Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Roofing is one of those elements of a dwelling that fails to be installed quickly and is expensive. Signs of poor performance (minor leaks occurring during the rain, condensate accumulating, subsidence of roof areas) lead to loss of strength and the ability of the roof to effectively retain heat. The pledge of the durability of the roof is carried out according to all the rules of installation and use of high-quality roofing material. Among the various options one of the most common - metal. If you decide to cover the roof with a metal tile, the price of work per square meter will be the main value you are interested in. However, besides it there are many subtleties that affect the final result.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

The total cost depends on several terms

On the features of the roof made of metal

Roofing as one of the main structural elements, makes a significant contribution to the duration of operation of the house. The quality of metal tiles can be successfully used in country construction; the popularity of the material is due to the combination of its properties:

  • Low weight . The roof of metal does not have a serious pressure on the building structure; for its installation does not need special equipment.

  • Budget . The metal tile has a good price-quality ratio, which allows you to create a roof that is not inferior in strength and appearance to a roof made of expensive materials (for example, natural tile).

  • Performance characteristics . Flexible and at the same time strong sheet is steady against an atmospheric precipitation, a solar ultraviolet and differences of temperatures. Arrangement of the roof can be done year-round.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Laying sheets requires coordinated work

If the project includes a roof of turnkey metal tiles, the price for m 2 will depend on the characteristics of the material. On the process, and, therefore, on the final cost of the structure; The following factors will affect:

  • Material size . The metal tile is produced in sheets of large size. Before purchasing, it is necessary to calculate the number of sheets, taking into account the shape of the future roof. Also important is accurate roof marking that minimizes waste (and reduces costs).

  • Poor sound insulation . To combat the effect of the drum when organizing a roofing cake, a reinforced layer with soundproofing properties is used; the correct fastener helps to cope with the problem.

  • Additional design requirements . For installation of metal tiles need frequent obreshetka, whose step is calculated in the project.

  • Surface properties . Snow that has accumulated on the roof of a metal tile may come off unexpectedly and completely (which may cause harm to a person or, for example, a car). If the house is located in a region with long, snowy winters, during the installation of such roofs, snow protectors are installed.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Sheet sizes are the basis of calculations
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About the choice of metal tile

Some characteristics of the roofing material are important for the quality of installation work. Sheet stamp is selected, paying attention to the following parameters:

  • Sheet thickness . On production for the manufacture of this material is used in the range of 0.35-0.60 mm. In suburban housing construction, sheets with a thickness from 0.45 mm (for steep slopes) to 0.50 mm (for flat and horizontal surfaces) are used. Such thicknesses are considered optimal. If, in order to save, choose a thinner material, during installation, deformations may occur (the sheet will bend, which will affect the functionality of the structure).

  • Sheet Quality . It depends on the thickness of the galvanized layer and the polymer (or paintwork). Too thin layers - a weak safety net for long-term operation, even with the most thorough and technologically advanced installation.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

How long will the metal tile

last about the practicality of the roof and the quality of the installation

Roof structure It consists of a set of components, each of which is calculated for a given form. Each stage of work, from design to installation of gutters and filing of overhangs, requires a professional approach. The order of a roof made of metal with a certain price per m 2 , on a turn-key basis, is the best way to build a reliable roofing structure. The appearance of the roof (and its practicality during operation) is determined by the quality of the installation work and is determined by several factors:

  • Project quality . A competent, clearly detailed project will provide an opportunity to carry out the installation without loss of quality.

  • Quality of metal tile .The roof, the price of which is lower than the market average, makes you think about its quality. It is possible to check the conformity of the material to the State Standard using a micrometer (usually the seller has it) The metal should have the same thickness in different parts of the product. It is also useful to get acquainted with the certificate of quality.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

The crate step is laid by the project
  • Manufacturability . Used tools, fastener method. The joining of sheets along rows and waves, fastening on the eaves and at the ridge has specific features. Violation of the connection technology is fraught with strain and loss of tightness.

  • Weather . If the installation of the truss system is allowed to be performed year-round, the installation or repair of the roof during the rain stops, regardless of the intensity of precipitation. Protracted bad weather and windy weather can delay the completion of installation work

  • Contractor’s liability . The contractor is responsible for the quality of roofing (construction or restoration); conditions of work are fixed in the bilateral contract. If the customer plans to repair a soft roof, the price per 1 m 2 will depend on the condition of the old coating. In some cases, a new roof is put on top of the old one, which means significant savings.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Self-tapping screws as standard fasteners

What influences the cost of roof installation works

The cost of installation depends not only on the roof area; The following factors are also significant:

  • The design complexity level is . The construction of a gable roof will cost less (per unit of area) than a more original hip, mansard, or multi-slope roof. Consumption increases the presence of skylights, ventilation outlets and roof ladders.

  • The height of the structure and climatic conditions of the region (additional warming or frame reinforcement may be required).

  • Increased material consumption for complex-shaped roofs . Consumption increases not only the roofing (more cutting - more waste), but also additional roofing accessories (additional elements) that protect the most vulnerable areas of the surface.

  • The complexity of the truss system is . The more complex the roof is conceived, the more complex (and expensive) the frame system will have to be used.

About the calculation of the turnkey truss system in the following video:

If you decide to roof the house, the price for Work can be assessed using the roofing online calculator (available on many construction sites). The calculator gives the amount after entering the required parameters; The method gives an approximate, estimated result.

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Stages of roof installation

Installation works are performed in a clear sequence, the violation of which will not allow to achieve the desired result and ensure trouble-free operation of housing. Skipping one of the stages can ruin the simplest roof and the highest quality metal tile, negating the benefits of this method. Installation of the roof includes the following steps:

  • The choice of the type of construction of the roof and the calculation of the roof system.

  • Selection of material and method of laying.

  • Antiseptic lumber.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Roof framework of a complex-shaped roof
  • Calculating the number of sheets metal tiles and consumables.

  • Arrangement around the perimeter of the walls mauerlat - cant base, supports for rafters.

  • Construction of the frame - truss system .

  • Creating a roofing pie : laying of hydro and vapor insulating membranes, insulation layer, ventilation device.

  • Installation of roof windows . It is carried out if the functional attic or residential attic floor is provided.

  • Creating battens .

  • Laying and fixing sheets of metal tile , additional parts.

  • Installation of the drainage system .

  • Finishing the eaves overhangs that extend beyond the facade. Filing is carried out, as a rule, with vinyl siding or its variety intended for the design of roofing overhangs - vented soffit.

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Installation of the roof window in the roof of metal
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A roof made of metal: a turnkey order

The ability to forget about the condition of the roof for 20-25 years is a good reason for contacting a specialized construction organization.The choice of a turnkey service implies an integrated approach and the provision of the following services:

  • Departure for measurement , consulting, design, budgeting .

  • Purchase , delivery and unloading materials .

  • Work of the team of roofers . An organization that cares about the quality of work (and its reputation) has its own team of specialists with solid work experience.

  • Year-round installation .

  • Compliance with estimates and deadlines , quality control during the process.

  • Warranty for all types of work performed. During the warranty period, a new roof undergoes field tests for strength and reliability. If defects are identified, the organization eliminates them at its own expense.

  • Possibility payment by parts .

  • Redemption of remaining building materials (not in all companies).

About the installation of metal roofing in the following video:

Roofing prices

Price - a sheet of roofing (the price per square meter is indicated), breaks up the work into stages, which helps to choose the necessary services and more accurately estimate the final cost. The prices for certain types of roofing work in Moscow and the region are as follows:

  • Processing sawn timber with antiseptic and fire retardant: 30-60 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Installation of the support bar- mauerlat : 190-290 rubles. pod m.

  • Arrangement of the truss system : 390-590 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Installation battens : from 130-160 rub. / m 2 .

  • Installation of the roof (metal tile): from 270-360 rub. / m 2 .

  • Drainage system : from 290-450 rubles. pod m.

  • Installation roof windows (for the project) : from 2700-3800 rub. /PC.

  • Box skylights (into the finished roof) : from 3800-5800 rub. /PC.

Average prices for turnkey roofing work are as follows:

  • Roofing made of metal without insulation (the roof system is turned on , batten, additional elements, waterproofing): from 850-950 rubles. / m 2 .

Roofing work - price list. The cost and cost of repairing the roof and roof

Snow guards on the metal-tiled roof
  • Roof of metal with insulation (the list of works is expanded by vapor barrier and a layer of insulation, in most cases - mineral wool): from 1100-1200 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Additional Works . Separately paid installation gutters, hem overhangs and install snegozaderzhateley.

  • Replacing the old roofing with metal tile includes dismantling, updating the roofing pie, decorating the sheathing, and mounting the sheets of metal tile with additional elements. The cost of such work starts from 650-750 rubles. / m 2 .

Specialists involved in the installation of the roof, know that the amount of work (and, therefore, the cost), it is not always possible to calculate exactly. Sometimes the customer decides to make adjustments to an already approved project. Sometimes during the replacement of the roof it turns out, for example, that the insulation has become unusable, and the elements of the sheathing need to be replaced. In such cases, the contractor notifies the customer about the need to perform additional work and estimate recalculation.

For all the nuances and pitfalls of roof calculation, see the following video:

Experienced experts in advance and honestly warn about the possibility of additional expenses, and offer either be ready to increase the estimate, or take more in-depth measurements. But the last option is almost never used. Firstly, this is extra time, and secondly - one hundred percent guarantee that no additional work is needed, it will still not work, since the whole picture will be visible only after the complete dismantling of the old roof. In this case, it is much easier to agree on a budget for dismantling the old roof and, after assessing the state of the truss system and insulation, be finally determined with the final amount of work.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer roofing repair services. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.


Proper construction of a new roof or repair of an old one requires thorough knowledge of the technology of work and the characteristics of the materials used. Therefore, the installation or replacement of roofing materials and structures must be trusted to experts in their work, who will do everything right, quickly, and, not least, with a written guarantee.

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