Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

Rubber tile for tracks in the country is a durable and economical coating, a good replacement for expensive tiles. With their help, on the site you can create neat alleys, easy access to flower beds or divide the territory into zones. The material retains its color and appearance over a long period of time, is not afraid of any precipitation and temperature changes. The tile is very durable, can withstand heavy loads, is easy to install.

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

The rubber tile is steadily replacing the standard track coverings as being more resistant to climate change

Alley for landscape design

Specialized rubber paths for creating garden paths can be of various shapes and colors. Often they copy the texture of other materials. Such features make it possible to choose the option that best suits the landscape or the buyer will like it. Characteristics and quality of the material ensures its long service life and quick installation in any areas. There are several types of rubber tracks on the domestic market.

  • Rubber pavers for the garden

Rubber pavers make it possible to arrange comfortable, flexible and solid tracks. It is made in the form of small blocks, the thickness of which is 2-4 cm. It quickly fits, so all the work takes a minimum of time. On the surface moisture does not accumulate, it is easy to take care of it and you can not worry about the severe frosts. A good specialist will be able to lay the paving in one working day. The material is presented in a large assortment of shapes, textures and colors, so you can choose it directly for the features of landscape design.

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

The track can be made of individual elements
  • Seamless coating

Such material is well suited to those who appreciate comfort and simplicity. It can be used as paths in the garden and on the territory of a private house, as well as laid on the porch or steps of the house. One of the important advantages of a seamless cover is the possibility of laying it around the pool. The coating makes it possible to even out the relief and to hide small flaws with high quality, it is notable for increased safety of injuries, which is important for young children or old people, and is characterized by shock absorption. Easily and quickly keeps within or is under repair, can be transferred to a new place, dismantle is not required.

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

And it can be one solid canvas
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Advantages of rubber coating

Rubber tile for walkways is considered one of the best options for gardens and plots. This is a modern material for arranging various territories.

It is chosen because of its special characteristics and advantages:

  • it retains its vegetation cover - it can be a mulching option, since there remains access of air and moisture to the roots, load on the ground is evenly distributed, the plant root system does not suffer, the load is evenly distributed;

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

You can create an entire sports field
  • high level of comfort - the material is springy, has an aesthetic look and does not slip, has good wear resistance , easy to clean and does not require special care;

  • strong fixation in one place - thanks to a special underside and cushioning, the coating will not be compacted into the soil or slip on sod or loose basis;

  • year-round use - the material can be used at any time of the year, it is able to withstand severe frosts, heat, direct sunlight, on the surface almost frost appears, it is easily cleaned, the surface does not slip even after heavy showers;

  • quick and easy installation - m Material can be laid on any base (paths from asphalt, concrete, wood, sand, etc.), can be used as a temporary or permanent flooring, transferred to a new place or removed if the path is not needed.

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

Installation is quick, plus, immediately after completion of the work, the tracks are ready for use
  • design solutions - one of the main advantages of the material is design, manufacturers offer a large selection of texture, color, pattern;

  • safety - the material is non-slip and safety, it is soft and without sharp corners, made from environmentally friendly materials that do not harm people or the environment.

Depending on the type of coating chosen, different styling methods are used. This allows you to implement a variety of ideas of landscape design.Rubber or plastic tiles for tracks in the country can be bought at a bargain price. In the short and long term, its use will significantly save on the arrangement and further maintenance of the local area and landscape.

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

Standard plates, of usual rectangular shape, will be inexpensive at their own cost and at the price of laying works
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Laying cover

Laying such cover does not take much time, but requires some knowledge, therefore, such works are best left to professionals. The first step is to prepare the foundation. For this, the outline of the future path is outlined, stones, large vegetation and roots are removed, and part of the soil is removed. After that, the base itself is laid, for which concrete, gravel, and sand can be used.

It is recommended to lay geotextile material at the very bottom of the prepared trench to protect the foundation. After this, it can install rubber / plastic tiles or roller tracks.

An example of laying tiles at a kindergarten site:

Cost of coverage

For rubber tiles for tracks in the country, the price is One of the important advantages - this material is considered to be the most profitable and modern solution for any landscape. Although at first glance its cost is higher than that of standard materials, but it is more than compensated for by the exception of the risks of tripping or damaging the root system of plants, plus it also has an aesthetic appearance.

A tile with a size of 500x500 mm and, depending on its height, can be purchased on average at a price of 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles. per 100 m². The cost of a material with a size of 1000x1000 mm, taking into account different heights, is sold at a price of 700 rubles. up to 1.4 thousand rubles. per 100 m².

Rubber coverings for garden paths - catalog, prices, photos, specifications

Tile of different colors does not differ in cost
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If you count on a long-term perspective, it will be inexpensive to buy rubber tiles or garden paths made of soft plastic - this is an advantageous and modern solution for those who want to equip their land with a durable and wear-resistant material. The tile possesses high characteristics of safety, has an esthetic look and favorable cost. Rubber tracks for giving can be used on any soils, and a variety of shapes, colors and textures will allow you to complement your landscape design or just make neat alleys around the site that can be used all year round.

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