Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

The article will discuss how to make an aviary for a shepherd dog correctly, where it is best to install it, what materials to choose for the construction of a convenient booth. Also in the proposed material suggested tips, using which you can quickly accustom your pet to a new housing.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

Convenient dog enclosure

Zoological norms

Today many keep big dogs for the protection of the dacha. For such animals, the usual booth is not suitable. In order for the dog to cope with the duties assigned to it, it needs comfortable housing. It is good if there will be a lot of space in it for movement and movement, it is good if it is closed from rain and snow. Aviary for the German shepherd must comply with certain regulatory indicators.

Correct dimensions

The area of ​​housing depends on the size of an adult dog. The calculation is based on the distance from the floor to the highest point of the body - withers.

  • For animals for which this indicator is greater than 65 cm , a booth of 10 m² is required.

  • If the height of the dog's knees is 50 to 65 cm , the area of ​​the enclosure should be 8 m².

  • For Pets who have withers up to 50 cm , the living space may be 6 m².

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

How to measure the height of the withers

Accordingly, if the aviary contains two animals at once, the listed indicators double , in the middle to put a partition. The size of housing plays a big role in the development of the dog. If she does not have the opportunity to get up to full height and actively move, she will lose her protective qualities. Twice a day, the shepherd dog needs to be let out and allow her to run around inside the lot. If during the day there is no such possibility, you can leave the open-air cage doors open for the night.

Requirements for housing equipment

There are a number of provisions that must be considered when building a dog shelter.

  1. The size of the enclosure for the German shepherd strictly corresponds to the height of the head of the animal.

  2. The building must reliably protect the pet from rain, snow, and also from strong wind.

  3. For smooth-haired animals , it is necessary to close the three walls of the booth, so the dog will be much warmer in the winter season.

  4. The length of the aviary is at least two meters.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

The best form for the aviary is an elongated rectangle

From inside the structure will have to be constantly cleaned, making it easier , if the floor is raised above the ground and lay it slightly with a slope. So it will be easier to wash off the dirt with a hose and high water pressure. To prevent the boards from rotting, their specialists first recommend treating them with antiseptic impregnations. It is important for knocking boards to choose a material that does not have knots and cracks. Concrete flooring is undesirable. If during the cold season the dog will lie on it for a long time, it will get rheumatism.

For a dog, you need to leave one open wall, close it with a lattice and be sure to make a window in it through which you can feed the dog, push in bowls of food and water.

Choosing the best place

You can not put an enclosure for the BEO (East European Shepherd Dog) next to the toilet or with heaps of manure, with a pigsty or with a cesspool: the smell will kill the dogs quality. Such objects constantly emit putrefactive gas, which will constantly poison the pet. It is not necessary to break flower beds next to the animal. His nose feels much sharper than anything that smells. If for a person the scent of flowers is pleasant, for a dog he is a “sharp repellent cologne”

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

Aviary with a walking area
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For safety reasons, experts do not recommend mounting the booth near the boiler room. It is not necessary for the organization of dog housing to use a place near the garage or with a noisy road. If this rule is ignored, the animal will always be restless. And this will contribute to the creation of unbearable conditions for people living in the house.

Sheepdogs need to constantly monitor the situation around the enclosure. If tall plants grow near its dwelling, they will become a hindrance that can prevent the property from being protected. The dog needs a good overview, it is important for her to understand what territory is "subordinated" to her. Then, when a stranger appears in the perimeter, she will bark loudly and notify the owners of an unwanted invasion.

It is best to put an aviary in the farthest corner of the dacha, where there is never a strong wind, where meltwater will not accumulate in the spring.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

Aviary with plywood booth

From which you can collect aviary

What is better to do flooring, already It was told, but what to use for the roof and walls? For the manufacture of a shed is well suited slate, you can use tile. But the profiled for the designated purposes is poorly suited: in the summer it is very hot, in the winter it is cold.

When choosing a material for the construction of walls, you need to consider the design of the object itself. If its shape implies the presence of a foundation, then you can assemble brick walls. If a metal frame is used to build an open-air cage, it can be sheathed with wood. But for this, experts advise to use coniferous wood. It is known to have disinfectant properties.

Three sides of the aviary are sheathed with wooden boards, one must remain open. It should be closed forged or welded grille. Use in such a situation, the grid-ridge can not. The practice of applying such a variant of protection has shown that dogs often get injured against the metal mesh.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

Wooden enclosure for the shepherd
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The advantages of open-air cages are obvious: dogs do not sit on a chain, they can walk inside the cage, nothing constrains their movements. From the psychological point of view, such content is more comfortable for the pet and more convenient for the owners of the dacha.

Production stages

First, a place is prepared for the construction of the aviary. It needs to be cleared and made a bias towards the facade. If then the floor will not be covered with boards, its experts recommend to fall asleep with small fractional pebbles (this way the dog will not injure its paws). But a metal grid should be laid at a depth of one meter. She will not allow the dog to dig undermining.

The framework of the future structure is assembled from metal pipes. They are interconnected by welding. First you need to make a drawing of an enclosure for a German shepherd with all of the above requirements. For the facade of the pipes made grille. The dimensions between the slats should not exceed 10 cm.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

Pet housing from metal pipes

All metal elements are carefully grounded, and then covered with paint materials. It is impossible to use pipes covered with powder paint for the designated purposes, galvanized products should not be used.

To fix the boards, you first need to make a hole, and only then fix them to the frame with stainless screws. If you do not make preliminary holes, and start to immediately mount the boards with fasteners, the wood may burst or crack. Moisture that has entered such a defect will cause the onset of the process of decay.

When constructing walls, it is important to ensure that the first plank at the base does not come into contact with the floor. A wooden crate is made for the construction of the roof, and a roofing material is already attached to it.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

An aviary with a wooden booth inside
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A booth with a small inlet can be put inside the cage. There, the pet can sleep, and in the winter time, shelter from strong weather. Its minimum dimensions should be wide and long enough so that the dog can easily fit inside and assume a prone position. The booth should be at least 1.3 m in width, at least 1 m in height, and one meter in depth. Laz is better to do on the side wall. Its dimensions are 40x60cm. The last figure is the height of the manhole. The roof should be removable, then it will be easier to care for the inner space of the booth and handle it during disinfection.

Stages of manufacturing the booth

First, the frame is knocked together. In the center of each side for greater stability, a slat is attached. It should be on all surfaces of the booth frame, except for the part in which there will be a manhole. The plywood is applied to the frame of the desired size. It is attached to the base with screws. On one sheet previously with a hacksaw sawn hole.

The roof of the booth must be removable. It can be done according to the rules of the construction of the roof. And you can just cover the house with a plate of plywood. In the second case, you will have to come up with a temporary fastening system.

Details on how you can make an enclosure for a sheepdog, tell the following video:

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In order for the dog to quickly become accustomed to new housing, it must be fed only inside the enclosure.While the animal eats, you need to lock it up, and then open and release it outside, but not immediately, but in ten minutes. Every day, this period of time will have to be extended. To lure a pet inside will help a large bone. Over time, the dog will get used to the fact that during the day it needs to be in the aviary, and in the evening it is allowed to walk around the yard.

If desired, you can teach a dog to relieve the need in a strictly designated place. To do this, she is made of a basin or foot bath toilet. Install it in the farthest corner from the trough, sink the dishes to the floor and cover it with sand. At the time of training the dog to the aviary, the toilet is temporarily closed with plywood, giving the pet the opportunity to defend himself where he wants. When he gets used to his new home, the dog is released into the wild.

Sheepdog enclosure - the correct size and installation method

Ready standard project

While she is walking, a fresh heap of droppings is added in the sand of the toilet, general cleaning is done in the rest of the territory. Then the dog runs into the aviary. This method of training works flawlessly: animals always mark a latrine with excrement. Therefore, the pet will be emptied where the owner has buried its fresh feces. Sand is needed only to satisfy the litter instillation instinct. It will need to be changed periodically. It is easier to do this than to wash the floor of an open-air cage every time.

The video shows how to build an enclosure for the German Shepherd at a low cost:

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Summary of the topic

The dog will feel needed only in a comfortable aviary. Properly assembled and installed, it will not prevent it from performing protective functions. Today it is not necessary to cost shelter pets for themselves. You can easily buy a ready-made design or order the production of your own project from specialized companies. Using such facilities, you need to remember that with a dog every day will need to walk and play. She needs it as much as she needs food and drink.


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