Water path for children - new opportunities for organizing summer leisure

The article describes what a water path is for children, what functionality it has, what modern manufacturers offer, how to use the described product for organizing summer holidays. Photos clearly demonstrate the diversity of the existing range, the video reveals the potential of a new entertainment.

Water path for children - new opportunities for organizing summer leisure

New water attraction

What is a water path

Many people like to spend their entire summer holidays at the cottage . Living in nature is useful for both adults and children. In order to be interesting and fun, you need to constantly invent different kinds of entertainment. Organize them for children help water rides. There are many: inflatable pools, slides, trampolines. Not so long ago water tracks for children appeared on sale. And they immediately fell in love with kids of different ages and adults.

The water path can be turned and inflated near the house, connected to a hose and rolled on a smooth surface, gliding on water. The attraction is made of steel, the metal is covered with vinyl. The design is inflated with a hand pump and securely fastened to the ground with pegs. Children can play such an attraction starting at the age of three. Along the edges of the parapets are constantly beating fountains and moisten the surface. Why slip speed increases.

Water path for children - new opportunities for organizing summer leisure

A water path laid on a small slope

A soft inflatable cushion at the bottom of the track was designed for safe braking. This buffer inhibits toddlers who have had a good speed up the hill. The length and width of the products are always different. Oriented to the size you need, based on the age of the child. Children from four years old can buy tracks, the length of which is three to five meters and a half and a half. Today there are different models on sale.

A variety of existing products

For the smallest manufacturers offer water rides that resemble marine animals. The path "Octopus", for example, in addition to the main sliding part and the brake buffer has an inflatable bridge, thrown exactly in the middle of the product. Vinyl scraps hang from it, they look like octopus tentacles. When babies swim through them, such details tickle the body. And it increases the joy of using the attraction.

Water path for children - new opportunities for organizing summer leisure

"Slider" waterpath for two
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If there are two children in a family, it is better to purchase a slider model. In the inflated form, two lanes are obtained; as a buffer, an inflatable armrest. In the middle in both directions beat fountains and moisten two canvases. Such an attraction provides great opportunities for organizing outdoor games. On a double path, you can simply lie down, enjoying the coolness of the water, you can scatter and slide on a smooth surface with your feet, you can organize competitions and find out who is faster and steeper down the path, gliding on the stomach.

Multifunctional models are on sale. One of them is a water track + bowling. Includes a five-meter glide track. At the end, there are six pins near the brake buffer. The task for the players is to gain speed and knock down all the placed objects.

Water path for children - new opportunities for organizing summer leisure

Bowling Waterway
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Anyone who had the opportunity to purchase such a product and try it out in action, assures that such entertainment does not bother the kids. They are happy to use the attraction on a daily basis, and until the end of the holidays they are actively playing in the fresh air. Water and sun help to harden the children's body, physical activity enhances this effect.

On such a track it will be easy to ride on the stomach, like pingvinchiki, you can go down on it in tubing. He often comes bundled. Water speed rides are always loved by children and adults. There are models that can be used in different formats. Such entertainment today often becomes part of parties organized on the beaches. The organizers often organize real competitions, giving the guests the opportunity to compare the speed of descent on soft sleighs.

Note! If you buy a water path for children and set it on a slightly sloping slope, the speed of riding on it will noticeably increase. Such entertainment can be attributed to the category of extreme. But they are completely safe.

The video shows how the Turbo waterway

can be used for entertainment. Inflatable water lanes weigh a little, are well folded and occupy very little space. This makes it easy to transport the attraction and transport it from place to place. The design of the product is constructed in such a way that the child, while playing, cannot be hurt. All parts are made of safe materials.

Water path for children - new opportunities for organizing summer leisure

A water walk is a slide with tubing in the configuration
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Generalization on the topic

The described attraction will allow to brighten up leisure time, to diversify summer vacation in the country, to give a lot of incredibly interesting positive impressions for adults and children. If someone lacks the thrill, you should look at such products and decide to buy a standard model. Bright, safe water paths will allow you to have fun and strengthen your body.

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