step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

When planning the construction, you need to carefully calculate all possible costs in order to meet the deadline and not to delay the work. The counting procedure is impossible without a project at home. But how much is a house project? This question is often asked by many users, since construction is a rather expensive task that requires detailed study. A well-designed project will help to build a comfortable and cozy home, so it is not recommended to save on it. But you will need to figure out what nuances affect the final cost and how its development is made.

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

Project for an attic house with a balcony

What the cost of the project

depends on The cost of the project of a private house depends on the large number of nuances. These include:

  • Personal preferences and wishes of the customer.
  • Characteristics of the relief of the site on which construction work will be carried out.
  • Varieties of building and facing materials to be used for a private house.
  • Cost estimate documentation.

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

The project of the house on difficult terrain

It is easy to understand these nuances. The cost depends on the complexity and quality of the soil, the number of designer visits to the site and the personal tastes of the owner. With regard to the preparation of estimates, most companies evaluate this service separately from the main project. Its price in such a deal will be about $ 3 per 1 m² plot. When developing an individual project, its cost usually does not exceed 10% of the total cost of building a house.

In more detail about what needs to be taken into account in the drafting of the project, and about the nuances of the cost - in this video:

The stages of designing a house and the costs of they

To find out how much a project costs for the construction of a private house, you will need to carefully study all the stages of its preparation. The finished project consists of the following sections:

  1. Outline design.
  2. Official confirmation of the project with the addition of technical documentation.
  3. The working part, which includes all the details of the construction and the costs of them.
  4. Architectural solutions. They are part of the working part, but often considered separately.
  5. The final stage with the addition of working documentation.

Specialists should provide the customer with carefully worked out stages and costs for them. Only in this case, the project can be considered quality and reasonable.

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Outline design

In this stage, all customer desires and design plans are combined. The owner must determine the functionality of the building, while taking into account the number of inhabitants and even their age. Each generation assumes its own nuances of space planning. Experts will ask the necessary questions to create an accurate and understandable sketch. At the same time, procedures can be carried out to study the conditions for further construction work: soil composition, water level, type of climate. These factors will help in drawing up a sketch, where the main emphasis will be placed on the lining of the building, and not on the technical characteristics.

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

Sketch of the House

The following procedures are also performed at work on this stage:

  1. Together with the customer draws up a detailed technical task.
  2. A construction zoning plan is being developed.
  3. The architectural and planning nuances of the house are discussed.
  4. The style and dimensions of the building are determined.

This step will require the compilation of drawings. They should include:

  1. General explanatory note to the developed plan.
  2. The plan for linking the building to the main project.
  3. Floor plans with their sizes and furniture arrangement.
  4. Floor layout with main exterior and interior dimensions.
  5. Color design of the facade.
  6. Various three-dimensional models of future construction.

The cost of a designer’s departure is approximately 6000 r, varies depending on the company. This amount does not include the cost of detailed measurements of the site. Drawing up a sketch will cost 200 rubles per square meter if the project is created from scratch, and 100 rubles if the plan is taken from the Internet or another source.

Confirmation of the project

This stage is extremely important, since it is from it that the main work on the construction of the house begins. It will be necessary to approve the construction in the relevant authorities, collecting all the necessary documents can take quite a long time, so it is necessary to proceed to this stage in advance.

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

It is necessary to obtain in advance all the permissions
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When working on this stage, the following project nuances will be taken into account:

  • Urban Planning.
  • Architectural.
  • Ecological.
  • Technical.
  • Technologies.
  • Engineering.
  • Cost Estimates.

More need to disassemble the engineering work and the cost of their design. They include:

  1. Heating system plan. Floor heating will also need to be considered if the customer wanted to include such a function in the project. The cost will be about 120 rubles per 1 m² of the total area.
  2. Scheme of the boiler room. Will cost 60 p for 1 m².
  3. Planning of the water supply and sewage systems. The costs will be about 100 rubles per 1 m² building.
  4. Planning of power supply and electric lighting. The price of such a procedure is within 120 r per 1 m².
  5. Development of a project for low-voltage systems. Will cost 40 p for 1 m².
  6. Planning ventilation and air conditioning. The minimum cost will be approximately 120 p per 1 m².

The entire volume of documents that need to be approved by special services can be divided into the following types:

  • Conceptual solutions.
  • Explanatory note.
  • Estimated costs.

Working part

The cost of a home project depends largely on this stage. It allows you to plan in detail the design of the future construction and consists of the following procedures:

  1. Development of constructive nuances.
  2. Planning of structural units, sections, installation openings.
  3. Calculation of the cost of purchasing basic materials.

The cost of this stage depends on the minimum set of drawings and the area of ​​the future construction. Additional drawings will cost 6000 rubles per sheet.

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

Facade on the project

The structure of the design drawings includes:

  1. Explanatory note to the plan.
  2. Facades with measurements of height and width, a description of the materials to be used for their exterior cladding.
  3. Base plan, assemblies, details of reinforcement or layout of blocks, if a prefabricated base is planned.
  4. Overview of basic materials for the construction of the foundation.
  5. Masonry floor planning of a private house.
  6. Descriptions of filling the openings of windows and doors, recommendations for installation.
  7. Cuts with different sizes, height indicators, description of the external and internal structural features of the structure.
  8. Details of overlapping of the base and floors, assemblies, details.
  9. Overview of basic materials for the installation of floors.
  10. A description of the jumpers and the differences of their elements. This drawing is used only for stone buildings.
  11. Truss plans.
  12. Installation sections and components for truss construction.
  13. Overview of the main materials for installing the truss system.
  14. Scheme of the roof, sweep its slopes, technical and economic properties.
  15. Sections of the internal and external walls of the house, an overview of the basic materials for the installation of walls and partitions.
  16. Installation cuts, corners and an overview of materials for installing an outdoor porch, walkway or balcony.
  17. Plans of monolithic belts, drawings of their reinforcement, review of materials for installation of monolithic belts.
  18. Plans for ventilation and chimney, calculation of necessary materials for their installation.
  19. Planning of structures of internal stairs, installation cuts and knots. Specification of materials for installation of stairs.

Architectural solutions

This stage is also quite important, since the general view of the building will depend on it. It includes the following procedures:

  1. Development of architectural nuances.
  2. Regulation of spatial and architectural solutions in accordance with the design plans.

The cost of this stage directly depends on the area of ​​the building. On average, the price will be approximately 220 r per 1 m².

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

Custom architectural solution

At this stage, drawing up drawings will also be required. They will include the following information:

  1. Basic explanatory note to the plan.
  2. General information on construction and site.
  3. The organization of the area with the technical and economic characteristics of the future home.
  4. Color design for facades.
  5. Volumetric models of construction, created in a graphic editor on a computer.
  6. Facades with height indicators, axial measurements and an overview of materials for external cladding.
  7. Floor plans of the house with all the details, including the arranged furniture.
  8. Floor installation plans with all the details.
  9. Cuts with geometric indices, elevations.
  10. Base scheme with geometrical parameters.
  11. The roof plan with the direction of the slopes, elevations, geometric measurements.
  12. Floor and floor plan.
  13. Plans for the truss system.

Final Stage

It will be necessary to prepare working documentation, this procedure must be carried out directly by the builders or the company providing their services. Documents are drawn up according to the financial possibilities of the customer for the acquisition of certain materials, as well as the promotion of construction work. To confirm the documentation you will need to provide:

  1. Working schemes and drawings.
  2. Overview of all used equipment and materials.
  3. Estimate including all costs.

step by step calculation of what the cost, the details

Estimated calculation
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Drafting is the most important part of building a house. Reliability, attractiveness of the structure and future comfort of the residents depend on the professionalism of the author of the documentation. Therefore, you should not save much and sacrifice quality. On average, the cost of planning can be as high as 20,000 r or more, for which you need to be prepared. It all depends on the firm contractor, design features, the wishes of the owner. But a properly drafted project will help save in the future, so that in no case can you refuse it.

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