calculator online, calculate material for construction

Frame houses are the most economical in modern low-rise construction. Therefore, they are very popular lately. Calculating the cost of a frame house allows you to make a preliminary estimate. This is easy to do, especially since you can use a special online frame house calculator that will quickly make all the calculations. However, you must first determine what exactly needs to be put into the calculations.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Construction of a frame house

A frame and frame-shield house

The bulk of the cost of building a frame house will fall for the purchase of lumber. First of all, it is necessary to decide whether the house will be built according to a frame or frame-shield technology. In the first embodiment, it will be erected from the frame, insulation, plating, etc., directly on the construction site. In the second case, the building is assembled from a house set, which is procured under production conditions.

It is easier to calculate the cost of a domokomplekt, since you just need to add the cost of the foundation to the set price. But panel houses are built strictly according to standard schemes and do not allow to apply their architectural solutions. In addition, they are not intended for year-round living. Therefore, private developers usually prefer the classic frame (Canadian) houses, which today are built according to an improved method.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Frame house using Canadian technology


The following materials are needed for the construction of a frame house:

  • bar;

  • OSB panel;

  • board;

  • plywood;

  • materials for the foundation;

  • roofing;

  • insulation;

  • hardware.

Only after a final decision has been made on the choice of all basic materials, it is possible to calculate the frame house, an online calculator will help to cope with this quickly, but will show an approximate value. The foundation is calculated last.

Materials for a house box, its foundation and roof are selected on the basis of selected architectural solutions, which are determined taking into account a number of factors. For example, a set of materials for the roof depends on what construction of the roof will be applied. In turn, the roofing structure is developed taking into account the climatic features of the region in which the house will be built. The pressure force of the air masses and the prevailing wind rose are mainly taken into account.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

The construction of the frame house

Online calculator

Helps to calculate the material for the frame house calculator, but accurate lists materials, their quantity, and the price of the entire construction will be able to count only the construction company that will build the cottage. However, many private developers prefer to first make preliminary calculations. This allows you to understand how expensive the house will be. To make a preliminary calculation of the material for the frame house, a calculator is simply necessary.

As a result of calculations using a calculator, it may turn out that the house that was decided to be built will be too expensive. In this case, you can postpone the construction for a while or try to change the requirements for the planned building. For example, the future homeowner may first build an inexpensive single-story cottage, the project of which has the ability to build an attic over time and thus expand the area of ​​the dwelling.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

One-storeyed frame house

Programs for counting materials are intended for professional use by builders. They are needed for budgeting. However, there are options for calculators that anyone can use, regardless of the availability of building skills. A good frame house calculator takes into account all the main and auxiliary materials. Therefore, the data obtained with its help are much more accurate than independent calculations.

It is important to understand that the construction calculator for an online frame house helps to determine the amount of materials, but does not take into account the wages of builders. To understand how much the house will cost along with the delivery of materials, the services of workers, the preparatory process, the rental of construction equipment and other nuances, multiply the amount learned by the online calculator by 2.

Calculation of individual stages of the construction of a frame house

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

In order for the calculator to calculate the cost of materials, it is necessary to add certain parameters of the future home to its form. It is necessary to roughly imagine what the building box will be, its roof, what type of foundation it will be.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Frame house version

Racks and walls

Racks in a single structure make up the frame of the building. They are constructed from timber, bars and planks. Bar and bars are produced in several basic sizes. The height of the racks is determined by the height of the building. The distance between the racks (step) depends on the type of paneling and insulation used.

For walling, you need a whole set of tools, as well as screws, hardware and other tools. All this is taken into account in online calculators, allowing approximately to calculate the material on the frame house.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Racks of the frame house


Heater is an important structural element of the frame house. Therefore, many calculators have a separate column for taking into account the thickness or type of insulation material. As a heater, you can use the most economical foam or, for example, very expensive, but effective ecowool. But usually private developers use an intermediate option in the form of glass wool or mineral wool. In a two-storeyed frame house, sometimes insulated interfloor overlappings with the help of loose insulators.

In order for the heater to last for a long time, it is necessary to provide a layer of waterproofing and good ventilation. The more difficult the insulation and ventilation system of the house, the more comfortable and durable the housing will be, and the more you need to take into account the consumables.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Wall of a frame house with insulation
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The cost of a roof depends on its configuration. It can be gable, single, flat, hip, hip, multi. However, it can be simple or mansard, with or without built-in windows. For the construction of the roof you need the following materials:

  • boards;

  • timber;

  • hardware;

  • insulation;

  • vapor barrier;

  • waterproofing;

  • foam;

  • roofing.

You can calculate the materials for the roof together with the box of the frame house. But if you need to build a non-standard roof, it is better to use a special online calculator, which provides for the introduction of many parameters.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Roofing pie of a country house

Windows and doors

For an accurate calculation you need to know which windows will be installed and doors. Windows may have a different number of cameras. Doors come in different materials and with various fittings. This item of expenditure is better to calculate individually. However, the openings are an important component of the frame house frame, and they need to be taken into account when calculating the basic materials.

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The frame houses are lightweight, so they use tape or pile foundations for their construction. The calculation of the foundation is based on the data of an already designed and calculated skeleton - the weight of the house, the load per 1 square meter. foundation meter, etc.

In order to properly design the foundation, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the soil on the site. In particular, the depth of groundwater and heaving of the soil is of great importance.

For the foundations for the frame house, see the video

The foundation, as well as the box and the roof of the cottage, can be calculated using a calculator. To do this, you need to find an online program specifically designed specifically for calculating foundations. However, if such a program is not used by a specialist, he may enter inaccurate data and get erroneous results of calculations. Therefore, it is better to consult with a qualified builder about the foundation.

In the following video, an example of the calculation of a column-strip foundation:

The effect of the step of racks on the value of the house

The smaller the distance between racks, the greater the consumption of materials for the construction of the house. In addition, with a small step, the construction is quite laborious in erection. On the other hand, too large a stride makes the building unreliable, and the use of some insulating and insulating materials is impossible.

It is very important to correctly select the pitch width of the struts. Experts recommend choosing pitch parameters ranging from 50 to 70 cm. In any case, the racks should not be located more than 1 meter apart from each other. With such a step, the house will be stable and durable, while at its covering it will be possible to safely use convenient and inexpensive typical materials.

There are online calculators with which you can separately calculate racks for a frame house. They need to specify the material of the rack and the type of its cross section.For preliminary calculations, the use of such a program may be too complicated, but very informative.

calculator online, calculate material for construction

Schematic of a frame house
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To pre-calculate the cost of a frame house, you can use convenient online calculators. They provide an opportunity to think about the future construction of the cottage and to prepare for communication with the designers and builders. But in no case should we take the data obtained through the online readers as the ultimate truth. The exact calculation of the frame house can only be done by experts, since to create a full estimate it will be necessary to take into account a large number of variables for which no calculator is simply designed.


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