Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

The article contains information about the cost of materials and work to replace the roofing of a private house. You will learn what signs there are that the roof needs to be changed, how to choose the right material in terms of price and quality, what are the stages of work on replacing the roof covering, what is the cost of their construction, plus, examples of the cost of materials and their installation are given.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

Whatever the quality of the house, sooner or later it needs repair, in particular, it may be necessary to replace the roof

The need to replace the roof

Replacing the roof or its reconstruction is quite a costly undertaking. The total cost will depend on the complexity, volume and timing of the planned work. The cost is strongly influenced by the quality of materials and working conditions (non-residential or residential building with finishing works). For such works, an individual estimate is calculated for each individual case. Certain factors affect the need for certain work, which together lead to the need to replace various materials and increase the cost of operations.

There are various reasons for repairing or changing the roof. Among them, the main ones include the following:

  • rotten wooden elements;

  • roof leakage ;

  • obsolete materials;

  • destruction or dilapidation of the structure;

  • non-repairable parts appeared.

Similar factors can occur separately or simultaneously. In this case, it is necessary to carry out major repairs and update coverage. It is also possible to replace the roofing material if it has an unpresentable view or it does not harmonize with the new facade.

Material selection and replacement sequence

Before you close the roof at the cottage, you must select a new material. Manufacturers offer a large selection of roofing with different characteristics and price. The most popular materials are decking, metal, ceramic tiles, ondulin and shingles. There are also other materials, but in most cases the listed ones are used.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

The choice of materials for overlapping is large enough, and for any pocket

The process of replacing the roof covering is carried out according to a certain plan:

  • inspection of the roof condition;

  • dismantling of obsolete and unsuitable materials;

  • installation of new elements, insulation materials, roofing;

  • installation of additional parts.

This is the main plan of the work to be carried out, but it may differ depending on the materials and technologies chosen. More details about everything will tell a specialist in this field.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

The element behind the element completely covers the roof
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Some examples

Several options are offered for arranging a new roof. For example, the dismantling of the coating may be carried out with the subsequent replacement of the rafters, raising the walls, building an attic and installing a new roof. In case of non-observance of technological processes of building the roof, leaks and condensate, destruction of the roof parts, the complete trussing system is required.

If the house is already residential, then all work must be carried out under temporary cover. The price of roof overlap in a private house in this case depends on the amount of work being done. Here you will need to carry out a complete dismantling of the entire roofing, rafters, raise the walls, increase the overhangs, install a binder, drain, roof windows and carry out a number of other works, such as insulation, plating pipes, installing chimneys.

For a 360 m2 roof, the total cost is about 650 thousand rubles. , 1 m2 costs about 1.8 thousand rubles. The time of work takes 1-2 months, the coating of metalloperty, insulation, vapor barrier, the cost of materials is about 740 thousand rubles. The work included the delivery of material, covering, garbage collection and scaffolding.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

This is what a standard roof pie

looks like. Partial replacement of the existing roof configuration with mandatory roof replacement and attic construction will cost a little more than in 520 thousand rubles. Different degrees of leakage were noted, it was necessary to dismantle the cover and partially replace the rafters, additional elements, strengthen the system and add curtain-like overhangs, gutters, and dormer windows. The roof area is 315 m2, the price of reconstruction of 1 m2 is about 1.7 thousand rubles. , it takes 30-40 days to complete the work.Soft tiles were used to cover, insulation, vapor barrier and other additional materials were added. The cost of materials amounted to 476 thousand rubles. or 1,5 thousand rubles. 1 m2. The price includes work on the replacement of the roof, the necessary material, scaffolding, garbage collection.

It is necessary to understand that the price for the work of replacing the roof of a private house, as well as the cost of materials in each case is calculated individually. This is due to the type of work, their scope, choice of materials and so on. The important point is the number of works that are necessary to obtain a quality result.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

Experienced craftsmen will block the roof in accordance with all the rules

The following factors may affect the cost of work:

  • time years;

  • wear of the roof;

  • height buildings;

  • the need to rebuild the roof or increase it to the attic;

  • use additional equipment and mechanisms.

Before starting work, an expert must be leaving the facility to carry out an inspection of the roof. He checks the wear of all materials and the need for their replacement, offers additional solutions to problems.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

The total cost of roofing works will depend on many factors.
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The approximate cost of replacing or repairing a roof

The price of work for roof overlapping in the country can vary considerably in each individual case. As already mentioned this affects a number of factors. However, you can focus on the cost of services that are identified by companies. One of the main cost items is the purchase of roofing material. For example, the cost per square meter of ondulin, shingles, metal tiles and profiled sheeting is 250-400 rubles, in the medium price category there is a folded covering, which can be purchased for 500-600 rubles, and the most expensive material is ceramic tile - 900-1000 rubles. There are more expensive and cheaper roofing options, but they are used much less frequently.

Repair work can be divided into specific operations, which include a number of additional work. Charging for operations is determined from the quadrature of the materials or calculated by the piece.

The process from disassembling the laying of the last metal tile in the video:

  • Dismantling the roof .

Includes the demolition of the roof, the removal of thermal insulation, the battens, the frame, the windows of the attic and the drain. The cost of these services ranges from 100 to 700 rubles, depending on their complexity.

  • Installing a new frame .

Mauerlat is mounted, rafters, lathing, plywood is laid under a flexible roof. In this case, for services take from 100 to 300 rubles.

  • Laying insulation materials .

Fastening of insulation, steam and waterproofing material. For these services, an average of 50-200 rubles.

  • Additional Works .

Installation of drainage, soffit, snow guards and other additional elements is being carried out. The cost of such works is 200-400 rubles.

The construction of a new roof can cost around 800-1200 rubles per m2, given that a full roofing pie will be created. Attic construction costs from 1200 rubles. / m2. Installing a new window in the attic can cost an average of 2.5 thousand rubles. Installation of the truss system is sold at a price of 400-600 rubles. / m2. , and the crate will cost more than 100 rubles for each square meter.

Shut the roof in the country - the price of work, how much it costs to block the roof in a private house in the country

You shouldn’t save on the roof overlap - high-quality roof is a guarantee of dryness in the house
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It is possible to calculate in advance approximately how much it costs to cover the roof, however, only a specialist will be able to tell the final cost after inspecting the roof. It is important to choose the best option for the roofing, additional elements, choose the type of construction and so on with the professional. The specialist will be able to give practical advice and offer the best option, save time and money of the client. And the most important thing is the construction of a high-quality and durable roof.


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