standard project of garage for one car

Personal car allows you to be mobile. It is important that the machine is located next to the house. It is clear that it will serve best if there is quality care behind it, which is possible only with a good garage. In order to choose the most convenient projects of garages, the article discusses their types and how much they can cost.

standard project of garage for one car


What should be the garage

Of course, making a choice, you must first provide your car proper care. However, a garage is a much broader concept. It can additionally perform the following functions:

  1. It is convenient that it provides a place for a workshop . This may be necessary not only for car care, but also for other purposes.

  2. A garage is not just a room for a car. Some owners view this space as storage space for various items, such as tools. It is especially convenient if additional space is provided for this.

  3. Other directions for the additional use of a garage house are also possible. Here you can equip a place for a hobby or equip a room for guests.

The garage can be built in various ways. In some cases, it can be made part of the house. In others - to build it as a separate building on the site.

Some remarks

A garage is a special kind of property because its use can be very diverse. Although it is usually built for the car, but in fact, even if it is not, the garage can be useful.

standard project of garage for one car

When choosing a suitable model project, it is important to consider that its construction should bring the owner not only moral satisfaction, but also the benefit of

can be a utility room, a recreation area, a place for temporary residence or a starting point for starting your own business.

The choice of its construction option should be made in such a way as not to bring disappointment under various scenarios.


When a decision is made that a garage is needed, first of all, you need to decide which type is more appropriate.

It makes sense to consider the following options:

  1. Project of a garage for 1 car , which provides for a separate, simple structure. In this case, its main purpose will be to ensure the safety of the car.

  2. A separately located option with various additional extensions (basement, bath, attic or other).

  3. A garage that is under a residential building or on the first floor. This is one of the most expensive options.

  4. Typical design of a garage for 1 car attached to the house. At the same time one of its walls is common with a residential house.

Each of the options mentioned has its own characteristics that will help you to understand which particular project is best suited in this case.

standard project of garage for one car

Separately located garage

Some typical projects

In this section we will consider various projects of a garage for one car . Each of them has its own characteristics. Positive and negative sides.

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Garage with attic

If the plot is small, does not allow to conveniently place a residential house and a garage, then this is not an unsolvable situation. A good option in this situation could be the construction of a garage with a residential attic.

At the same time, there is a place for a car on the ground floor, and under the roof there is a living area.

Attic can be designed not only for housing. Some owners have here economic zone. For example, under the garage roof you can arrange a place to store various household equipment.

They also build those who actually have a second floor where they can live.

When you need a garage to give, a project of this type is not widespread. However, he has his lovers. First of all, this is due to their main advantage: they save space on the existing site. The area that such a building will occupy is two times smaller than the house and garage, built in the usual way.

standard project of garage for one car

Garage with residential attic

Such houses are popular among those who are engaged in gardening. After all, such a structure, among other things, will allow compact storage of garden tools.

However, garages of this type have their drawbacks:

  1. When using such a project of a country garage, you often have to use stairs . This is not for everyone.

  2. There are difficulties with heating , because you need to heat not only housing, but also a garage.

  3. Here imperfect sound insulation . If there will not only contain a car, but also to carry out work, the noise will penetrate into the residential area.

A garage combined with a bath

This combination may seem unusual, but it has significant advantages:

  1. Building construction, which will perform both of these functions will significantly reduce the costs for building materials.

  2. The presence of a bath will allow to solve problems with heating buildings.

  3. Since in both cases you need to carry out the appropriate communication , you can save money by doing this.

However, there are moments here that need special attention.

standard project of garage for one car

Project of a garage with a sauna
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When a garage is being built, the project should take into account:

  1. Between these rooms there must be high-quality moisture insulation .

  2. Since the temperature regimes of these two rooms are very different, it is necessary to ensure between them reliable thermal insulation .

In some cases, such a project may be a good choice.

Garage with basement

Often it is used not only as a room for a car, but also for other purposes. If it includes a basement, it can be used for such purposes:

  1. It can store supplies, including food.

  2. In this room you can equip workshop . This is especially beneficial in situations. When outside the walls of the garage can not find a place for its arrangement.

  3. This may be an additional storage for items.

  4. In the basement, it is possible to make a recreation area .

standard project of garage for one car

A garage with a basement will allow you to store more necessary things.

When arranging it is important to pay attention to these details:

  1. Installation of high-quality ventilation .

  2. To warm the underground room is more difficult than usual.

  3. There is a danger of groundwater ingress, therefore it is necessary to provide waterproofing .

The presence of a basement provides additional opportunities and does not require additional space.

A simple garage

One of the common model projects includes a minimum number of additional features. It only provides space for the car and a small space around it.

standard project of garage for one car

Ordinary garage
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Although this is a relatively simple project, it is also important to pay attention to the features of such buildings:

  1. The presence of high-quality ventilation is important. If it does not, moisture will accumulate inside the garage and condensation will settle. If this is triggered, the result may be rust formation on the car.

  2. For protection from adverse weather conditions, it is important that how the roof will be made. It should not accumulate moisture or snow.

  3. Although it is possible to enter through the entrance gate, in some typical models side doors and windows are provided.

  4. If there is such an opportunity, it is advisable to bring electricity to the garage . It can be useful for the repair of the machine, and for other work.

standard project of garage for one car

The main advantage of such a garage is a relatively small (compared to other options) price and ease of operation


In order to choose the appropriate type an important issue is the cost of its construction. Here are some examples:

  1. A simple garage with no additional space, standing separately, having an area of ​​approximately 21 square meters. meter, will cost the buyer 235 thousand rubles.

  2. One in which you can simultaneously put two cars costs 884 thousand rubles. It additionally provides hozblok.

  3. For 2 million 552 thousand rubles you can purchase a garage with a residential attic . On the top floor there is a bedroom. Living room, hallway and kitchen. On the ground floor, in addition to the space for two cars, a shower, a toilet and a generator room are provided.

  4. If, together with the room for the car, there is an additional room approximately equal to it in area , and a veranda is also provided, it will cost 663 thousand rubles to buy it.

  5. The project under consideration provides not only a place for two cars. But also room for the boiler room (17.5 sq. Meters) and a storeroom (14 sq. Meters). The total area of ​​the building is 73 square meters. meters The cost is equal to 1 million 679 thousand.

In the video you can see the design project of the garage:

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Acquiring a garage means considering and choosing from a large number of options. It is important not only to take into account the final cost of construction, but also to choose the option of construction that will bring maximum benefit.

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