Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

The subject of the article is an estimate for roof repair. Any process conducted by the contracting organization, and this repair or maintenance of buildings and structures, ultimately must be paid. The basis of payment is the estimate that is attached to the contract, as an integral part of it. That is, it is a fundamental document in which the points are listed, for what operations and how much the customer should pay. The article will tell you how to make a budget, on what basis, and also give some examples of budgeting on the roof, covered with different roofing materials.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

Estimating the repair of the roof is a complex and responsible process

What is the estimate of

As it was before The above is a document required for accounting and for planning activities. It clearly signs the construction operations that will be carried out in the process of carrying out repair work, plus the required amount of materials. In addition, on the basis of estimates, you can easily plan the time spent on the repair of the roof. Of course, some factors will have to be taken into account and adopted as amendments.

On the basis of what this document is compiled

There are several criteria that go into making a repair estimate for the roof:

  • What kind of roofing material does the roof cover? It is clear that the variety of roofing coating dictates the budget allocated for its repair. For example, the estimate for the repair of a soft roof will be cheaper than the repair of a roof covered with ceramic tiles. The reason - the different price of products, some of which will have to be replaced in the process of carrying out repair operations.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

The degree of damage to the roof is determined
  • The degree of damage to the roof. For example, if a building is operated for a long time, then most likely its roof has undergone significant wear. So, the roofing material will have to be replaced in whole or in part. If the house has been in operation for no more than 10 years, the repair will result in the replacement of several elements, which will be much cheaper at cost.

  • Roof structure dimensions . Everything is clear here: the larger the roof area, the more materials, time and effort will be spent.

  • Location of the building . If it is within the city limits, transportation costs will be minimal. If the house is located far from the base of the contractor, then accordingly the customer will have to pay for the transportation of building materials and people.

  • Season is also an important factor affecting budgeting. In winter, all the work is more difficult to carry out, which means that the price will be higher.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

Repair of the roof in winter increases the estimated cost of
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How to make an estimate for repairs

It all starts with a specialist visit to the site. He should inspect the roof structure and determine the scope of the work to be done. On the basis of its inspection a defective act is drawn up. This document indicates the condition of the roof, its wear, the number of defects and flaws, the size of the roof structure. And also whether it is required to carry out only repair or complete reconstruction. Be sure to indicate in the defective act the type of roofing material, the construction of the truss system and the batten. That is, the specialist must fully analyze the roof and determine its technical condition.

It is this document that forms the basis of the estimate. Let us consider, for example, several roofing coatings, and the first will be an estimate for the roofing work of a soft roof.

In terms of articles, the first item in the estimate indicates dismantling work:

  • removing the roof covering;

  • removal screed cement-sand mortar;

  • dismantling the insulating cake;

  • if necessary, then disassemble the parapets;

  • partial dismantling of the drainage system, this mainly concerns the receiving funnels and gutters located under the eaves overhang;

  • disassembly of the junction areas.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

A specialist conducts roofing defecting
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It is clear that not all items will be present in the repair estimate. This is a complete list of works, some of which may fall, because they are not fixed in a defective act.

The second item is the articles relating to restoration work:

  • construction of parapets;

  • repair of the roof base: repair of cracks, slots and other things;

  • primer treatment;

  • restoration of an insulating cake with the arrangement of protective layers: steam and waterproofing;

  • screed filler;

  • installation of roofing material, taking into account areas of junction.

Note that the overhaul of the roof is much different from the current one. For example, if a cattle roof is being repaired, on which, for example, shingles are laid, then a major refit includes repairs to the truss system and a continuous batten. And this is a big financial investment for the purchase of building materials and huge labor costs.

We add that the list of works related to the repair of the roof may vary depending on the roofing material used, as well as the use of the latest technologies. For example, if a soft roof is replaced by a metal coating. Here the repair consists only in the fact that the roll roofing is dismantled and the metal coating is installed without the use of hot technologies and a bituminous adhesive composition.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

Example of a defect list (act) for the repair of a soft roof

And another criterion that must be taken into account when estimating the repair work . This is the use of special equipment. This is very important when carrying out repairs on the roof of multi-storey buildings. And the higher the house, the more it will have to pay for the equipment used. In this regard, the repair of a single-story roof structure is much cheaper. After all, almost all construction materials are lifted by hand.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

The use of special equipment increases the estimated cost of
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A summary of the topic or what is indicated on the estimate form

So, summarizing the above, we can conclude that the estimate for repair work on the roofs of residential, industrial and office buildings consists of the following positions:

  1. List of repairs. That is, the points indicate the sequence of construction operations and the volume of each of them.

  2. The amount of building material required by type and type.

  3. Price of building materials required. There is one moment. If you specify the exact price, it is necessary to attach documents from suppliers (invoices or invoices) to the estimate.

  4. Prices of work performed.

  5. Correction factors must be indicated. This indicator indicates how much the price of building materials and services can rise. Be sure to have to prove the reasons for the growth of value indicators.

  6. At the end of the document, the total amount that the customer must pay for repair work is indicated.

Note the photo below, which shows part of the estimate for the roofing of the corrugated (example), which shows the correction factors and the total estimated cost of repair work.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

Estimated to repair the roof covered with profiled
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And the last. Estimate - a document that carries the legislative burden. Therefore, it is signed from two sides: the customer and the contractor. The first agrees with what is displayed in the document, and accordingly with the price. The second - offers the type of work, their volume and money, which he asks for the provision of this service. If the contractor fails to perform any operations, but has received payment for it, it may be brought to court on the basis of an estimate and contract.

We add that not all owners of private real estate require an estimate from the manufacturer of the work. And this is a big mistake that can lead to an overspending of the budget allocated for the repair of the roofing structure. It will be practically impossible to prove the non-fulfillment or poor-quality implementation of construction processes without this document.

But there are other positive aspects of the presented paper:

  • you can objectively estimate the complexity of future repairs;

  • exactly to acquire the required building materials without cost overruns or shortages;

  • competently to plan the whole process from beginning to end.

Estimates for the repair of the roof: the basics and rules for drafting

The estimate determines the required costs of materials, time and effort.

Let's show an example of the estimate for a folded roof houses. What should be displayed in it. The first is the area of ​​the roof covering that needs to be repaired. Plus the cost of sheet iron or paintings folded roof per 1 m².And be sure to add the number of fasteners.

If it is necessary to repair the truss system or the batten, then indicate how much lumber should be replaced or repaired, as well as the cost of the repair service itself. If the roof is heat-insulated, then work related to the repair of the insulating cake is laid in the estimate.

Be sure to indicate in the estimates for the repair of the roof of a private house the planned savings and overhead costs, which partially cover the contractor’s additional costs. And at the end displays the total amount to be paid, which is called the estimated.

In general, it is impossible to make an estimate without having special knowledge. Therefore, for example, we would like to offer you to watch a video in which a specialist shows how to make an estimate for the repair of a soft roof:

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Conclusion on the topic

Estimates for repair work - a document that confirms the budget allocated for this event. He is the basis of payment, he is the basis of disputes. Therefore, before signing any papers, and especially estimates and the contract, the customer must understand them. That is, you cannot sign both documents without reading. Particular attention to the final amount. If it suits you, then there is no problem.


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