Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

All conditions for comfort should be created at your summer cottage. But it is not always possible to hold the sewer directly into the house. In this case, a great solution would be a summer shower for the garden. There are many options for such a construction. On sale there are various designs for every taste and wallet.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A summer shower is a way to cool off in the summer heat at the dacha

Installing a shower

Stand up and affordable way - the usual summer shower to the country, built on the street. For installation, it is better to choose a bright place illuminated by the sun, on an elevation. You should not have it close to the house or other buildings.

Water is supplied from a source or a well, using a pump.

You can heat the water in two ways:

  • In the tank, the liquid will heat up during the day, naturally.

  • Buy a water heater.

For an economical water flow, install a pedal shower. Water pours out when you press your foot on the pedal.

Summer shower is made from a variety of materials.

For the construction of the frame use:

  • wood;

  • metal profile.

For building walls will fit:

  • decking;

  • siding ;

  • tarpaulin;

  • polycarbonate;

  • blockhouse;

  • polyethylene film.

The shower cabin is made of bricks and special blocks. It can be connected to the toilet in one building. This will significantly save on installation, use the space more efficiently.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A shower made of bricks or blocks can be attached to the wall of the house

Stationary option

If the house is let down water and there is a drain, you can perform a stationary summer shower to give. It is installed inside the house, this option is the most time consuming, but convenient. You can wash at any time without leaving your home.

A stationary shower consists of the following components:

  • pallet;

  • walls;

  • doors;

  • water heaters;

  • mixers.

To avoid difficulties with removal and high humidity, it is better to make a special room.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

Water, in the shower attached to the house, can be supplied from a water heater located in the house

Execution projects

  • 1 The frame is made of durable metal, the structure is placed directly on the ground. Instead of the door using a curtain.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A shower stall made of a metal frame covered with a curtain
  • No. 2 You can make a booth using a metal sheet bent by a semicircle. Pipes connected to the water supply.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

Booth of metal bent in a circle
  • 3 The floor is lined with wooden planks. The walls inside are veneered with plastic. The roof is in the form of a grid of wood.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

Shower from plastic panels
  • No. 4 The shower is made of pipes, the wall outside is finished with white plastic. Such a cabin is built on the site of concrete. Water heater required.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A shower with a tray made of stone or concrete will require water heating
  • 5 A frame made of metal pipes and a roof is faced with corrugated flooring. Light penetrates the structure through the holes that remain between the ceiling and the walls.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

The shower enclosure made of sheeting is assembled quickly and warms up well
  • 6 You can make a shower stall from synthetic polycarbonate. Connects water supply.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

The polycarbonate shower stall is transparent, it is better to place it not within the limits of the neighbors review
  • No. 7 The shower stall is open. The solution may be quite original. A curved tube is attached to the wooden wall, along which the screen moves. Water is supplied through the water supply.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A simple solution is to make a shower screen
  • No. 8 The shower watering can is fixed directly to the outer wall of the house. Pre-revet it with waterproof material. The bottom is filled with large pebbles, drainage is performed. It turns out quite a cozy corner in the open, for the adoption of water treatments. You can install a screen or put a climbing plant.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

In the fenced yard, you can arrange a shower by attaching a watering can on the wall of the house
  • 9 Wood is used as a stand for a watering can; walls are made of concrete. Get a very original structure.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

The shower walls can be either made of concrete or made of wood
It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the pros and cons of the summer shower, the types of structures and materials, installation steps.

Shower of pipes and polycarbonate

This option is the most inexpensive. It is made of durable and moisture-resistant materials.

To install this design, you need a steel angle of 50 x 50 mm, a pipe 40 x 20 mm in diameter. The required amount of profile for construction is calculated depending on the dimensions of the future premises.

  1. In the selected area two racks are put and two overlaps are welded overlap.

  2. The side frames are placed vertically, two profiles are attached.

  3. Check angles , all joints are fixed with seams.

  4. A concrete screed is made under the cab. A frame is installed into it, legs of the legs are immersed in concrete.

  5. Welded the door frame , on which the hinges are fixed

  6. Polycarbonate fix the hinges to the frame with screws.

  7. A metal pallet is placed on the floor. In the process of concreting, you can run the channel to drain. Insert the sewer pipe.

Plastic or metal tanks are used for the tank. They are easy to install, can replace the roof.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A plastic tank in a polycarbonate shower will be the best solution - it is lighter than a metal

How a wooden cabin is made

An affordable and simple option for a garden shower is a frame made of wooden bars. It is necessary to make a strong frame that will sustain the filled container. The frame must be protected from rotting. The floor can be made concrete or with a metal pallet.

The swimming section has an area of ​​at least 1 square meter. m., dressing room 100 x 60 cm. In the selected area you need to mark a rectangle with the specified dimensions.

Work order:

  1. At the corners of the markup they drive in pipes .

  2. The foundation is made of cement pipes, the length of which is 2 meters, diameter is 90-100 mm. They need to be buried 1.5 meters into the ground.

  3. After set drainage and drain .

  4. To drain the water, make a waterproof layer . It is made of film, roofing material, concrete screed.

  5. Next, the frame is made of a wooden bar, 100 x 100 mm. Tie it up and down.

  6. boards are laid on the floor, there must be a gap between them for water to flow out.

  7. The shower should be separated from the dressing room with the help of the threshold and the curtain .

Wall finishing can be performed:

  • siding;

  • Fiberboard;

  • plywood;

  • clapboard.

A tank is installed on the roof, the water heater is placed indoors.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

A wooden shower can be a one-piece cabin

Prices and shops in Moscow

A ready-made summer shower for giving inexpensive You can buy on the market or in the store, the average price is 15 thousand rubles. So much is the design with a 200 liter plastic tank and awning. If the set includes a washbasin and dressing room, you will have to pay 18 thousand.

A polycarbonate cabin with the same tank will cost 20 thousand rubles.

Plastic shower with a metal frame - 24 thousand.

The construction of the service block with a shower

Excavation work is being done at the selected location:

  • dig out the excavation;

  • fall asleep of his CBC;

  • lay out the foundation.

Next, the work is done:

  • The framework is made of wooden beams.

  • Walls are sheathed with boards having a thickness of 10 mm. Ahead is an opening for the future door and window.

  • If the roof is made of timber, a window can be made on the roof.

  • Corners are lined with boards.

  • You can trim the roof with tiles.

  • Install doors, usually wooden.

  • All parts made of wood, are lacquered or painted.

  • Next they put benches , they fasten a pallet.

  • Walls inside are sheathed with plastic.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

To save space, the construction of the shower is combined with the hozblok
It can be interesting! In the article on the following link, read about building a utility block with a shower and toilet: projects and materials.

The complete set of the shower

A typical wooden structure is made of the following basic parts :

  • cases;

  • floors;

  • runoff;

  • plumbing fixtures: faucets and watering cans;

  • tank.

The main types of

Country wooden shower can be bought in various ways:

  • Racks are the most simple construction, which consists of two walls and plumbing. Fastening the tap in the wall.

  • Panels - with this option, the faucet and the watering can are mounted directly to the wall of the house. Curtain curtain of polyethylene.

  • The shower room in the house is a rather complicated structure that requires proper discharge of steam and water. Can be mounted in an economic extension.

  • The cab is the best option that can become a place to wash and decorate the area. You can perform the construction of two sections. In one place a shower, in another place a toilet.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

The shower is built of blocks, a washbasin

is placed next to the canopy Features

When installing the structure, it is necessary to take into account the technical requirements for the location and installation:

  • The size of the cabin must comply with the established standards.

  • The location is selected on the sunny side.

  • The frame must confidently withstand the weight of a full tank.

Showers are open and closed. Water is heated by the sun or an electric heater. The design is one and two-section.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

Only if all the requirements are met, a shower will not create problems for the owner of the yard

The advantage of a wooden shower

Summer shower for giving it is proposed to buy in the finished version, you can make it yourself. Such a wooden structure has several advantages :

  • aesthetics;

  • environmental safety;

  • retains heat;

  • natural material;

  • affordable cost.

Properly installed and treated with a protective compound, the construction will last a long time. If the tree is covered with linseed oil, it will not rot.

It might be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the shower room in a wooden house: everything that needs to be taken into account during construction.


A metal pallet can be installed on the shower floor. It is bought in the store, a siphon and a box are included in the package. Usually comes in addition to the booth, but you can purchase this item separately. The size is selected individually.

A pallet is made of such materials :

  • cast iron;

  • steel;

  • plastic;

  • ceramics;

  • marble.

Colors may vary.

The shape of the product also is different :

  • round;

  • square;

  • triangular;

  • with rounded corners.

Depth is possible from 5 to 20 cm. The bottom is made as a smooth or ribbed surface. It is covered with a special anti-slip compound.

For a pallet, you can choose any material:

  • brick;

  • concrete;

  • from ordinary boards;

  • from tiles.

It is necessary to drain the water. They dig a hole half a meter in the ground and fill it with rubble. You can make a sewer, a special pipe.

Summer, garden, plastic, wooden shower to buy in Moscow

Not as important as the shower is made, how to properly perform the drain for water

Shower tank

Water poured into a special barrel, made of metal or plastic, which holds 100-200 liters. Under the container you can lay a foil to speed up the process of heating. Tank paint black paint.

A tap and a watering can are mounted to the barrel. For this, a hole is drilled, a pipe passes through it, rubber seals are laid, and they are tightened with a nut.


A rather important element of the whole structure is a drainage pit. It must be completed at the beginning of construction. You can use the existing system.

  • Pit is dug no closer than two meters from the structure.

  • Spread sand and gravel on the bottom .

  • Walls are waterproofed.

  • Water is discharged through a plastic pipe.

More ideas for the arrangement of the soul in the video:


The most inexpensive and lightweight option - a portable design of the soul. It can be moved to any corner of the site. Consists of a water tank that can be heated naturally or by electric heating. There are hooks for quick installation. You can hang it anywhere: on a tree or other structure. This option is used not only in the country, it is taken with him on a hike or a trip.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing and installing small architectural forms, as well as all types of work with water supply and turnkey sewerage. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".


A shower in a country house is a very important detail; a modern person cannot do without it.You can do it in different ways, depending on preferences and capabilities - in a stationary or portable version. Making is done at its discretion and in accordance with the general style of buildings.


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