audit company "Technadzor 77". Over the years of successful work, they deserved a lot of positive feedback from their clients:

The customer entered into an agreement for the construction of a wooden house and bath in a country village. When accepting the work, there were shortcomings, but the Wooden House Company refused to voluntarily return the money paid. I had to go to court. Employees of technical supervision conducted an examination of the work done, prepared a reasoned conclusion and determined the amount of overpayment of 770 thousand rubles. The court decided in favor of the customer and obliged the company to pay not only this money, but also legal costs, as well as moral damage in the amount of 5 thousand rubles.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

If it comes to court, then in the face of technical supervision you will receive an expert on your side

How is it

works For conducting technical control, organizations that provide technical supervision services attract construction and installation specialists from electricians and plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. As a rule, they have solid work experience (at least 5 years) and an impeccable reputation. To ensure the objectivity of the estimates in difficult cases, a council of several engineers is assembled to eliminate the possibility of error.

You get a personal assistant with high qualifications, who has the authority to solve technical issues on your behalf, seeking the steady implementation of accepted rules and regulations.He contacts the workers, explaining in their language, saves you time and, importantly, money.

With a personal adviser you will avoid a significant increase in the budget, get rid of careless employees, and unfortunately there are quite a few of them on the market of small housing construction. The construction period is significantly reduced, because you don’t have to redo anything, and only a specialist can reveal some serious flaws.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

If there is no experience and relevant knowledge, some errors can simply not be seen, even if you point your finger at it
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As an example - here is another case from the practice of our partners - the company "Technadzor 77":

From the latter - they were asked to examine the expensive Italian marble, from which make the floors in the suburban mansion. In real life, exclusive marble, allegedly mined from the bottom of the sea, turned out to be a very mediocre material that could easily be scratched with a regular clip. The situation was complicated by the fact that the contract with the one-day firm that made the delivery was drafted in such a way that it excluded any liability of the supplier. Only the intervention of technical supervision and objective examination allowed to put an end to this story and return the money spent.

Where to seek the services of a specialist

Personal technical supervision is voluntary. Many construction firms prefer to do without engineers for technical supervision. However, some reputable organizations involved in housing construction, enter into a staff of independent experts to monitor the progress of work. Pay attention to the conditions of cooperation at the stage of choosing a company.

Technical supervision - effective control of home construction

The expert must be truly independent - in no way with a construction company not related . In most regions, there are firms that specialize in conducting technical supervision. They have the appropriate licenses and a staff of professionals with broad knowledge and invaluable experience, they perfectly know the requirements of GOST and SNiP.

If you listen to our advice and enter into an agreement with an organization specializing in construction engineering supervision, you will not have to regret wasted money and time. We wish you good luck and hope that our advice will help you build your dream home!

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